Students To Edit Wikipedia Articles Instead Of Term Papers

Many people have always wondered whether scientists and educators have any responsibility in making the Wikipedia articles as accurate as they are supposed to be. This is a fascinating idea, keeping in mind that the site is considered as a reliable place where people can get information and learn about anything in the world. More than 8000 individuals visit this site every second to learn, and when you Google something on the internet, the first result that comes out are from Wikipedia. This idea is also in the minds of many students in a program overseen by their professors, to edit and even create Wikipedia articles and abandon writing term papers. 

The clever program in the university is quite simple and genius at the same time. The students will be able to develop some writing skills and some critical thinking. On the other hand, the crowdsourced encyclopedia will get a booster in academic knowledge in order to fill in the gaps that professional Wikipedia writers may leave. This year, they plan to focus mainly on science; specifically, they want to write about women in science. 

There is an independent foundation that is nonprofit making called Wiki Education Foundation has been founded to shepherd the ongoing program, and it has been operating for more than 3 years. The Foundation is not linked to the Wikipedia foundation. There are about 200 schools that have incorporated the program to edit Wikipedia in their normal curriculum. Some of these schools include UC Berkeley, Duke, and Harvard among others. The students have managed to work on over 35000 essays on the site, and these have accumulated more than 78 million views. 

The project to be undertaken this year has been named, “Year of Science”, and it be to focus mainly on how to improve the way Wikipedia informs the public about science, and while at it, they will include women who have been under-represented on the site. There are very few women scientists that are written on the site, and the program intends to ensure that the female scientists have a Wikipedia page. 

Most of Wikipedia editors are male, and only a small percentage represents women. This has contributed to the few women pages in the site, and the students plan to get rid of this. If you want to write or make a Wikipedia page easily, you can contact Get Your Wiki, a company that has professional editors. Get Your Wiki ensures that all your pages are approved, and if not, they refund your money back. 

Beneful: Todays Leading Dog Food Competitor

What can be more beneficial for your dog than a great big bowl of health and joy. Beneful is one of Purinastore’s biggest dog food brands. It sells incredibly fast because its main focus is to provide the highest quality ingredients and to deliver as many fresh ingredients as possible. Purina serves over 15 million dogs per year.

The Beneful dog good line carries treats, dry and wet food. Dry food is packaged to perfection and includes high-quality protein. They use real meat in their recipe. They back up the product with over 23 essential vitamins and minerals that dogs can benefit from. Beneful also add accents of fresh fruits and vegetables such as; apples, carrots and green beans. The texture is made crunchy and small enough for any dog to grab a great big bite and indulge.

Because of Beneful’s love of dogs the company really tries to ensure that all safety protocols are followed. They have the best teams in quality control and they are known for meeting or exceeding FDA, USDA and AAFCO requirements. Purina consistently tests for over 150 substances that are harmful to dogs and pets such as, lead and arsenic.

With their continued efforts to provide a top quality product. Beneful offers the convenience of wet food known as “prepared meals” in resealable plastic containers for easy travel or to put the rest of the food away when your dog hasn’t eaten the serving in its entirety. The benefits of their wet food is convenience and a product that holds its freshness.

At the end of the day this brand remains a great competitor because they continue to keep the process simple, by providing a complete and balanced meal for your dog.


Bruce Levenson, Serial Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson is most well-know to everyday people as the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. However, Levenson has accomplished so much more in his life beyond owning an NBA basketball team.

His most notable business accomplishment was the founding of United Communications Group (UCG) with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The dynamic duo bootstrapped the company to the truest sense of the word, beginning the company in Levenson’s apartment. It started out as a simple newsletter, Public Oil, which published up-to-date information on the happenings of the oil industry. After its early success the company began acquiring other newsletters and creating databases, including their first, Oil Price Information Service. Today the company provides data and insights to companies in the healthcare, mortgage, and technology sectors among others. Levenson and his partner were eventually inducted in to the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 1997 for their work with the company.

Aside from this successful business venture Levenson has kept busy in several other sectors. One of the spinoffs from UCG is GasBuddy. GasBuddy is an app downloaded by more than 45 million users who use its information to find cheap gas stations while travelling. He also helped found and direct TechTarget, a now publicly-traded IT media company. Further increasing his diversity across sectors is his founding of DOT, a cooking technology that can toast bread in three seconds.

Even more impressive than Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson’s business success has been his commitment to philanthropy. He has been very active in several Washington D.C. area foundations, including Hoop Dreams and Community Foundation of Washington D.C. He also served as president of his local I Have a Dream Foundation chapter. This organization works to promote higher education as an option for inner city youth. Continuing along with education, Levenson and his wife saw to the development of the University of Maryland’s Center for Leadership and Nonprofit Education.

Levenson is also very involved with a wide range of Jewish causes. He was a founding donor of the United States Holocaust Museum. Levenson took all of the Hawks staff and players there in 2014. He also supports Birthright Israel, an organization which allows young Jewish individuals to travel to Israel to learn more about their culture and to visit the Jewish State free of charge.

Most recently, Levenson was among 100 promiment Jewish individuals who sent a letter to the Israeli Prime Minister. The letter urged Netanyahu to work with John Kerry, and possibly be ready to make some territorial sacrifices in order to promote peace in the region.



Eucatex is Successful and Environmentally Conscious Company

Eucatex is a company that began its business by selling ceiling tiles and panels made from eucalyptus. It was originally founded on Novemeber 23, 1951 in Brazil. Since the founding of the company, they have expanded their products and now also offer paints and varnishes as well as doors. They began investing in land and reforestation. This helped to ensure their self-sustainability. They currently have over two thousand employees. They also own four factories and export to 37 different countries.

Eucatex is a very environmentally conscious company. They extend a lot of effort to make sure that their carbon footprint is as small as possible. They have a lot of systems in place to ensure that they are doing the most they can to be aware of their environmental impact. They educate the public about the importance of properly handling forests. They also recycle all of their excess wood products by using them for fuel. This is more environmentally friendly because not only are they not wasting any wood but the energy that they create is more environmentally friendly than many fuels.

Flavio Maluf is the current CEO of Eucatex. He first took on this position on April 29, 2005. His father currently owns the company. His bio suggests that Flavio received a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado. In addition to this he also studied business administration at New York University. Flavio also is the current president of the GrandFood Group.

Flavio has worked for the company for over thirty years. In addition to his mechanical engineering degree and experience working for the company, he is also a lawyer and a very successful entrepreneur. Flavio Maluf has achieved a great deal of success, and provides advice for financial professionals throughout the nation. All of his prior experience and education makes him the perfect president for Eucatex. It is easy to see why the company is thriving so much. His leadership skills and knowledge should be able to take the company a long way.

Skout Becomes Premiere App for Lovers and Friends

There are a wide range of social media apps that are taking up space on the mobile devices of millions of users. It is not uncommon to see the popular apps like Facebook and Twitter on the cell phones of a lot of young adults. Teenagers also big fans of these apps as well. Young adults are always in search of the next best thing though. Skout, as far as many young adults are concerned, is the next best thing. It has become the app that is a great hybrid between building friendships and building relationships. Skout has essentially become the premier app for friends and lovers.

This works well because this was already a site that many people were using to simply build up a profile and meet friends. In the mist of all this Skout also became a great site for people to interact with associates and find jobs Skout hits the very top of the list for the month of February; it becomes a booming app and desktop application that is used for dating.

It’s obvious that people are utilizing this app because it provides a chance to meet someone without actually paying for a premium subscription to other sites like eHarmony. This is also good because it allows people to simply sign up and register for one app. They can mingle with friends and build up new friendships. If they want to take something further into relationship status there is also a possibility to do this. That may be the thing that makes this the most appealing part of the growing fascination with the Skout app.

People that are single do not like to be pressured into dating. That is what many of the premium dating apps that are exclusive for dating will do. When people sign up they are instantly placed in a pool as singles that are interested in dating. There is no room for friendship or establishing any type of space between you and the other single person. This can be bad for people that are not interested in rushing into anything quickly.

Skout has become a lot more convenient because it allows people to simply develop friendships. If it goes further that it is fine, but it is not a requirement of the app. That is another reason that people are finding this to be one of the better social media apps for friendships and dating.

Skout may not be an app that is known to everyone just yet, but it is slowly becoming one of the most interesting apps for the young and middle-aged crowd. There are a lot of adults and teenagers that are using this app because it allows them to meet people around the globe. It has become the app that gives people access to other singles that may not be on the more common apps like Google+, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. That alone is enough for most people to want to consider signing up for online dating.

How Beneful Dog Food Completely Changed The Lives Of My Awesome Dogs

Last year I felt like the worst dog owner in the world. My senior, female dog, Dakota, refused to eat anything that I placed in front of her, and my younger, male dog, Sammy, was overweight and on the brink of having a medical condition. Right before I almost gave up all hope and started to ponder allowing my sister, a wonderful dog owner who lives on a farm, to temporarily adopt my dogs to nurse them back to health, she recommended that I try changing their food to see if their conditions would get any better. Her solution sounded like it was too simple too be true. I kept questioning how changing the diet of my dogs could drastically reverse their health problems. However, the love for my sweet dogs trumped my doubts and I decided to take the small leap and invest in the dog food that she recommended – Beneful. I have seen this brand at my sisters house and in markets so I felt slightly comfortable with the product, but I still had to do my own wikipedia research so I would not get my hopes up too high. Upon doing my research, I learned that the Beneful product line includes gourmet products that contain fresh ingredients, such as beef, chicken and lamb opposed to the dog food brands that I fed my dogs which contained grains and corn. What was really amazing were the reviews that I read online about how good the Beneful products are; actually, I read on the daily herald that the manufacturing chief for Purina Beneful proved how delicious the brand was by tasting it in front of the writer of the article. Then I read on other review sites that some dog owners taste tested it also and the consensus was unanimous – Beneful brands are delicious to both humans and dogs. When I finally purchased a Beneful bag for Sammy and a special, senior Beneful brand for Dakota I was pleasantly surprised to notice that she ate all of her food on the first day and three months after feeding Sammy Beneful he lost weight and has sustained it ever since. Beneful has gained a new customer from me for life, and most important, my dogs have normal eating patterns and they seem to be really happy.