The Role Oncotarget is playing in the Study of Diseases

Oncotarget is an open-access peer-reviewed journal on medical matters, mainly on issues related to oncology. Within the field of oncology, the journal focusses explicitly on the causative agents of all types of cancers as well as the different modes of treatment put into use in the treatment of those having cancer. It covers areas such as aging, immunology, microbiology, chromosomes, among others.The journal also analyses the impact of different modes of conducting therapy on patients using metrics such as the overall satisfaction of the patient as well as the overall quality of life enjoyed by the patient as a result of the therapy.

Through such analysis, it helps to continually come up with a way of improving the effectiveness of treatment on patients and increasing the level in which patients appreciate the therapy given to them.Since its inception in the year 2010, the journal has published seven volumes, amounting to 324 issues and currently, they are working on publishing their eights volume. Professionals thoroughly scrutinize all their publications, and all guidelines of professional publications get strictly adhered.According to statistics from Research Gate, where Impact Journals publish the Oncotarget journals, the current journal impact is 3.45.

This rating helps to measure the significance of the particular Journal depending on the number of citations it has had over a period.Oncotarget used to be a weekly publication, but due to its rising importance, the publishing frequency has now risen to two times per week. This bi-weekly release is in line with their mission which is rapidity in the dissemination of medical-related research to practitioners in the field.Through able leadership of distinguished lead researchers in the field, they work to bring together the collaborative work of many researchers in the discipline, closer taking them to the goal they continually strive for: a world where there are no diseases. As an assurance to its readers and contributors, Oncotarget reinforced that the medical publications they have published will continue to appear in major publications such as PubMed Central, Scopus, EMBASE, among others.