Don Ressler And The Passion For What Is Unique

Don Ressler has such a passion for providing something unique to his customers that he takes it to a completely new level. JustFab is known for providing unique pieces of fashion. Don Ressler has even opened up the market for unique active wear. Don Ressler and his wife are crazy about fitness. They also love style. It only makes sense that they would find an opportunity with athletic clothing. This idea started when they looked at athletic clothing and noticed that there was a lack of variety in what is being offered. Therefore, Don Ressler, with the help of his wife, another business partner and Kate Hudson has started Fabletics, a retail fashion line that offers “athleisure” clothing.

Don understands that people like to be unique. This is in fact the only way to stand out and get attention. Don also understands that the safest and easiest way to be unique is to dress unique. Fabletics allows people to dress in ways that they don’t see others dress. Also, they get to feel good about the outfit that they have put together for a good workout. Not only will people wonder where the other person has bought the outfit, they might even try to find the outfit for themselves.

Don Ressler and the other members of the Fabletics leadership are looking at different ways of expanding the company. Among the ways that they are expanding the retailer is by opening up physical locations for people to shop at. This gives people a chance to actually try the products that they are interested in before buying them depending on where they are. One thing that Don Ressler is aiming for is variety. He wants variety in what is being sold so that people will be better able to express themselves. In the end, this is the whole point of fashion, self expression. People wouldn’t feel all that confident if they looked like everyone else. Don offers people the confidence that helps them get through their daily activities.

Being unique is a wonderful thing. When people feel unique, they feel beautiful. Fabletics on  offers people items that will flatter their bodies in ways that no other product can. They are also comfortable to wear.

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