The OSI Group Offers Unparalleled Options for Food Distribution

OSI services the retail food industry both domestically and internationally. OSI was listed in 2011 as the 136th largest privately held company with revenue of $3 billion. OSI was one of the original beef patty suppliers for McDonald’s Corporation beginning in the 1950’s. OSI patented a revolutionary liquid nitrogen freezing method that kept beef patties fresh wherever they were shipped. This was ideal for McDonald’s and the two companies grew together accordingly.

One of the characteristics of OSI that makes them valuable to the retail food industry is its supply chain management system that works on a global basis. The process takes into account all of the steps from sourcing, processing and distribution. This process allows OSI to be able to deliver food products that are customized to the need so the retailer can maximize their profit opportunities.

Operating out of 65 different facilities with over 20,000 employees, OSI can support any distribution from a local or regional project, or one that is international in scope.

OSI is totally committed to food quality and safety, as many distributors and customers rely on the expertise of OSI to deliver the utmost in quality products. Total compliance to regulatory and food safety practices is key to the success of the company and safety for the consumer. In depth quality control makes certain that all food products reach the customer with the assurance that safe food will always be the result from OSI.

OSI continues to maintain large-scale flexibility when it comes to working with suppliers and their ever changing needs. The continual design changes required with manufacturing and supply chain needs are one of the hallmarks of OSI and their ability to meet the needs of customers.

The global network of manufacturing and supply capabilities offers an incredible array of supply chain needs that customers can count on to meet their requirements.