Who Was CCMP Capital Co-Founder Stephen Murray?

Stephen Murray was an equity investor and philanthropist. Throughout his life he became the president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, a major equity firm.

His success as a businessman and philanthropist was due in large par tot his work ethic and the way he applied it to education. He graduated from Boston college in 1984 with a BS in Economics. He later graduated from Columbia Business School with a master’s degree in Business Administration.

His career began around the same time he completed his undergraduate studies. In 1984 he was hired as a member of the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

Wikipedia post says that Stephen Murray spent 5 years putting his education into practice and developing and understanding of the field before his career took a slight turn. The MH Equity Corporation merged their leveraged finance unit with the Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group.

Over the following years, through further company takeovers and mergers, Murray’s employer shifted several times. In 1991, Manufacturers Hanover was purchased by Chemical Bank which 5 years later merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation. Finally, in 2005 Murray achieved a top level position as the head of buyout business at industry giant JP Morgan Partners before turning JP Morgan Partners into CCMP Capital by co-founding with other company leaders in August 2006. Within a year, Stephen Murray was named CEO.

A prime example of Murray’s abilities to facilitate and close big deals can be seen in his actions during the spin out of JP Morgan Partners. While JP Morgan transformed, Stephen Murray was able to lead a move with his new company, CCMP, to raise two more multi-billion-dollar funds. This phenomenal feat was grew into something that would last for years. One of these funds grew to over $3.5 billion before closing last September.

Stephen Murray’s other work pursuits included serving on the board of several major companies. These included AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Aramark, Warner Chilcott and Pinnacle Foods.

Business wasn’t Stephen Murray’s only pursuit. He was well known for using his position as a businessman to embark on philanthropic pursuits. His efforts included support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, the Columbia Business School and more. His work went beyond donations as he became a influential addition to the Make-A-Wish Foundation by becoming a member of the chairman’s council.

Stephen Murray passed away at 52 after resigning from CCMP due to health reasons. He is survived by his wife, Tami A. Murray, and four children.

Polar Halts Venezuelan Beer Production

Polar, one of Venazula’s top food and beverage companies announced that by April 29th, they will no longer be producing one of Venezuelas most consumed beers. The company says it’s running out of supplies and needs to raise the currency to order import more ingredients from foreign suppliers.
Polar released an official statement saying that for now the company has exhausted payment options with suppliers and that the Venezuelan government did not print enough currency for trading. There is speculation from analyst David Osio that Polar is hoarding supplies to create economic unrest and upheaval. This is not the first time the food and beverage has been accused of this practice.

This news according to Osio will effect about 10,000 employees. How long or to what degree has yet to be answered by Polar, though, according to Venezuelan law, mass firing is prohibited. Polar has been in the news before due to unjust treatment of their workers. There have been examples of company presidents who were overthrown by the workers and the companies were turned into worker run businesses.

Whatever is really going on with the state of Polars financial affairs, they might want to treat their employees with respect or the President of Polar may find themselves out of a job.

A Closer Look At Laidlaw & Company

Finances and investments are very tricky areas according to an article posted on the wallsteetjournal website that have seen some people and companies go bankrupt. While deciding where to invest your money or seek financial advice it is better to get the best financial consultants in the industry.

Laidlaw & company is an investment firm which is incorporated and licensed in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in offering customized services in the financial sector. The company has been around for a very long time and traces its roots to the late 19th century when it commenced its financial operations. It’s hard to argue with a company with so much rich history, having worked with some of the best minds in history. Its rich history and diverse financial transactions has made it into one of the best boutique investments firms in the world. Laidlaw has investments in various sectors of the economy ranging from the energy sector to the capital markets. In 2004 it expanded its frontiers into the American market; and opened more offices in Florida, Texas and California. It recently added two dedicated managers to its United Kingdom branch. The hiring of Richard Michalski and Bryan Kobel will see the firm expand its operational capabilities in UK and Europe. Its expansion in other sectors of the economy is a clear manifestation of the company’s expansion capability and profitability.

Laidlaw has acquired and merged with several companies starting in the late 1950s making it one of the biggest boutique investment firms in the world. It has an experienced management team led by its CEO Matthew D. Eitner that has seen the firm reach new heights. Experience comes with exceptional and rewarding opportunities to customers and partners. It believes in good business practice methods and encourages transparency with its partners and clients. Laidlaw& Company is a close knight investment firm where every employees opinion matters and is not dismissed at face level.


Martin Lustgarten: Choosing A Reliable Investment Banking Advisor Or Firm

Are you in need of quality advice regarding investment banking? Want to choose a reliable investment banking firm or advisor?

Investment banks help businesses issue stocks, or securities. There are many investment banking firms in the marketplace that provide services to various types of businesses. Keep in mind that investment banking professionals frequently give clients advice on mergers and acquisitions. Also, you need to know that some firms like to cater to a wide variety of clients while others offer investment banking services only to large organizations and companies.

If you are looking for investment banking advice or guidance, it is imperative that you choose carefully. To be sure you choose the best investment banking firm or advisor for your needs, it is a good idea to check the experience of the firm or advisor, the firm’s contacts in the investment industry and the level of service that advisor or firm provides. It also is important to go with an investment banking firm or advisor that you can trust. That’s where Martin Lustgarten Investment banking firm comes in.

Martin Lustgarten Investment banking firm comes highly recommended in the investment world. The firm has been in business for many years and believes in honesty, integrity and transparent dealings with clients. Many people are happy and completely satisfied with the services they have received from Martin Lustgarten Investment banking firm and it’s team of knowledgeable advisors.

Martin Lustgarten is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable investment banking professionals in the industry. His approach to advising and guiding clients works perfectly, and yield outstanding results. He has helped numerous clients over the years and has earned a great reputation among clients and in the industry.

Martin takes the time to understand his client’s needs and then uses his proven approach to develop effective strategy to meet the client’s needs. He has a good understanding of finances, investments and financial solutions that work. Secondly, he shows that he wants the client to succeed and makes it a top priority to ensure that the client reaches his or her goal.

George Soros, More Than a Business Magnate

George Soros is one richest people in the world, holding the 28th spot on the Bloomberg Billionaires list. As a Hungarian with Jewish heritage on NY Times he was forced to flee the Nazis in the 1940’s. From there he moved to America and began a life of investment and clever business moves.

Now worth over $20 Billion, George Soros has created his massive wealth through smart brokerage deals and banking investments. His early career involved working for various stock brokerage firms in New York City, where he made a name for himself with successful investments in selective stocks.

By the late 1970’s George Soros had began his own hedge fund which created millions of dollars in profits on nybooks.com through buying and selling shares of other companies on the stock market. His hedge fund was called the Soros Fund, and is still operating under it’s new name; the Quantum Fund Endowment.

George Soros is more than a wildly successful business man however, he’s deeply involved in charity and philanthropy. While he was younger, George was known to studied Karl Popper, a philosopher who influenced his philanthropic views for years to come. Karl Popper was known to espouse tenants of progressive, open societies where goodwill and charity are valued ways to empower the struggling classes.

Through philanthropic efforts, George Soros has managed to provide relief for people across the world who have struggled with natural disasters, poverty and under-funded governments. The majority of this philanthropic work is accomplished through Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation operates with nearly a billion dollar budget every year, through Soros’ personal donations and campaigning. The foundation is focused on providing relief for impoverished people in over 37 countries. It is dedicated to ensuring accountability in governance and demanding justice through legal action where government is seen to fail it’s people through court, law enforcement and policy based injustices.

There are three other areas that George Soros has focused on through his philanthropic works. These are education and healthcare. The Open Society Foundation has built schools in Western and Southern Africa, paid for educational resources in third world countries, as well as contributed to educational systems otherwise lacking funding in the United States. Soros even donated millions of dollars to the Russian University network which was on the brink of financial collapse before he stepped in. Through health care initiatives Soros has helped many suffering from HIV, Aids, and Tuberculous.

Soros is also known for his contributions to the media. He has personally donated over $2 million to the National Public Radio service (NPR,) which provides free informational and reliable news to millions of people.

George Soros is still active in his philanthropic foundations, and has authored a dozen books. Many of his books focus on public policy, war, and the economy. He is an admired figure in both business and charity. He’s improved life many people through charitable donations in education and healthcare, while building a business legacy that will surely continue to grow for many decades to come.

Significance of Company Reviews

In the modern times, company reviews have become the stepping stone to the success of most companies. When companies develop websites and increase the traffic of the website, the management is not ensured of a 100% development. There are other important areas that should be checked clearly such as the user reviews, feedback section, and many others.

These areas should be thoroughly checked and developed if the company wants to register any success at the end of the day. In order to significantly grow in the business arena, the investors should understand how to incorporate the changes in their product according to what the customers are demanding.

Clutch said this is what has made White Shark Media to get to its recent position. The communication has come up from scratch, just like the rest of the companies. However, they have managed to do things right and come out of the whole process with success.

White Shark Media knows the value of the customer reviews and feedbacks. In the beginning, when the company was still new in the market, the management accepts that they made some mistakes. The customers complained, and the management had to accept their mistake and move on while paying for it. The company has only managed to come this far because they have the ability to listen to the customers and follow whatever the customer needs with respect to what Shopify said. Due to this, most of the people who have received the services from the company have come back with good testimonies and the few that mad any complaints, they have been given a listening ear and their demands have been met.

After following the customer reviews and feedback thoroughly, White Shark Media has managed to get so many benefits. The company has maintained the top position in the communication market. This is because the customer feels more comfortable and even satisfied by the response from the company, so they come back for more services and even recommend the institution to other people – http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again.

White Shark Media has also managed to avoid making huge losses just because of considering the customer reviews. The company has implemented new features in the next product when the customer complains, and this ensures that they do not get losses in the overall costs. The institution was started just years ago, and due to implementing these customer feedbacks, the company has achieved a lot of success. Most clients say that they received the best service from White Shark Media.

Skout and the Power of Humor

When it comes to laughter and humor, it is all an important aspect to life in general. However, just how much does it affect the way someone sees you and what you do? The online dating application Skout is one of the top service providers when it comes to connecting people from around the world today and the service recently conducted a survey in order to determine the overall power of laughter and how it can impact the visual and user experience. Who knows, this kind of information may help others land a new date they would have never received without the information before hand.

The survey conducted by Skout shows several different important features regarding the service and how humor is involved. First, it shows that 75 percent of people believe they are funny. In terms of the kind of funny, people who would say they have a witty sense of humor are more likely to believe they are funny (over 80 percent). In terms of laughing together, 94 percent of people who took part in the survey said they like to make other people laugh. When it comes to making someone else laugh, those who go out of their way the most to make other people laugh use slapstick comedy.

There are other forms of comedy that can help others laugh, of course. People who like to engage in practical jokes or who say they enjoy bathroom humor are likely to have at least five or more very close friends. However, people who say their form of humor falls in line with sarcastic or self depreciating, they are less likely to have five or more close friends when compared to all of the different humor styles.

Now, clowns were created to make people laugh, but for the most part it is not something that everyone finds funny. 30 percent of all individuals who took part in the survey said they are afraid of clowns. People who use a sarcastic sense of humor said they are more likely to be afraid of clowns than any other form of humor.

There is a misconception that women are going to like a chick flick more than a comedy. In fact, a woman will pick a comedy film over a chick flick more often than not. 26 percent of all women said they prefer a comedy movie, while just 18 percent of women said they prefer a romantic move. On the flip side, 43 percent of men said they would rather see an action/adventure movie while comedy came in a distant second.

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Wedding Technologies: A Blissful Step Into the Future

The question has finally popped up, and you are eager to start your journey with the love of your life. But now you are left with the daunting task of planning the wedding. Planning the wedding is not a cakewalk, but there are a few things that can help you with this task.

One thing you should definitely try to take advantage of are the new wedding technologies that are coming out.

New Technologies Available To You

Not to long ago, Huffington Post published an article specifying a few ways that different technologies are helping couples with their wedding plans.

Registry is Changing

One change is creating a registry for your guests. This was a task that used to take couples a long time to complete, since they had to physically visit the stores that sold most of the items they needed. And, once they found the store, the couples had to physically browse the items until they were satisfied with the entire list. There is no doubt that this task took a lot of time from the couple, but new technologies are making registry a lot simpler.

One technology that is really making a splash is called Slyce, though it has not been integrated with every store. Slyce is a smart photo-recognition tool that helps you identify items visually using one of 3 types of technological fingerprints using your smartphone. One is simply reading the QR code of the item, and the other uses your camera to scan printed material, like a magazine or billboard, to identify the item.

And, lastly, the third way that Slyce identifies items is by examining the picture you take; it will in turn provide information about the product. While lounging around your home, you may see a commercial about a product that you want in your registry. All you have to do is take a picture and add it to your registry.

You would be happy to know that Neiman Marcus has already integrated this program into their store. But call some of the stores you are interested in to spread the word around.

Wedding Attire Might Get Easier

Finding the right attire for yourself, bridesmaides, and groomsmen is another task that is seeing a revolution because of technology. For example, the sharing-economy is starting to make real changes in the way that you choose your wedding attire.

You can actually visit sites that allow you to rent wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses instead of having to buy these items. The Huffington Post article pointed out sites like Burrowing Magnolia or Vow to be Chic. Men can download an app from places like the Men’s Warehouse to help him and his groomsmen update their sizes.

Yes, it is a brave technological world filled with things like website builders, like Wix, to help you make your wedding web page. There are also app builders, like ApplyCouple, to create your own app for the wedding. But these changes are there to make things easier for you; hopefully, someday all you will have to worry about is getting in your dress and saying, “I do.”