Purina Beneful

The Paleo diet on Youtube, with its emphasis on eating more healthy and natural foods, is sweeping across the country, and humans aren’t the only ones benefitting from it. Many dog food brands are now selling products full of real meats, grains, and vegetables that are free from artificial flavors. The trend is an extremely popular one too, with healthy, natural dog food products quickly turning into a billion dollar industry. For a more informative article on how nutritious pet foods are taking the business world by storm, read http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/. Now your canine friend can eat as well as their wolf ancestors did! Leading the way in the dog food revolution is the award-winning Purina Beneful. These colorful kibbles and chunks that your dog will find incredibly delicious are also good for keeping him healthy and active. Each yummy bite contains actual meats, grains, and vegetables, along with twenty-three different kinds of vitamins and minerals. Beneful also has fewer calories than regular dog food, so your dog can stay at a healthy weight and keep an active lifestyle well into their old age. Dry food is also not the only form that Beneful comes in. You can get wet food and even treats! Dogs love the rich and hearty flavors of Beneful, and their humans love the healthful qualities of each product. So, if you are a pet parent, it might be a good idea to give this natural and delicious food to your dog today. Their wagging tail will show you that they definitely thank you for it.

Slyce and the Arrival of AI & Visual Recognition Software

Technology is always evolving and that is a good thing. The more technology evolves and advances, the more tasks technology is capable of performing. People who love to shop are discovering that “deep learning software” enables them to shop with enhanced image recognition tools. Image recognition entails the matching of a photo with a product or service found on a retail store’s online catalog.

Slyce is a company that has greatly innovated the concept of image recognition product searching. All a customer has to do is download the Slyce app onto a smartphone and then take a picture of a product. The search is performed on a corresponding retailer’s site. On a toy retailer’s site, an exact match can be produced or a match of a similar product can be made. Either way, Slyce reduces the chances an online shopper is going to go empty-handed.

A recent article in the MIT Technology Review goes into even greater detail over the rise of this type of technology. The article points out that advancements in image-recognition software have led the social media site Pinterest and the retailer Shoes.com to start integrating the software. The idea at work here is users want the best and easiest experience possible. Browsing and searching should never be cumbersome. By weaving image recognition software into the mix, the ability to search moves a lot faster and is more productive.

As word spreads about the value of image recognition programming, look for more people and businesses to take advantage of the software. Amazon and Google have invested some time, money, and effort into visual recognition programs. The most impressive use of such software has to be what was done by Pinterest. The executive in charge of visual search at the social media site says the arrival of “deep learning software” was contributed to the current levels of success.

Slyce is primed to become one of the top companies in the visual search  recognition revolution. The Toronto-based startup has raised millions of dollars and greatly expanded its presence in the retail word. The company’s software and technology is utilized by businesses listed on the Fortune 500. As Slyce continues to grow, look for more and more major retailers to work with the company.

In the near future, look for visual recognition software to become a “must have” program for any retail website to thrive.

Great Real Estate In New York City Is Hot Right Now

New York City is an awesome town with plenty to do and see for those that are interested in living life to the fullest. When they want to find places to live, they will find that New York City apartments for rent will give them the opportunities they are looking for.

Whether a person is looking for a fantastic family dwelling or a dynamite apartment for single living, there is plenty to choose from in New York City. There is bound to be a place that will be pleasing and available. Since this is what is so important for many people, especially when first arriving in the New York City area, it is important that they find the right real estate agent for them.

In September of this year, according to the original reporting of The Real Deal, there is a 1.7 billion dollar real estate industry happening in Brooklyn. This means that buyers and sellers are getting what they want when half of all the properties are being bought.

Town Residential is the real estate agency of choice when someone is looking to purchase in New York City. They offer the expertise that is necessary to find the right place for a person to find the place that will fit their exact needs.

The agents that work with Town Residential are experienced and courteous. Their goal is the goal of a person that is looking to make their mark in the New York City area.

Finding the right place in New York City will prove to be an enjoyable experience that will allow a person to see many different types of units and find the one that speaks to them personally. Once they do, they will want to start their life in the New York City area as soon as possible.