Lime Crime: Add Some Fun to Your Day

Think back to a time when you wore makeup because it was fun, not because you need to cover up the dark circles under you eyes after staying out too late the night before. Lime Crime is a cosmetics line, popularized by UrbanOutfitters, dedicated to breaking the rules. There are countless guidelines about what shades to wear with your complexion, or the difference between daytime and nighttime looks. Lime Crime is breaking away from traditional looks and showing people everywhere that it is okay to be themselves.

Lime Crime was introduced to the world by founder Doe Deere. She developed the makeup line after years of practice and experiments on herself. She always was able to have fun coming up with new looks and being able to show them off in public. Now she has brought her colorful, glittery personality to everyone in the form of makeup. In a world that is so obsessed with rules, it is a refreshing change to see something new. Lime Crime gives us Wicked Liquid Lipsticks, Venus Palettes and Zodiac Eye Glitter, all of which are offered to give people the looks that make them happy. It has become increasingly apparent that anyone walking down the street with denim blue lips is not doing it because a beauty magazine told them to, it is a statement of who they are and what they like.

Cosmetics are used to make us feel like our best selves. Pinterest does a great job of showcasing what you can do with these different looks. There is of course no harm in using them to moisturize your skin and take away shine, but sometimes it can be exciting to try something new. Take some time to experiment with some glitter with your eye shadow, or a deeper shade of pink on your lips. After you check out Lime Crime cosmetics you’ll find that your smile is your favorite new accessory.