Julie Zuckerberg: Driven To Succeed

Julie Zuckerberg embodies what it means to be persistent, driven and determined to succeed no matter the circumstance. As a leading executive recruiter working for Deutsche Bank, she has taken on the task of employing millennials that will thrive and be the center of the next generation of banking professionals.


It is stated that millennials are not as driven to work and be committed to a job as individuals as past generations, however, Julie has been entrusted to be the forerunner in recruitment because of her keen understanding and communication skills. She is equipped with both the psychological discipline and the philosophical learning skills needed to be successful and is widely known as one Deutsche Bank‘s greatest employees.


Julie Zuckerberg embodies what it means to go the extra mile. Her journey to becoming a great recruiter was well calculated. She studies her current employees, individuals social media sites and she also gets current employees involved in the hiring process of new candidates. This helps her find candidate that will fit well in the company culture and building trust and community within the company. This strategy goes to the show the genius mind of Zuckerberg and how she maintains a great reputation.


Julie utilizes every possible resource to ensure the successful recruitment of the future of the banking industry. She is active in multiple professional organizations. She also cultivates long standing relationships with other recruiters, executive search forms, and university placement offices. She is also able to take advantage of Deutsche Bank’s attractive employment bundle which gives her an upper hand when finding outside talent. Deutsche Bank also has an outstanding reputation as a top establishment which also aids in keeping employees with the company longer.


It is more of a challenge to keep millennials around at entry-level positions, but Julie is a master at interacting and keeping them encouraged and in great spirits concerning the job. Julie is dedicated to her work. When she is not at work, she is still pouring herself into learning and figuring out ways to be successful.


Julie Zuckerberg understands the importance of balance. She takes time to enjoy the outdoors, eating good food and attending art exhibits. She also takes time to enjoy some of her favorite hobbies which include photography and running. She is a well-rounded person and knows that her work load should not overload her life. Julie Zuckerberg is truly an inspiration for anyone wanting to thrive in any position in life.


Arthur Becker – The Road to Multi-Million-Dollar Success

Arthur Becker is becoming an increasingly popular name in biotechnology and real estate circles as his investment portfolio expands. He has made headlines for his recent successes in his real estate investments, and he has even greater plans for the future. Here is a brief insight into the mind of Arthur Becker.

Arthur Becker’s Investment Positions

As per The Real Deal, Arthur Becker is a managing member of Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is an investment firm that specializes in early biotechnology startups and real estate, two of Becker’s main investment assets. He says that the idea for Madison Partners, LLC came to him during his time at ZINIO and NaviSite where he gained a lot of exposure to biotechnology and real estate.

His focus in real estate increased after he sold NaviSite in 2011. His first major investments in real estate were in Miami and New York City. Today, however, he has invested in property in many states across the U.S. He reckons that he has invested over $500 million in real estate projects all over New York through Madison Partners, LLC.

His latest investment saw him get three townhouses in on Sulivan Street in Soho, one of the most pristine neighborhoods in New York City. He got the houses in exchange for his stake in a condominium project that is in the same neighborhood. Rumor has it that Becker has already made plans to move into one of the townhouses, and he plans to lease off or sell the others for what is projected to be a handsome return.

Becker has also invested in several early-stage biotechnology companies. His interest in biotechnology is inspired by the potential breakthroughs in the treatment of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In fact, he describes his involvement in the sector as active.

A Long Road to Success

Arthur Becker has not always been the successful investor he is today. He claims to have tried his hand in many businesses and failed numerous times. Today, however, he attributes his success to intelligent tenacity and information. He advises upcoming investors and entrepreneurs to network with colleagues and be at the forefront of developments in their particular industries.

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