Andrew Rolfe Accomplishments as the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund

During the tenth annual gala that was held in May this year, the Ubuntu Fund was hoping that it was going to collect $972,960. According to the leadership of the fund, the money received will be used to assist the school campus that is located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The organizers of the event are also planning to introduce a pediatric clinic that will help the young people in the campus. Only the children from the disadvantaged families will be allowed to get help from the school.

The entire program was founded several years ago, and it takes care of the youth from the underprivileged families in the country. The local youth are offered the support they need until they get employment opportunities in reputable places. Although the annual dinner took an entire night, the organizers say that they managed to reach their goal.

Andrew Rolfe is one of the prominent people in the fund. At the moment, he holds the position of chairman, and he played a leading role in organizing the special event that brought together more than three hundred individuals. The individuals attending the event had an opportunity to enjoy delicious foods and good music that was played by the prestigious Xhosa choir.

The Ubuntu fund has assisted so many people over the years. One of the greatest beneficiaries of the fund is Sinesipho Rabidyani who was given an opportunity to speak when the event was over. According to her, the fund had made it possible for her to find peace in the world. Her father was a terrible drunkard who made life very difficult for her. The Ubuntu Fund has given her a home and the education she needs to live a good life. The young gal stole the show when she spoke about her achievements.

Under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe, many youths have managed to acquire education and also change their living conditions. According to these young people, the world should come together to support the people coming from needy families so that the world can change. The youth are motivated and inspired through the activities carried out in the fund.

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