Magnises: The new network for millennials

Magnises is a member’s only platform that offers members exclusive benefits to special events and deals in their city. Founded in 2014, this personalized black card allows members access to cultural and professional experience such as concerts and food tastings with notable chefs on the East Coast. There are currently over 12,000 members part of this network that allows them a unique lifestyle. The target population is professionals between 21 years old and 35 years old. This membership is a fun way for millennials to connect and enjoy life to the fullest. This membership allows members to venture into areas that would normally be unaffordable. Magnises has been described as the key to the city. Benefits of membership are:

1. Discounts at restaurants and clubs that have been reserved for private events on Twitter. La Esquina and Catch are two premier restaurants in New York City that have joined the Magnises network.

2. ClubPass which offers access to some of the most exclusive night clubs in New York.

3. Members enjoy front row seat action at sports events with VIP and ticket access.

4. Access to HotelPass which offers a discounted stay at The Dream Hotel located in New York.

5. Access to Magnises NOW app which is like having a virtual assistant. This app provides suggestions to events in your city. It also answers general questions about membership.

6. Information and access to the hotspots in your city. Magnises members recently took a trip to a racetrack and took the cars for a spin.

7. Members also get discounted helicopter trips and access to private concerts with celebrity rappers such as Rick Ross and Ja Rule.

Magnises home office is located in the penthouse at the Hotel on Rivington in New York. They have hosted many events at this location and offer members the option of using this space during the day. This new location also allows Magnises to provide catering services and open bar to members on Due to increased membership, this program is expanding to other cities starting with Washington, D.C.

Each member will receive a personalized black card. This card has many functions and can be used as a debit or credit card. Magnises is very selective about who they allow in their network. They promise a product that is built on a brand that members can trust. Membership requires an application to this unique network. If you are looking for membership into a fun community with amazing benefits, contact Magnises for more information.

Lime Crime Helps Me With Brighter Colors


Lime Crime has been the perfect place for me to go when I am looking for better cosmetics. The women like me who like to wear things that are brighter, and we have such a hard time finding these things in normal places. It is so much easier for me to get what I need, and I know that it will be much easier for me to find what I need if I just go to the Lime Crime website. Their website is a great place to search for colors, and they even have vegan products, a big plus for the Facebook fans.

I personally thought that that was nice because my sister is vegan, and she would love to find makeup that is certified to be vegan. This helps her keep up her lifestyle, and she can still look great every day. I like to wear bright colors every day, and I like to match them to my clothes every day. I can pull these colors out pretty easily, and I can set them up for my wardrobe every day. I get a lot of confidence from the makeup, and I also have a chance to get the colors going to match my mood.


I am very happy with Lime Crime and the way it helps me shop on Doll’s Kill. I remember when she was selling her cosmetics on an auction site, and now she has this huge company that even sells hair color. I want to dye my hair, and this might be the perfect time to do it. I like the fact that I can get the colors online for a lower price, and I can match up these bright colors to the clothes I want to wear. I love the way that I look when I put these cosmetics on every day, and I am ready to try all the new Lime Crime colors.  Learn more about whether or not Lime Crime might be right for you on the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere

Doe Deere: The Brain Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics

Guest of a Guest Doe Deere Interview
Doe Deere is the current CEO and the founder of beauty-oriented Lime Crime Cosmetics Company. Doe Deere mission is to prove that makeup does more than just conceal imperfections. In other words, wearing makeup is a form of expression and freedom. In 2008 Doe Deere launched Lime Crime Cosmetics, after failing to get colors that would match the clothes she was sewing and selling on EBay. In 2009 Doe started Unicorn lipstick making Lime Crime Cosmetics, the first company to ever introduce the blend of unique and colorful colors in the industry. In 2012 she launched the first Velvetiness which paved the way for the liquid matte lipstick.

Since childhood, Doe Deere has always been imaginative and ambitious when it came to beauty and music. As a growing young child, she had a dream of becoming a musician, and that’s why she moved from Russia to New York. The Music industry exposed her to the business industry where she was able to meet different people who taught her the importance of appreciating people who showed up at events. This brought to life the birth of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere always had a thing for colorful and unique lip colors to match her outfit since she loved wearing bright colors. Nevertheless, these colors were impossible to find because the makeup industry was still into that supernatural look. Since Doe Deere couldn’t find these bright colors in the makeup industry, she decided to create Lime Crime Company. She was surprised by how many women gravitated towards the same since she was the first make-up artist to introduce distinct and radical lip colors to the market.

Though Doe Deere Lime Crime products are cruelty-free in nature, most of them were vegan in nature from the start. In 2012, Doe Deere reformulated the rest of her Lime Crime products to meet vegan criteria due to the increasing demand.

As an individual who started out from the bottom and achieved a lot through e-commerce, Doe Deere is an enthusiastic supporter of other women-owned businesses and entrepreneurship. She loves mentoring and encouraging other ambitious females in the world of business.

According to Deere, every person has something special about them; it could be their skills or the talent they possess. Once you discover and decide to work on it, that’s when you start to grow and reach your full potential. That’s how Doe Deere created Lime Crime, the make-up company that ended up as an ultimate success story.

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SEC Whistleblower Program Payout Hits Record Levels For Labaton Sucharow

The establishment of the Dodd-Frank Act which was designed to add more regulation and oversight to the financial markets also created a new whistleblower program for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Following the passing of the Dodd-Frank Act by the U.S. Congress the Labaton Sucharow law firm created the nation’s first team dedicated to providing support and assistance to those looking to enter the program created by the SEC; the decision to appoint attorney Jordan A. Thomas as the head of the whistleblower team at Labaton Sucharow brought one of the authors of the Dodd-Frank Act to the team.

Not in their sixth year of operation, the team at Labaton Sucharow has just announced the latest award for a whistleblower represented by the law firm has reached $17 million. The Dodd-Frank Act allows the SEC to award each whistleblower a portion of any fines brought against a company or individual totaling $1 million or more; the 10 to 30 percent allowed as a financial reward is calculated accoring to the quality of the information received from the whistleblower. The $17 million reward comes after the individual provided some of the best quality information in a case that Jordan A. Thomas believes could lead to almost every case brought by the SEC driven by information from a private whistleblower.

One of the main benefits of working with the team at Labaton Sucharow comes with the high level of understanding the team has for the law regarding whistleblowers. Protecting the identity of each whistleblower is seen as important for the continued success of the program, which has gone so far as to create a reward fund to provide financial awards for whistleblowers in a bid to help protect their identities as they are not waiting for fines to be paid before receiving a reward.

Other issues that must remain of importance for the team at Labaton Sucharow and other whistleblower programs is the continued protection of the identity of each whistleblower; the SEC has instituted rules where information from a whistleblower is not reported as being the catalyst for a case being brought. Jordan A. Thomas and his team have not only become experts in providing assistance and support for whistleblowers, but Thomas himself has assisted on cases where a whistleblower has been identified and victimized by an employer regardless of the rules of the SEC. Learn more about SEC Whistleblower lawyers.

I Know That FreedomPop Is A Great Company Because Of My Own Review

’ve gotten a lot of information about cell phone companies. Although I’ve known people who’ve used the services from FreedomPop, I had to get a review of FreedomPop on my own by reading a FreedomPop review for myself. I like to check into a service before I buy into it, and it was the best thing that I did by choosing FreedomPop. I was interested in getting cell phone service that wasn’t going to cost me a lot of money, and the $100 I was paying to a previous service provider was just too much for me.

I chose FreedomPop based on their prices but also because of the fact that they now have service for GSM phones. In the past, I knew that FreedomPop allowed Sprint users to transfer their phones to the FreedomPop service, but this left me in the cold because I only used GSM phones because I wanted them to take with me overseas. It’s too difficult to find CDMA companies to connect overseas, so having a phone with a sim card was important to me. When FreedomPop started to include service for GSM phones, I signed up right away.

My cost for cell phone service with FreedomPop is only $19.99 each month, and I have unlimited talk and text messages. I also enjoy the data that I get to use, and I use Wi-Fi service whenever I can to cut back on my data usage on my phone. The great thing about FreedomPop’s new sim card is that it comes in three different sizes, which is great because I purchased a new phone from their website and didn’t know which sim card exactly would fit into the phone.

FreedomPop has put together a 3-in-1 sim card that can easily be popped out to become the perfect size sim card for any phone. Another great thing to mention is the fact that the sim card can be used internationally, which means I can use it in 25 different countries, including the UK. I’ve already traveled overseas two different times using the sim card, and I can’t believe I wasn’t charged roaming fees or anything extra for using the service. FreedomPop is a company that I would recommend at all times to anyone that wants cell phone service that is inexpensive and service that they can travel with. Learn more:

It Does Matter What Others Think After All

While people often say that it is not good to care what others think about them, the unfortunate fact is that it does matter what others think when it comes to business. This is especially true in the online world. For one thing, people express their thoughts about a person or a business when they post it online. As a result, search results may be filled with some opinions about the company. For this reason, it is important for the person to take the time to manage his so that he can present a trustworthy image to his customers.

One thing that is very important when it comes to online reputation management is battling negativity. When someone tries to bring negativity to his target, then it is up to this person to take care of the issue in a quick and positive way. One of the things that people look at with a company or an individual is how they handle negativity. If the person being attacked loses control, then he is going to lose the trust of his customers as well. Customer trust is very important to the company or the individual. They will not trust someone who does not seem in control of his own actions and responses.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things that one could do in order to keep from losing control. One thing that he could do is to take some time off when he is hit with some really bad news or a bad report. One thing he does not want to do is lash out and attack right away. It is better to take the time to let it sink in and then find a way to come up with a solution that is good for everyone. The best thing to do is to gain the respect of as many people as possible.

Three Reasons New Zealand Is Not A Tax Haven, According To Geoff Cone

An article ran in the New Zealand Herald recently that claimed New Zealand was becoming a tax haven country. Tax havens are used by wealthy foreigners in order to dodge domestic taxes. The article addressed foreign trusts as the source of the tax haven problem. Trusts are a financial arrangement that allows a wealthy individual to avoid even more tax by transferring wealth to a third-party bank before passing it on to beneficiaries. While the wealth is with the bank, the money is managed in order to increase or maintain its value.

The claim is that foreigners are setting up trusts in New Zealand in order to dodge taxes at home. There was quite a reaction to the article as citizens of the island nation were not happy to learn about New Zealand’s new status. But a rebuttal article was quickly written by trust lawyer Geoffrey Cone of Cone Marshall in Auckland.

Cone claims that New Zealand is not a tax haven. In the article, he illustrates three reasons why:

New Zealand’s Own Tax Structure

Tax haven countries do not enforce many taxes, if any at all. This entices foreigners who are looking to dodge taxes because they get to keep more of their assets. Cone points to the fact that New Zealand has a fairly robust tax system and levees taxes on foreign trusts.

In fact, New Zealand is a democratic socialist government with a fairly high worldwide tax rate. The government is based on helping the average person and does no favors for the wealthy in order to provide a high standard of living for all its citizens.

New Zealand’s Banking Regulations

The government of New Zealand enforces strict regulation in the banking industry. They do this in order to prevent banking meltdowns as seen in the United States in 2008. The government also enforces regulation to protect the common person from dangerous banking practices.

It is this regulation that scares away wealthy individuals looking to hide money. The shadow banking industry does not exist in New Zealand and that is essential for someone looking to avoid tax.

New Zealand’s International Communication

A person looking to set up a foreign trust in New Zealand must fill out paperwork in English to be submitted to the New Zealand government. This lets the government of New Zealand know exactly where a foreigner’s money is kept at all times.

With a record of the foreigners trust in hand, New Zealand is eager to communicate with any government investigating one of its own citizens. Wealthy individuals will avoid New Zealand if they are looking to hide money because their own government can find it rather easily.

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Learn More About FreedomPop And Their International Calling Plans

It’s obvious that the United States is a melting pot as well as other countries like the UK, so why is it that many other wireless carriers make it hard for those who need to make international calls on their phone? Those that are in the United States or in the UK away from their home country may have found it very difficult to make phone calls to certain other countries, especially if their wireless carrier doesn’t have a good calling plan or no calling plan for international calls. Phone companies must realize a customer’s need for international calls and should adjust their rates accordingly.

A FreedomPop review illustrates an amazing international calling plan that is great for anyone who has family overseas. Although the rates do vary in certain countries, there are tons of countries that have been added to the calling plan, which means that the person who gets the international calling plan can make as many calls as they want to certain international destinations. Don’t confuse the international calling plan with an international sim card because these are two different services. An international sim allows phone calls while roaming in other countries whereas the international calling plan simply allows for international calls.

Those who get the international calling plan can look at the list of countries that are supported underneath the plan, and calling plans for other countries can be added to the plan that’s chosen. It’s never a wise idea to simply make phone calls overseas without a calling plan because it can be extremely expensive. Those that choose a FreedomPop calling plan that’s international can save an incredible amount of money when they’re making overseas phone calls, and they can top up on their calling plan whenever it’s necessary.

Those that are interested in an international sim card can get additional benefits if they are ever to leave the USA or the UK with their FreedomPop cell phone. By purchasing an international sim card, the user can enjoy making phone calls in 25 different countries as opposed to simply using their international calling plan to call outside the USA or the UK. Since the sim card can call different countries as well as support cell phone service in those different countries, it’s more ideal for those who travel to get the international sim card as opposed to getting just the international calling plan.

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