Skout Helps Travelers Meet New People

Heading out on a trip to another area of the world can be a difficult thing to do, particularly for those who have decided to travel on their own to a new and exciting area of the world. Not knowing anybody in the area being visited can make or break a journey as the traveler will be left with some difficult choices to make about finding activities and interacting with others. The popular dating and social media app, Skout, has looked to help those traveling around their own country or the world by creating a travel based version of the app that is well known amongst teenagers and young adults.

Skout Travel is a premium service offered by the company to those who are already members of the location based dating app, which has been developed to allow the dedicated traveler to interact with local people and fellow travelers in a safe and secure environment. Like the other Skout apps this version of the dating service offers a global positioning system, GPS, based technology. The idea that many people do not tell the truth on social media and dating apps is well known around the world, but by using GPS location services Skout only links their members with those in the local area.

Skout has grown in popularity with many young people who are looking to enjoy their free time by meeting others. Skout makes it simple to interact with others without the need for face to face interaction as the service allows the individual member to make decisions about how much of their location and profile to reveal. In terms of travel, Skout developers believe it is more important than ever to make contact with local people and fellow travelers who can make recommendations and provide options for those in a region for a vacation. The usual security procedures are in place, such as the basic location of a member being initially revealed before they make their own choice of revealing more of their details after making contact with fellow Skout members.

A New Link Between Ski Resorts Is Planned By Andy Wirth


In 2011, the owners of the iconic Squaw Valley Ski Resort purchased the nearby Alpine Meadows Resort and immediately talk of a gondola link surfaced about the small area between the two Lake Tahoe favorites. Powder Magazine is now reporting Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth has come to an agreement with the owner of the ridge that separates the two resorts over beginning construction should permission be granted by all concerned. The only stumbling blocks to be overcome are gaining permissions from Placer County and the U.S. Forestry Service that owns land the gondola will cross.

Andy Wirth has been an active member of the local community since arriving at Squaw Valley in 2010 as the CEO; Wirth oversaw the purchase of Alpine Meadows and is nows the main driving force behind a planned redevelopment of Squaw Valley village. The work of Andy Wirth to improve the Squaw Valley Resort and the local area as a whole has included him acting as chairman of the development board for a local airport.

The active lifestyle enjoyed by many of those who live in or visit the Lake Tahoe region is also enjoyed by Andy Wirth. The ski resort management expert has returned to his role after suffering a life threatening injury during a skydiving expedition and appear to have an increased gusto for life. Amongst the areas of improvement Andy Wirth has identified has been the base village at Squaw Valley, which he hopes to add a natural area for outdoor activities to by returning asphalt parking lots back to their original state.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows will be joined by the gondola plan in permission is granted by Placer County as a three stage construction process. The aim of the gondola scheme is to lower the amount of time spent by visitors to the resort traveling between the two locations. Currently, those who wish to visit either resort must travel by car, but the gondola will make movement easier and completed in a shorter time between the two Squaw Valley Holdings owned locations.

A Soap Opera to Remember

Since it’s pilot opening in 1968, the Soap Opera, One Life to Live, has become one of the most influential shows on TV. Airing from 1968 to 2012, One Life to Live for 43 years awed audiences with its drama style acting and mysterious storytelling. According to one article, One Life to Live was one of the first television shows to introduce ethnically and socioeconomically diverse characters as well as emphasize social issues during that time period.

The success of One Life to Live from when it begun in 1968 to 2012 was evident when it went from a 30 minute segment to 45 minutes, to eventually 1 hour. One Life to Live also addressed the importance of Soap Operas in television. One Life to Live’s importance was in being able to tell captivating story telling. It embraced controversial issues that were present in modern culture. One Life to Live was able to captivate audiences with their interesting and dynamic characters from Viki Lord, John Bain, to Starr Manning. While there were many more characters, these were some of the major characters.

Part of the shows success when it aired from 2009-2010 was the character Stacy Morasco, also known as the actress Crystal Hunt. Hunt’s time on the show showed how her unique acting skills that contributed to the shows success. Her role as Stacy Morasco, although only for a short time, provided the show with a complex story arc and a character that the fans could hate.

Before One Life to Live, Crystal Hunt built an impressive acting resume. She worked on commercials to eventually landing a breakthrough role on the Guiding Light from 2003-2006, which would win her a Daytime Emmy Award and a Soap Opera Digest Award. After Guiding Light she would continue to star on other TV shows. She would eventually transition from TV to movies, starring in 23 Blast, Magic Mike XXL, and Queens of Drama as herself. She is currently an executive producer working the film, Talbot County.  She also maintains a Facebook page for fans.

One Life to Live changed the way television told stories. It revolutionized it. It captivated audiences with their storytelling and the relationships between characters. Crystal Hunt as Stacy Morasco was an example of an interesting character that contributed to the dynamic storytelling of the show. Overall, One Life to Live changed TV and showed how important Soap Operas are in the history of TV shows.