Dr. Sergio Cortez Talks About The Zika Virus

Viruses can be very dangerous to people in many ways. This has proven particularly true in Brazil as of late where a recent outbreak of the Zika virus can caused many kinds of problems for the people living there. In a report for National Public Radio, one reporter talks about the problems that the Zika virus has particularly caused for certain pregnant women who have vastly suffered as a result of their exposure to it. A number of Brazilian women have been horrified to discover that the virus has damaged their babies and caused them to have huge birth defects because of exposure to the virus in the womb.

One person speaks to reporters about the problems that the virus has caused to her fetus. He was born with a severe birth defect known as microcephaly. This birth defects means that a baby is born with a very small head. The small head can cause problems such as an inability to function fully. A baby with this problem may grow into an adult who is unable to hear, see or walk as well as unable to advance mentally. Babies with this condition will need all kinds of specific help from medical specialists. Many people think that there is a link between exposure to the Zika virus and having a baby that is born with this condition. They have been quite vocal in their criticism of the Brazilian medical establishment for not doing more to help them avoid possible exposure to it.

One doctor who is trying to investigate the many ways in which this condition may effect people and how best to treat it so as to avoid potential problems is Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes. Cortes is a one of Brazil’s leading medical specialists. He talks about the fact that the virus may be related in some way to Dengue Fever. As he points out, Zika causes similar symptoms to three other diseases that are also known to be transmitted by mosquitoes. While microcephaly has been not be definitely proven to be linked to exposure to the virus, he is of the opinion that further study is necessary in order to learn more about the issue in question and help discover on noticias how best to reduce the possibility of transmission to the virus to those who may be vulnerable to effects from the virus and may be harmed from it .

At present, there are studies underway on NPR to help determine if it is possible to for a given person to be exposed to more than one kind of this sort of virus at the same time. Treatment for these diseases is currently under investigation by multiple sources that are aimed at helping us understand more about the Zika virus and all those viruses that are are related to it. Doing so will help shed light on the issue and the best way for us to help develop ways to prevent it and lessen possible side effects from it at the same time.

Russia Targets George Soros in College Book Burning


Book Burning Incident

In a recent CNBC article, the northern Russian college Vorkuta Mining and Economic College was said to have burned 53 books that related to the Open Society Foundations and Open Society Institute charities of George Soros. A search effort also took place in college libraries in Russia’s northern republic of Komi to locate manuals and textbooks relating to a project of these charities. A total of 427 books were found and confiscated for shredding. A local Russian news site reported that the 53 burned books related to the Renewal of Humanitarian Education program. In an intergovernmental letter, the charities were said to have a perverted perception of Russian history by a presidential envoy.

Strained Relations Between George Soros and Russia

As of July 2015, the George Soros charities were associated by the Russian government with other pro-democracy organizations that launch soft aggression against the country. The government hinted about a potential banning of the charities and other organizations.

Banning of George Soros Charities

An official banning of the George Soros charities occurred in November 2015, according to a CNBC article. A translated press release mentions the Russian government banned these charities because the charities were a threat to state security in Russia. The statement also read that the charities posed a threat to the foundations of the Russian constitution. Therefore, the charities were placed on a list of organizations that the Russian government deemed engage in undesirable activities.

George Soros founded the Open Society charities initially to help countries transition from communism. The charities currently aim to build democracy across the globe.

Mission of The Open Society Charities

The Open Society charities operate on the view of an ideal society in which governmental accountability and individual rights exist, reports the Open Society Foundations website. The activities of these charities include paying for education for promising individuals and providing support to lawyers and paralegals who represent those who have been unlawfully held without representation. George Soros also founded Central European University to promote critical thinking after the Berlin Wall fell. He began his philanthropic efforts in 1979 by providing scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid.

The New Trend in Shoemaking

In e-commerce there has been a whole new trend that focuses on eliminating the middleman. This has created a marketplace of more affordable products. This is very true when it comes to online fashion as well. There are many different online fashion outlets that are trying to create highly fashionable yet affordable attire. This couldn’t be more true for the entrepreneurs who started Jack Erwin. They were becoming frustrated when they would go shoe shopping but not find italian shoes on paulevansny in their price range. Either they would find 100 dollar pairs of shoes that were not up to the standards that they had set for their attire, or they would find 300 to 500 dollar pairs of shoes that would just be out of their price budget. They were able to set out to eliminate the middle man and create 100 dollar pairs of shoes that could be purchased online. These shoes were very high quality and would fit the needs of any high-class attire.

Paul Evans is a shoemaker that understands the business of shoemaking more than most. They were becoming frustrated with the lack of options in the world of brick and mortar shoe shops. They took this opportunity to go right to the source in Italy and start making very high-quality shoes. These shoes were offered at a very reasonable price online and a shoemaking giant was created.

Paul Evans now is one of the greatest online providers for high-quality shoes. There are very few online shoe outlets that provide the level of quality and wide range of options that Paul Evans will provide.

Skout and Other Popular Social Media Apps

The world of social media apps is changing, and parents need to be aware of the different changes that are taking place. There are a lot of children that are engaging in using social media apps because these applications allow them to communicate with friends. The various apps that are found in the app stores are popular because children can meet new friends without ever leaving their home.

There are some very popular apps that have become staples on the mobile devices for lots of children and teenagers. Whatsapp and Kik Messenger, for example, allow users to text and send photos.

Skout maybe on one of the best apps for people that want to meet new people online. This has become a very popular app over time because it actually allows people to communicate with random strangers. People that download this app can sign up and use the feature called “Shake to Chat.” This allows people to chat with a random person for about 60 seconds before the profile of the person appears. This is a good way to start a random conversation and find out if someone else has the same interests as you. In many ways this concept is like a mobile miniature version of speed dating. A lot of people will be able to find a mate this way, but this is not the only thing that this app is used for. Many people may also use Skout to develop friendships and network contacts for job opportunities.

Skout users have grown in large numbers and the last 2 to 3 years. It has been growing over time because the app has improved and become a lot easier to use. People that utilize the Skout app will be able to play games and earn points for premium features that are available through the app. They will also be able to connect with people locally when a person travels to a new city. It is through these local connections that people can engage in conversation and build new friendships when they are in a new city or state.

Skout is a very user-friendly social app so it is one of the top choices for teens that would like to invest in social media. There are also other sites like Facebook that have become extremely popular for wide spectrum. There are businesses and individuals that utilize this website and app. Many family members use Facebook to keep in touch while some people utilize the social media app to meet new friends.

Mobile devices have made it much easier for children to build friendships with new people online. Parents should stay informed of the various apps that appeal to their children.

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2015 Sees Records For Real Estate Market In New York City

The Year 2015, was a record breaking one for the New York City apartments for sale market. Sales were up throughout New York City, buoyed by increasing demand coupled with the completion of several luxury construction projects throughout Manhattan. Experts predict that the overall real estate market in New York City will continue to increase for at least another few years. Increased wealth coming into New York City, combined with high end construction projects, and growing demand are creating a robust and record shattering real estate market that New Yorker’s have never seen before.

Highlights of 2015 include a record breaking sale of a Manhattan Penthouse in Midtown Manhattan for a whopping $100.47 million dollars. This record sale took place at One57 of Extell Development. Condos besides New York City’s famed Central Park also sold for nearly $100 million dollars but couldn’t quite top the nine digit mark. Another record broken this year included record prices for cooperatives sold in Manhattan. These new record sales are not expected to last long however. A string of new luxury developments are expected to be completed in the near future in locations such as 432 and 520 Park Avenue and 75 Leonard Street. These new properties are being especially catered to the billionaire class, and record sales numbers are being predicted as units in these new developments are leased and sold. For an even more in depth look at the record breaking year in New York real estate and what the future holds, read the following New York Times Article about the New York City real estate market.

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