Kasich Campaign Receives Peculiar Donation That’s Raising The Brows of The Democratic Party

Approximately bloomberg.com reported half a million dollars is hardly an extravagant amount of money in the ritzy world of professional politics but it is certainly nothing to scoff at either. This is important to note because it was the same amount the political action committee, New Day For America recently received. But what is really noteworthy is not the sum of money which was attributed to the political fund but rather whom the previously mentioned super PAC and who cashed in for the donations it received.
It turns out that the New Day For America super PAC belongs to none other than current governor of Ohio and presidential hopeful, John Kasich and that the donations where made out by two rather obscure individuals named Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller. What is really interesting here is that both Bessent and Druckenmiller work for multi billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist, George Soros. Once word of the donation broke it had many in the Democratic party scratching their heads and with good reason, that reason being that Mr. Soros has been a longstanding defender of liberal principals and a great boon and ally to the Democratic party. In attempting to further aid the Democrats Forbes billioanire George Soros has gone so far as to donate eight million dollars to the Hillary R. Clinton campaign, distributed between two different super PACs. So why on earth would such a man aid Kasich, a well known classical conservative.

The exact answer to such a question remains completely unknown given the lack of, as yet, any explicit public statements from either George Soros, Bessent, Druckenmiller or Kasich or any member of his staff. But there is speculation aplenty, some of it deranged and ridiculous and some of it quite reasonable. One of the more reasonable suppositions is that Soros, who is a staunch defender for, what he calls a “open society” (less defense and deliberation on border security and easier access to legal American citizenship) is “playing both sides” or “hedging his bets” if you will. And he is doing this, speculations says, due to the fact that Kasich is far closer to the Democrats in regards to his take on border security, immigration and access to citizenship. Thus Soros funding him seems like a clever move to further the odds that someone pro-immigration (or at least not outright anti immigration) will make it into the White House.

Lime Crime: Add Some Fun to Your Day

Think back to a time when you wore makeup because it was fun, not because you need to cover up the dark circles under you eyes after staying out too late the night before. Lime Crime is a cosmetics line, popularized by UrbanOutfitters, dedicated to breaking the rules. There are countless guidelines about what shades to wear with your complexion, or the difference between daytime and nighttime looks. Lime Crime is breaking away from traditional looks and showing people everywhere that it is okay to be themselves.

Lime Crime was introduced to the world by founder Doe Deere. She developed the makeup line after years of practice and experiments on herself. She always was able to have fun coming up with new looks and being able to show them off in public. Now she has brought her colorful, glittery personality to everyone in the form of makeup. In a world that is so obsessed with rules, it is a refreshing change to see something new. Lime Crime gives us Wicked Liquid Lipsticks, Venus Palettes and Zodiac Eye Glitter, all of which are offered to give people the looks that make them happy. It has become increasingly apparent that anyone walking down the street with denim blue lips is not doing it because a beauty magazine told them to, it is a statement of who they are and what they like.

Cosmetics are used to make us feel like our best selves. Pinterest does a great job of showcasing what you can do with these different looks. There is of course no harm in using them to moisturize your skin and take away shine, but sometimes it can be exciting to try something new. Take some time to experiment with some glitter with your eye shadow, or a deeper shade of pink on your lips. After you check out Lime Crime cosmetics you’ll find that your smile is your favorite new accessory.

George Soros Funds PAC to Turn Out Latino Vote


George Soros is well-known for his political activism. In prior election cycles, he pledged tremendous sums in support of progressive politicians. Recently, Soros let it be known he and other donors are directing funds to help increase the turnout of Latino voters during the presidential election of 2016. The New York Times reveals $15 million is being dedicate (so far) to the cause.

Currently, Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the Republican primary. Trump’s poll numbers with Hispanic voters are very low. Mitt Romney was able to receive 27% of the Hispanic vote in the 2012 election. Trump probably would not come close to those numbers.

George Soros sees increasing the Hispanic vote as a way of defeating Trump if the real estate mogul becomes the GOP nominee. George Soros and Trump are no strangers to each other. Soros, however, feels Trump would be very bad for the country. This is why he is committed to defeating Trump in the election. George Soros was very heavily involved in the John Kerry campaign of 2004, but George Bush was able to win re-election.

The focus of the “get out the vote” campaign will be in the states of Florida, Nevada, and Colorado. These are three states with very large Latino and immigrant populations.

The presidential race is not the only aspect of the 2016 election that could be seriously affected. The control of the senate could possible change to the Democrats. The Democratic Party has fewer seats to defend, and the Republican Party does have a number of seats in very competitive races.

Soros, along with a group of other donors, are forming the “Immigrant Voters Win PAC” with the intention of driving 400,000 people to the voting booth in November. Soros will be donating $5 million of his personal funds to the PAC.

George Soros has earned billions of dollars managing a successful hedge fund. Those who are aware of his biography know he was also very successful as a currency trader. Throughout his life, Soros has been committed to political and philanthropic causes through his Open Society Foundations. Soros activity was limited in past election cycles, but he seems to be gearing up for 2016 with renewed enthusiasm.

Interestingly, the PAC will be facing competition from an entity being funded by the Koch brothers, Charles and David. The two are putting $10 million towards driving out right-leaning Latino voters.

Doe Deere Writes Her Own Fashion and Beauty Rules

Each September, you can count on fashion and beauty magazines to print an issue letting readers know which trends to follow for the upcoming year. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime, tends to go against these trends. That’s likely why she’s been getting so much attention in the beauty world. Lime Crime is known for its vivid eye shadow and lipstick colors, and Deere isn’t scared to show off bright hues in other aspects of her look as well. All Lime Crime products are completely vegan and made with natural ingredients.

One of the fashion trends that Deere tends to reject is that you have to wear muted colors or all black if your hair is a bright, unnatural color. Doe says that you can still wear your favorite clothing, no matter what color your hair is. She is known for wearing her tresses in bold shades or blue, pink or green, and has the brightly colored clothing to “match.”

A number of makeup experts suggest that there should only be one “bold” accent to makeup at a time. For instance, if you’re wearing red lips, your eye makeup should be understated, and if you’re wearing a smoky eye, you should compliment this with a nude lip. Doe Deere says that wearing as many colors as you want is perfectly acceptable when it comes to makeup. It shows off your personal style and sends the message that you’re uninhibited and not afraid to experiment with your personal style.

Most fashion magazines also suggest that wearing socks with open-toed shoes is a fashion no-no. Doe Deere, however, rejects this idea. She often wears patterned socks with chunky open-toed heels to make her outfit more interesting. She’s also a fan of mixing patterns and colors together to create an outfit that is truly one of a kind.

Finally, Doe Deere, who is also a makeup artist and musician, also says that people shouldn’t be overly concerned with wearing clothing that is “occasion-appropriate.” She shares that as long as you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re sure to steal the show, no matter what event you’re attending.

A Step Up From Inmate Phone Calls with Securus

Today I had the joy of hearing about new tablets and video visitation booths that are going to be put into prisons all over the United States. Some people might think this technology will make prisons too comfortable, but I believe it’ll show inmates what they’re missing in the outside world and how they can get back to it. Securus Technologies, the company making the “intelligent communications devices”, says they can provide inmates with college and high school courses, allow a better way for inmates to report guards who abuse their power, and allow long-distance video communication with friends and family. All of those things will create educated and happier inmates who can come out of prison as better people. A lot of prisons tend to be hundreds of miles away from larger cities or even put the inmates states away from their family. Imagine the motivation an inmate feels when he or she can see their child take their first steps or be apart of a relative’s birthday from far away.

This cannot be accomplished through inmate phone calls or emails so this patented technology makes a huge difference in the inmate communication services industry. You can download the app from Google Play here >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.securus.videoclient&hl=en. If you have any trouble connecting the app to your Securus account, just contact representatives in their stellar customer service department.

These devices will also allow inmates to find jobs after they’re released from prison, allow commissary ordering, show religious activities, and some entertainment as well. Prison is a tough place where often, lifting weights and playing sports are often the only forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, competitiveness can lead to fights and grudges; it’s great that inmates will have access to entertainment that won’t endanger them or their guards. 

Securus says over 150,000 of these devices should be in prisons all over the country by the end of 2016 and I hope inmates will use these to better their lives. People often end up in prison because they’re poor, uneducated, and unskilled; it seems like these devices will make it easier for inmates to overcome those boundaries and finally become productive members of society.

The Needed Information on Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital

Finding the right place, and also finding a business who will take care of your business like you want it to be taken care of, professionally and with care, is a very hard thing to do. One of the biggest goals of every business is to provide clients with products and services that they can both trust and agree with, and that is why so many have come to rely on the Solo Capital Markets business, without them, this world would be a little less productive. Not many people know exactly what the Solo Capital Markets business was made for, which they were made with the purpose of providing international boutique services, but one thing that many do know is that the Solo Capital Markets business always provides clients with the best in the business.

Regulations are one thing that should be taken seriously, which is one of the many reasons that the Solo Capital Markets business is regulated in the United Kingdom, and why they are located in London, England. During the year of 2011, a fact that many people have heard of is that that was the year that the Solo Capital company was first incorporated. September was the month in which the incorporation happened during. Clients of businesses are often known for finding different names for the companies that they trust and use often, so it should come as no surprise that the Solo Capital Markets company goes by two other names, Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited.

Now a days, it can be difficult to find a business who provides services that are not only great, but also trustworthy. Professional Sports Investments and consulting are just two of the many great services that the Solo Capital company employees are able to offer. After years of making a great name for themselves and making their clients extremely happy, they were finally able to reach £15.45 million as a net worth last year.

Sanjay Shah is a name to be remembered, this is the name of the individual who was able to found the Solo Capital Partners company and also the person who soon after founding the company became the CEO of the company. Now, everyone knows the sad news that Sanjay officially considers himself retired and that he feels that he has worked hard enough to finally say goodbye to the business world. However, there is some good news, he still owns more than 3 dozen businesses, and plans on keeping them up and running for a long time.

Success is the name of the game is this world that revolves around money. Everyone knows that to make it big time, you have to work hard. Which is why Sanjay Shah has never stopped working hard and making a good name for himself and the businesses that he runs.

One of the Best New Reality Shows

Queens of Drama is a reality drama television series that is scripted and filmed in America. The plot follows a large group of former primetime and daytime actresses that are working together in front of and behind the cameras. They’re yearning to develop, pitch, and produce a new series for the American audience. Their goal is to land a pilot deal by the end of the season. Runtime for episodes are approximately 30 minutes. The first season originally aired on April 26, 2015 and has ten episodes in total. Its stars include Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Donna Mills, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Bree Williamson as the reoccurring cast.

Crystal Hunt is just one of the stars of Queens of Drama, but has been making a name for herself outside of the premiere of the reality drama for years. With an impressive resume in Hollywood, Hunt has slowly been working her way into more prominent movies and TV shows for the last few years. Starting at age six, Hunt hasn’t stopped working since to assure her spot in homes and theatres. The Derby Stallion, Guiding Light, Sydney White, One Life to Live, N.Y.C. Underground, 23 Blast, and Magic Mike XXL are just some of the titles and projects Hunt has worked on. Metacritic shows that Hunt has gotten the opportunity to work alongside huge names in anticipated films and shows since 1991.

Since Queens of Drama follows a sextet of actresses and introduces a mass amount of people in its time on air, standing out in the crowd can be hard. Hunt does a spectacular job of such a feat, making sure her prominence in the anticipated show doesn’t disappoint those tuning in. Fans of soaps are still around, and intend to be for quite some time – with that being said, people were nervous to see the process of which the shows are made, and didn’t want some of their favorite actresses to be shown in a negative light. Hunt joined Queens from the very beginning in 2015, and has stuck around since, making her face and the character on screen extremely hard to ignore. Hunt is known as one of the voices of reason that rounds about the personalities in the cast.  Crystal Hunt has seen her Facebook following skyrocket.  Given the talent she has on display from her acting reels it’s obvious she belongs on television.

If you’re looking for a deliciously meta show that curves your craving from the drama of the soaps, then feel free to look no further. You’ve found your new home.

George Soros Gives A Big Donation To Support Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaigns.

George Soros is a well-known billionaire and philanthropist around the world. He has been known to be a big political financer for a very long time. With the election periods around the corner, many expected George Soros to make a move. The small mystery lay on whose bid for the presidency he would support. George Soros surely did make a move, in fact, it was a big move. In December 2015, he donated $6 million to the leading Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to help them in their campaigns. This made him the biggest giver to support a political course in American history.
This money was an additional to the $2 million he had earlier donated to pro-Clinton groups. This made a total of $8 million the sum of money Forbes billionaire George Soros has donated towards Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns. Out of the $2 million George Soros had earlier donated in the first six months of 2015, around $1 million went to Priorities USA and the other $1 million went to another pro-Clinton PAC known as the American Bridge 21st Century. The super pro-Clinton group that received the $6 million cheques is Priorities USA Action. This pro-Clinton group has managed to raise $25 million in donations in the last six months of 2015.

George Soros is has a rich history in political donations. He is also one of the few election funders in the United States that are well known for their habit of donating eight-figures during elections. In 2004, he donated over $20 million to campaign groups looking to oust the then-President George W. Bush. In 2012, George Soros donated $1 million to Priorities USA, to support President Obama’s reelection campaigns.

Politics aside, George Soros is also a well-known economic analyst of all time. He is well known for his 2008 prediction of a world economic crisis that came to be. He has also given many other economic predictions on other matters that have come to be true. His economic analysis expertise has made him a highly regarded economic analyst whose opinion on various economic issues is usually sort by major media houses. This time, he predicts that a similar crisis to the world economy similar to that of 2008 is on the way.

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary in 1930. He later migrated to U.S.A due to the conflict in the country. In the United States, George Soros career as a business person flourished, and he became a billionaire. He started Open Society Foundation to help fight for human rights and democracy around the world. Open Society brings together over 100 charities around the world for the course if a free, fair and just society. George Soros himself is a big believer in human rights and freedom.


Survey Sponsored By Skout Sheds Insight Into Random Acts Of Kindness

A recent survey conducted by social connection and dating app SKOUT found out some very encouraging news from its user base. The company surveyed more than 2,700 of its users on their feelings on random acts of kindness. They survey also asked whether they themselves had performed any random acts of kindness and how frequently they perform or receive random acts of kindness.

The results of the survey were astonishing and encouraging to say the least. The survey was done by SKOUT in honor of random acts of kindness week which spans from February 15th to February 20th. A surprising result of the survey was that about half of all college students who responded to the survey say they perform a random act of kindness every single day for other people. An overwhelming majority, 93% say that had done a random act of kindness for a total stranger at some point in their life.

The results are somewhat surprising but show that college students do indeed rock random acts of kindness. You would think that students with their busy and hectic lives would not have much time to perform random acts of kindness, but it seems the opposite is true according to the survey.

Ranking at the top of the most meaningful random acts of kindness according to the survey was paying it backwards at a cafe or drive thru. After that it was just letting know a friend that you are happy to have them as a friend and thanking them for it. Number three on the list was giving an unexpected hug to a friend. For full survey results you can check out this article on Uloop.

SKOUT is a an app that lets people connect with each other based primarily on geographic location and to a lesser extent age. The app has a separate section for teenagers and for adults. This is made so that teens are protected and less likely to connect with adults.

The app is available on iPhone operating system, Android and Windows operating system. It is currently used in over 180 countries around the world. SKOUT has steadily become more and more available and accessible and is now offered in over 16 different languages. One of the SKOUT user’s favorite uses of the app is using its geographic locator to find people to connect with when in a foreign city where they do not know anybody.