David McDonald Looks After A Global Organization

David McDonald states that the global companies today have become local. Hi runs an organization that is spread across the United States, besides Europe along with China. Hence there cannot be one specification that will suit all operations. This can be because government regulations are different everywhere, and so are the cultural nuances. There is a differing talent pool that can affect the operations of any company. Even the differing taste buds play a role in food industry in different geographical locations.

David McDonald OSI Group is the President of OSI Group. He says that his global network has people from all over the world. The global operations indicate that these can be scaled up in size. Next are the management teams that are local. These are sensitive as they have a deep understanding of the local nuances. So OSI Group is able to enjoy the global benefits besides the local efficiency too.

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The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The OSI Group is mainly in the food industry. It is a supplier of items like sausage links as well as beef patties. In addition, it is supplying other items like sandwiches along with pizza too. These are being supplied to the leading food service brands.

This is a privately held organization. The company has 50 facilities. These are spread over in 17 countries. The company is looking forward to expansion of its operations in China.

According to Angel.co, the company has been operating in China for 20 years now. Along with the economy of China, even the presence of OSI Group is growing in the country. Presently there are eight factories that are operational. Two more facilities are also coming up. All this would make the OSI Group the largest poultry producer of the country.

David McDonald spoke about a new huge plant that will be coming up in the Henan province. It will look into food processing. There is another joint-venture with DOYOO Group. This is for creating DaOSI. It is an integrated plant for poultry operation. The Group has clients like McDonald’s, Yum, along with Starbucks, and Saizeriya, besides Papa John’s in this country.

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