Survey Sponsored By Skout Sheds Insight Into Random Acts Of Kindness

A recent survey conducted by social connection and dating app SKOUT found out some very encouraging news from its user base. The company surveyed more than 2,700 of its users on their feelings on random acts of kindness. They survey also asked whether they themselves had performed any random acts of kindness and how frequently they perform or receive random acts of kindness.

The results of the survey were astonishing and encouraging to say the least. The survey was done by SKOUT in honor of random acts of kindness week which spans from February 15th to February 20th. A surprising result of the survey was that about half of all college students who responded to the survey say they perform a random act of kindness every single day for other people. An overwhelming majority, 93% say that had done a random act of kindness for a total stranger at some point in their life.

The results are somewhat surprising but show that college students do indeed rock random acts of kindness. You would think that students with their busy and hectic lives would not have much time to perform random acts of kindness, but it seems the opposite is true according to the survey.

Ranking at the top of the most meaningful random acts of kindness according to the survey was paying it backwards at a cafe or drive thru. After that it was just letting know a friend that you are happy to have them as a friend and thanking them for it. Number three on the list was giving an unexpected hug to a friend. For full survey results you can check out this article on Uloop.

SKOUT is a an app that lets people connect with each other based primarily on geographic location and to a lesser extent age. The app has a separate section for teenagers and for adults. This is made so that teens are protected and less likely to connect with adults.

The app is available on iPhone operating system, Android and Windows operating system. It is currently used in over 180 countries around the world. SKOUT has steadily become more and more available and accessible and is now offered in over 16 different languages. One of the SKOUT user’s favorite uses of the app is using its geographic locator to find people to connect with when in a foreign city where they do not know anybody.