The entrepreneurship accelerator founder Mike Baur

Digital entrepreneurs have unique challenges that they have to overcome to steer their ideas into profitable nosiness. It is not a straight path to navigate these challenges. Mike Baur, having worked in banks for over 20 years saw the opportunity and started the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF).

The factory churns out graduates of an accelerator program for digital entrepreneurs. Founders go there with an idea, it is polished, pursued and studied in detail. By the time the program is over, the founder knows challenges he will face ad how to overcome them increasing the chances of success by folds.

According to Mike, the SSUF is a pot of germination and growth. Apart from coaching, mentoring and office space, the company also uses its connections and networks to seek partners for the young entrepreneurs. They understand that apart from knowledge, funding is also a critical component of startups.

Without essential knowledge and training on the startup garage requirements notably a vision, a unique idea, and truck of learning enthusiasm, successful entrepreneurship will not be achieved.

Mike Baur co-founded SSUF in 2014. He had worked before at Swiss Private Bank AG where he rose from a young analyst to a board member. He believes that with the right attitude and temperament startups can achieve their potential.

The three-month accelerator program is guided by research and experience of the leading mentors at the startup factory. The aim is to plug in the gaps in idea development, vision and goal orientation, valuation and capitalization, leadership and management. These are the critical areas of any startup. If they are lacking, the entrepreneur is likely to fail or take forever achieve significant results.

Industry leading speakers are invited during the accelerator program to share their secrets and experience in startups. The experience is necessary because, in every ten startups, nine of them fail. The few that succeed face challenges too.

Mike Baur is one of the contributors and speakers at the accelerator program. He also does public speaking on an invitation. His experience and industry knowledge notably his background as a banker serves him well especially on the issue of capitalization. He shares a lot about this subject matter in most of his mentorship programs.

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At Swiss StartUp Factory, some entrepreneurs are encouraged to merge ideas, look for partners, and get mentors and so on. It is a place where Mr. Baur believes holds the future of Swiss Startups industry.