Students To Edit Wikipedia Articles Instead Of Term Papers

Many people have always wondered whether scientists and educators have any responsibility in making the Wikipedia articles as accurate as they are supposed to be. This is a fascinating idea, keeping in mind that the site is considered as a reliable place where people can get information and learn about anything in the world. More than 8000 individuals visit this site every second to learn, and when you Google something on the internet, the first result that comes out are from Wikipedia. This idea is also in the minds of many students in a program overseen by their professors, to edit and even create Wikipedia articles and abandon writing term papers. 

The clever program in the university is quite simple and genius at the same time. The students will be able to develop some writing skills and some critical thinking. On the other hand, the crowdsourced encyclopedia will get a booster in academic knowledge in order to fill in the gaps that professional Wikipedia writers may leave. This year, they plan to focus mainly on science; specifically, they want to write about women in science. 

There is an independent foundation that is nonprofit making called Wiki Education Foundation has been founded to shepherd the ongoing program, and it has been operating for more than 3 years. The Foundation is not linked to the Wikipedia foundation. There are about 200 schools that have incorporated the program to edit Wikipedia in their normal curriculum. Some of these schools include UC Berkeley, Duke, and Harvard among others. The students have managed to work on over 35000 essays on the site, and these have accumulated more than 78 million views. 

The project to be undertaken this year has been named, “Year of Science”, and it be to focus mainly on how to improve the way Wikipedia informs the public about science, and while at it, they will include women who have been under-represented on the site. There are very few women scientists that are written on the site, and the program intends to ensure that the female scientists have a Wikipedia page. 

Most of Wikipedia editors are male, and only a small percentage represents women. This has contributed to the few women pages in the site, and the students plan to get rid of this. If you want to write or make a Wikipedia page easily, you can contact Get Your Wiki, a company that has professional editors. Get Your Wiki ensures that all your pages are approved, and if not, they refund your money back.