Helane Morrison Rise to the Pinnacle of Corporate World

Hall Capital is a leading San Francisco, California based investment firm that is unique run by an all women team. According to Xrepublic.net, this highly successful firm is head by Helane Morrison, as its Chief Compliance Officer, MD and General Counsel. Before joining the firm in 2007, Helane served as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) chief for a duration of 8 years, starting from 1999 to 2007. While here, she was responsible for overseeing fraud cases, regulatory implementation and securities law enforcement. Her position allowed her to articulate for the rights of defrauding seniors, lead fraud investigations against top executives of Fortune 500 firms and fight insider trading.


Morrison’s decision to move to Hall Capital Partners was informed by a number of issues including; growing cultural diversity in the leadership of investment and banking firms. She is assisted by an executive hierarchy that includes Kathryn Hall, the company’s Chief Investment Officer and Sarah Stein, the President. The successful business leadership skills Morrison has exhibited over the years, stems from her strong beliefs in the principles of standing for justice and moral values. This is why she continues to expose and fight fraud and scandals in the financial sector to this date. Back at Hall Capital Partners, the firm has witnessed exponential growth; it now oversees an asset portfolio totaling $24 billion.


Helane Morrison also has a long, successful career in law. During the early 80’s, Morrison served Honorable Prichard Posen, the then sitting judge of the US Court of Appeals for 7th District and later Supreme Court Justice, Harry Blackmun. Between 1986 to 1996, Morrison moved at one of San Francisco’s most prestigious law firms, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin (NCF&R). Her exemplary work in areas covering SEC compliance and business litigation led to appointment as partner 4 years after joining the firm. Helane Morrison is also well read and active in advancing the rule of law through public forums.


According to an excerpt appearing on HallCapital.com, Morrison pursued BSc in journalism at North Western University in Chicago, before joining UCLA, Berkeley School of Law to study for her JD. During her days at the Berkeley based university, Helane Morrison was the Editor in Chief of the respected California Law Review. Outside her core business engagements, Helane Thompson is an active member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of American Bar Association’s (ABA) and a public speaker. Her talks largely center on law, compliance and investment.



Online Reputation Management: Making Tracking Easier

Goodbye are the days where reputation is based on peer reviews and word of mouth. Reputation.com is a good source to uplift and uproot a business, whether it is starting off small and expanding or whether it is a national renowned business. Customer reviews are essential, because it is a means of seeing what people are saying about the services provided.

Erik Qualman. author of What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube, mention six keys for managing online reputation.

1. Monitor: Businesses can keep track of reviews using Google, Yelp and any kind of source used for rating them.
2. Alert: Being notified of the ratings a business is getting is crucial. This will workers to make necessary service changes a business receives negative feedback.
3. Respond. This is fairly simple. If a business owner received a notice of a bad review, that business owner or persons in charge should bend and make some changes to receive positive feedback.
4. Solicit. This method allows the customer to provide details on why their expectations weren’t met. Customers who give positive feedback are asked to leave a public review of the business and their services.
5. Showcase. Soliciting and showcasing go hand in hand; it is because of the feedback from customers and positive reviews that allow the businesses to shine. Businesses will have something to prove because of positive reviews.
6. Share. Social media is a whole lot of help when it comes to promoting businesses. “Like us on Facebook,” “Visit us on Twitter.” Those are the foundations for expanding services from businesses.

In a press release on August 23rd 2016, RWS announced that they released their online reputation management software called Webfronts Review. It allows customers to track reviews and respond to negative feedback.It has allowed businesses to thrive and grow due to easily accessible reviews and also helps to get businesses “out there” in the world. Webfronts Review follows the six models of managing reputation online. Prestige Reputation is another source on managing online reputation for businesses. It encourages that the reputation is just as good as the products that are selling.



Fabletics: Fantastic!

Kate Hudson’s collection has really taken off, and her performance wear is, without a doubt, one of the hugest hits in the current fashion market. This line provides the gear you need to get that heart rate up, but does not sacrifice fashion to performance. Women from every walk of life seem to be adopting the sporty gal look, and with great success. This past April, a range of Fabletics swimsuits and a line of athleisure dresses were released to enthusiastic, positive acclaim. Like most women, Ms. Hudson is a huge fan of looking good while being comfortable, and the runaway success of her athleisure wear is proof positive that Hudson knows her audience.

A favorite feature of the Fabletics swimwear line is the bikini top that doubles as a sports bra. How has no one thought of this before? Athletic women everywhere are appreciating the increased comfort and support during their beach volleyball, jogging and oceanside yoga. And the built-in bras create a very attractive line, even if the extent of your activity is ordering another poolside pina colada. The swimsuits are crafted with the same performance standards as the Fabletics athletic line and provide confidence during all beach activities while also bringing a high level of comfort, fashion, and femininity.

How many times have you not wanted to change out of your leggings for a night on the town? Fabletics feels your pain, and has the perfect solution– athleisure dresses. Made to look great while being active, this line has the added benefit of comfort, comfort, comfort. No longer do you have to choose being looking great and feeling comfy! The Tropez dress even has a built in bra. Genius! These dresses are designed for comfort; you probably won’t want to undertake serious circuit training in them, but you will want to add them into your wardrobe rotation.

Fabletics is really all about helping women to feel comfortable while maintaining a sense of fashion on Twitter. Kate Hudson walks the talk and continuously adds to her line to meet the many needs of her customers. Who doesn’t appreciate a cute bathing suit with added chest support and a more athletic cut that allows you to get your active beach groove on? And the option of looking great while not suffering from uncomfortable dress cuts and stiff material will add to the fun of any girls night out!

Madison Street Capital Predicts that 2016 is a Perfect Time to Make Deals

Hedge Fund Deals are Active according to Madison Street Capital: The Fund reported forty-two hedge fund type deals were either announced or closed on an international basis, in 2015. The figure exceeded thirty-two transactions that were closed in 2014. As well, the volume of transactions, in 2015, measured by AUM, was nearly twenty-seven percent higher than in 2014. In reviewing the preceding circumstances, there appears to be other triggers which caused the influx of transactions to occur within the ending quarter of 2015. This wave of deals caused 2016 to become a record year in way of Hedge Fund M&A transactions.

In summation of the preceding: It appears the hedge fund industry has reached an all-time high: The preceding fact remains, despite a sub-standard performance, across the board, for the majority of most hedge funds. This is to say, institutional investors, are making provisions, in way of alternatives, as it pertains to management of assets. The preceding is true even when hedge fund performance has shown lethargic levels of performance. The investors are hoping to attain an increase in returns in order to match liabilities that continue to ascend.

It is correct to state that the smaller hedge funds and their managers are having a great deal of difficulty in attracting new money to their funds. The smaller Hedge Funds, as a result, are operating, clearly, below their capabilities, as it relates to their financial portfolios. Overall, financial managers have incurred higher operational costs. They, too, have felt the descending pressure of fees. The preceding elements have caused managers, tied to hedge funds; large and small, to naturally consider alternative options as to strategies.

The environment of the deal, within the Hedge Fund Industry, then, was decisively strong in 2015: This is to say, the Hedge Fund deal will become, in 2016, stronger. There are many deal mechanisms in place which accommodate the seller and the buyer. Transactions are being structured as incubator-styled deals, revenue share stakes, PE stakes, and more. The hedge fund industry, which is very fragmented, is going to witness consolidation in the way of partnerships that leverage distribution.

The preceding article recap is based on a full article, located on PR.com.

Information relative to Madison Street Capital:

Madison Street Capital is an organization that is able to lend its customer service that is seen, within the industry, as one that is fully-integrated.

The organization of Madison Street Capital provides its customer base with an attractive approach that combines strategy as well as financial advisory services. The combined service is offered to clients on an international basis. It is encouraged, persons seeking sound, solid financial services call on the expertise offered by Madison Street Capital.

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