George Soros Empower Democrats

One of the most spectacular things that has ever occurred in the history of the world was the American Revolution. The difference between this revolution and all the others that preceded it was the idea that if they won, they would instill a government that would be truly run by the people. This, of course, was the birth of the Democratic Republic. Democracy has continued to be spread through the world by many people. One modern-day advocate for democracy is the philanthropist George Soros.

George Soros is a billionaire who uses his vast fortune to promote democracies around the world. This is accomplished by using his nonprofit organization which is known as the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations, under the leadership George Soros, has made it their personal mission to empower and embolden these fledgling democratic governments and help them gain a foot in the world. Because of this nonprofit, over 100 countries have been able to establish some form of democracy as their government system.

George Soros has donated hundreds of billions of dollars through his Open Society Foundations in order to help these governments get a head start. He has been known to fund education systems, electoral processes, and women’s rights movements.

While George Soros does keep his eyes abroad, he has begun donating money here at home in order to make sure that democracy in the United States never dies. George Soros would begin turning his attention to America in the year 2004. The year 2004 had been a tumultuous one for the United States. The United States had already suffered the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and we were then embroiled in a war with two different countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. George Soros was fearful of what would happen to this great country if it continued to be led by the Republicans.

George Soros would attempt to stop Republicans in 2004 by financially backing Democratic candidate John Kerry. In order to help John Kerry gain in the polls, Soros donated to him $27 million. This money proved insufficient to push Kerry hard enough and in that election year President George W. Bush remained the president.

Soros would have a much easier time in 2008. The American people had grown fed up with the GOP and its warmongering ways. As it appeared that the landscape of America was ready for a change, George Soros began to decide which candidate he thought would best bring liberal policies and enforce a democratic rule here in America. He originally wanted to back Hillary Clinton ut bdecided that Barack Obama will be the better choice.

After Barack Obama’s successful presidency George Soros would back Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. When he found out the DNC was nearly bankrupt and unable to continue, he donated $25 million to pay off the Democratic Party’s debts and help Clinton thrive. Though Hillary Clinton would receive the popular vote, it would be Donald Trump who would win the electoral college.

Lifeline Screening and Bone Density Testing

The greatest antagonist to bone health is osteoporosis, a disease that reduces bone density and causes bones to become more susceptible to fractures. What causes this to happen? Well, bone formation is cyclical process; the body naturally absorbs and replaces bone tissue, however for those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, this naturally occurring process is interrupted. New bone formation outpaces old bone absorption, which creates an imbalance that causes your bone structure to become weak, and in some cases extremely brittle. Unfortunately, there are no noticeable symptoms associated with osteoporosis; those who have been afflicted with the disease won’t know that they have it until they have broken a bone, which can be caused by something as simple as sneezing or bumping into something.

Who is at risk for developing osteoporosis? After the age of 40, men and women both have an increased chance of developing osteoporosis; however, women are much more susceptible due to a decrease in estrogen levels, which generally occurs after menopause. The most important thing to know about osteoporosis is that the disease is not curable, but there are ways to mitigate the impact that it can have on your life. For example, incorporating a healthy diet, along with weight-training exercises can significantly improve bone density. Additionally, prescription medications like Fosamax and other dietary supplements can also be beneficial.

If you’re over the age of 40, you’re encouraged to schedule routine bone density tests, like those offered through LifeLine Screening. Founded in 1993, LifeLine Screening is healthcare provider that specializes in preventative health screenings and believes that early detection is critical when it comes to effectively treating any disease. How is bone density measured? As previously mentioned, osteoporosis is asymptomatic, and therefore, will require a bone density test to determine whether or not you are affected. LifeLine utilizes ultrasound, a non-invasive and painless imaging technique used to measure bone density in the heel bone. But, why the heel bones? Studies have shown that there are similarities between the bone composition of the hip and the heel of the foot, and in most cases, when someone experiences bone fracture, it is usually in the hip.

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OSI Group: Reinventing The Food Service Industry

Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is one of the leading custom food suppliers in the world. This company just so happens to be one of the largest independent companies in the U.S. Custom food-to-table solutions is the name of the game and nobody does it better than OSI Group. The company was started back in 1909 by Otto Kolschowky. This German immigrant opened the business with his family members, and it was known as Otto & Sons. Some of the freshest of beef products were being sold and the company’s notoriety would reach the masses. Otto & Sons started out in Maywood, Illinois, as a small meat market, but it has grown into a global powerhouse.

For 2016, OSI Food Solutions was presented with the Globe of Honour Award for its outstanding management of environmental risks. This company was one of 18 other companies that were nominated for their excellence in food service management. The event was held in London, England, at the prestigious Drapers’ Hall. OSI also won this award in 2013 and in 2015. As you can see, the company provides a host of services that includes processing, distribution and development. Winners of the award got a chance to speak at the event by sharing their inspirational stories. OSI Group’s reach is simply unmatched when being compared to other similar companies. It supplies many of the biggest brands in the world with top-of-the-line food solutions. This includes the prominent brands of Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks, Yum, Burger King, McDonald’s, Saizerlya and many more. Thanks to China’s consistent growth, OSI Group has also been able to grow at a faster rate.

This company has up to 20,000 employees that work in some of the most state-of-the-art facilities. The facilities just so happen to be located in 17 countries worldwide. Last year, OSI Group made a huge business acquisition by acquiring Tyson Foods. This acquisition would be for the Tyson’s plant in the Chicago area, which has helped to strengthen OSI Group’s infrastructure. The company has also added a high capacity production line in Hungary. This $25 million facility has helped the company triple its production capacity to 22,000 tons of processed chicken products.

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Jason Hope: The Future is the Internet-of-Things

Jason Hope has been a major player in the technology industry for some time now. He graduated with a degree in Finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business because he wanted to launch own business. Early in his career, that dream came to fruition and he launched his first technology company, focused on mobile communications. Over time, Hope began to show interest in other parts of the business world. He spectated companies and began investing in startups. He also became heavily involved in the biotechnology field as well. Throughout it all, Hope has shown a keen insight into what consumers need and what products are going to do well on the market. Hope wants his readers to know in his new e-book, that they should become more familiar with the Internet-of-Things and IoT devices.

Hope’s e-book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” discusses IoT in a way that readers can instantly understand. The IoT is simply the internet of things or objects that communicate with each other through a web of networks. Hope himself uses IoT enabled sneakers to help him keep track of his fitness. These shoes report on his activities and he can track them. The same can be done with automobiles, video cameras, and other athletic devices.

Hope believes that knowledge about this tech is important because the IoT’s value is estimated to increase to whopping $7.1 trillion by 2020. This means that a record, 30 million products that are IoT enabled will hit the shelves by then. Consumers should become aware of IoT devices because they are going to be a staple in daily life very soon. Already they are massively popular, and they will only continue to grow in that popularity. Hope’s e-book is a life saver; however, because he goes into how to use these devices security precautions.

While it may be tempting to just ignore certain technologies that seem difficult, Hope knows that IoT devices are going to be extremely beneficial in the future. He wants to prepare his readers for a better tomorrow where they can work seamlessly with these devices to have a more productive lifestyle. As a proud user of IoT devices and a skilled tech giant, Hope has brought all his knowledge together to create an e-book that gives information to readers in a unique format. Anyone interested in purchasing this wonderful e-book may do so at

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Rocketship Charter Schools Depend on Parental Involvement for Student Success

Many educators know that parents are essential to the academic success of their children. This is why schools often involve parents in their child’s education process. Honestly, quite a few low-income schools do not have parental involvement. The fact is that many low-income communities do not value an education. Rocketship Charter Schools understand this point all too well and works hard to change this perception.

Rocketship Education Charter Schools were created in 2006. The purpose of this institution is to provide a high-quality education for students in poverty stricken areas. This conglomeration of charter schools are usually constructed in poverty stricken areas with poor public schools. Many schools in low-income areas are underfunded and have inadequate resources for instructing their children. Rocketship Education schools understand this reality and they try to bring about solutions to change it.

Parents are essential to education because they can help to contain and to control their student’s behavior. Bad behavior is a characteristic of most inner-city schools. Unruly, undisciplined and angry students can disrupt a classroom and the learning process throughout the school. If a school building has at least 30 kids who are constant trouble makers, these individuals can literally disrupt the whole entire building. They can even influence well behaved kids into becoming disruptive individuals.

When parents are directly involved with their child’s education, this type of situation diminishes. This is one great benefit for well-funded school districts. In schools where student performance is high, parents are directly involved. In communities where education is valued, parents are directly involved. Many high performing schools have parents who will not tolerate their children acting in a negative manner. They will quickly put a stop to it.

A student’s parent not only helps to control their behavior, they also help to encourage their child to do well in school. When a child sees that their mom and dad cares about their education, this too motivates them to do a better job with learning. Parents also help to keep their child interested in school. Many children find school to be boring and are not motivated to come. However, parental involvement can change all of that. Rocketship Education works hard with parents to ensure that children can achieve academic success.

Rocketship Education: Reaching New Heights

Human potential is often cited as a well that never dries. Unfortunately, many individuals aren’t able to tap into this vast resource. When this happens it isn’t just the individual that suffers, it can easily be a great loss to a community, society or even the world. Public education seeks to alleviate this grave threat through helping everyone have a fair chance at greatness. Unfortunately, there is still a great achievement gap affecting primarily low-income families. This is a grave travesty that nonprofits such as Rocketship Education hope to do away within our lifetime. This progressive approach has ensured the school’s success. They currently operate 20 schools in 3 states and the District of Columbia. Rocketship was also ranked in the top 10% of California schools serving impoverished communities.

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit that focuses on providing quality education to economically stressed communities. They are a collective of teachers, parents, and students working together to unleash the potential of every student regardless of family income. They begin by selecting highly qualified staff. These educators are required to be familiar with core fields such as mathematics, science and the humanities. This background is only the foundation of the type of teacher Rocketship hopes to provide. From there they train their teachers to engage with the students and their families in a meaningful way. Teachers are required to meet with families in their homes. This interaction not only provides vital background to the teacher on the student’s needs but also involves the student’s family in their education.

Engaging students and their families in the education process is not the only challenge that Rocketship works to accomplish. The organization dedicates it’s self to helping students remain stable. When flooding hit one of the districts the organization services the nonprofit wasted no time. In partnership with Catholic Charities, the school was able to raise $62,000. From there they applied their funds to helping student’s families purchase essentials. Families affected by the disaster struggled with basic necessities such as clothes to more complex expenses such as deposits on new housing or insurance deductibles. This additional support allows underprivileged children to focus on their education and reach new heights.

Boraie Atlantic City Project

During the last decade, Atlantic City has face plenty of economic turmoil. Few investors were considering starting new projects in the city by the ocean. However, the Boraie Development LLC. has decided to bring new life to the city by building a new 250 unit apartment project to the area. The new site for the project is at The Beach at South Inlet. The projected cost for the new building project is about $81 million dollars. This is great news for people working in the resort area that are hungry for quality housing in the city. For more details visit Crunchbase.

New Life

The new apartment complex is a good sign that Atlantic City is starting to recover from the downward spiral that hit the city, due to all the casino closings. Now, the project has breathed new life into the resort city. Even new gaming projects are considering Atlantic City as a great place to set up shop. Boraie Vice President Wasseem Boraie, is very enthused about investing in the city. In fact, the Boraie executive is also considering building modern housing in the area for resort workers and other residents. Visit State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

Boraie Development

Boraie Vice President Wasseem Boraie is eager to breathe new life into urban areas like Atlantic City that have faced tough times. Boraie Development focuses most of their investment interest in urban areas and strongly believe in introducing spectacular modern buildings to urban areas that were neglected by other investors. In fact, the company has a very long and distinguished track record in building projects. The Boraie Development owned by Sam Boraie is a highly respected company and the company is operated by one of the most sought after developers in the New Jersey region. Today, Boraie Development is heavily involved with Real Estate Development, Property Management, Sales & Marketing. Their vision is to create living spaces that attract tenants, residents, and other financial investors into New Jersey urban areas.

What Makes Sheldon Lavin Stand Out

Worldwide Connection

The connections being made by the OSI Group are astounding and are redefining what the international economy is. That economy is expanding with every moment of society’s advancement. The successful enterprise the OSI Group created in the United States is branching off to a wider, world connection.

The work begins with the agency’s CEO and gets carried over to every part of the globe. The agency’s CEO Sheldon Lavin took over as a leader with the OSI group after finding himself a great success as a financial investor. He now leads the agency into a new enterprise that’s forming on the international plane.

The new business that international markets propose is leading the OSI Group into a market that only it can supply and sustain.

In Roughly 16 Countries

The basis of Sheldon Lavin’s and the OSI Group’s connection are established with over 55 different factories. These factories operate constantly and enable the OSI Group to exist as the largest meat processor in the world today. The agency services roughly 16 different nations and is also located in that many countries.

The international field that OSI Group enters is clear, ready and open for active business. This agency is not just a leader in the American market and trade. The expansion it undergoes is a direct result of its position as a sole meat processor with the proper infrastructure to expand globally.

An Edge In The Financial Markets

There’s a prime advantage that Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group have. The agency’s CEO works with the mind of a Wall Street professional. He uses this information to bridge the financial expectations of every fiscal year to the resources he has to put into play. The results are always clear.

Sheldon Lavin doesn’t just lead the corporate world as a substantial CEO. His agency is also leading the world as the first of its industry and as an innovator for many more years to come. Part of the competitive advantage of the OSI Group comes from the understanding that Sheldon Lavin brings from the financial world.

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Insightful Facts about Eric Lefkofsky

Eric is an American entrepreneur and was born in 1969 and is the co-founder of Tempus. The renowned entrepreneur has in the recent years been involved in many philanthropic works, besides founding over four companies. Eric has a great passion towards improving the welfare of every individual in the world and has over the past years strived to contribute funds as well as launch firms through which he can address the various issues that people go through in their lives. Among the companies that Lefkofsky has founded and co-founded include, Groupon, Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics, Inner workings, and many more.

Through Tempus, Eric has relied on an invention to come up with unique machines which can treat cancer. Eric has always tried his best to ensure that the employees of the firm strive to accomplish the mission of the company which is mostly focused on helping people fight cancer and giving them hope concerning their current conditions. He has been an inspiration to many, and his efforts have received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of individuals. Innovation has always been part of Eric`s career, and he has worked with some scientists as well as medical practitioners toe sure that people living with cancer receive the best treatment for their disease. Through his high-quality machines, he provides information to doctors concerning a patients details and works together with them to come up with the most effective solutions to a patients issues.

Through Tempus, Eric collects a massive amount of data concerning a patient`s genomic and clinical information concerning cancer and avails it to the doctors to ensure that they identify the critical cause of their problems hence active treatment. He has seen a vast number of individuals benefit from his firm regardless of their social class and financial status.

Together with his wife, Eric founded the Lefkofsky foundation through which they get to help individuals facing various problems to ensure that each of them regains confidence and a better living. The organization mostly focuses children and aims at improving the disadvantaged ones acquire a better life.


Adam Milstein – Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein is an active real estate investor, philanthropist, and community leader based in the United States. Mr. Milstein is an Israeli native who worked during the Yom Koppur War in the IDF mission in Israel. In 1978, Mr. Milstein graduated from the University of Technion with the highest honors. When he arrived in the United States in 1981, Mr. Milstein did not relent pursuing further education. For this reason, he went to pursue an MBA from the University of South Carolina. This certification gave him the way forward to commence his career in the real estate industry. Mr. Milstein is also one of the managing and founding partners at the Hager Pacific Properties. This is one of the largest privately-held commercial real estate company in the United States.

Mr. Milstein is also the CEO and Co-Founder of the Israeli-American Council based in New York. Mr. Milstein also sits at the boards of many companies and organizations in the United States including the Jewish Founders Network, the Hasbara Fellowship, the Stand With Us Fellowship, the AIPAC National Council, and the Los Angeles-based Birthright Israel. Mr. Milstein, together with his wife, is the CEO and Co-founder of the Pijama Sifriyat America. This is an organization that works to issue free Hebrew books that teach the value to over 15,000 Israeli-Jewish Americans in the United States. To know more about him click here.

Mr. Milstein came into the United States with the aim of pursuing an education. However, he found out that the country was a better home than Israel. For this reason, he developed his career as a real estate manager after pursuing his MBA from the University of South Carolina. Before he graduated from college, many companies came looking for graduates to get job opportunities. However, Mr. Milstein did not take the opportunity because he felt that they did not appreciate his life experiences. For this reason, he went forth to make his ways as an investor. After graduation, Mr. Milstein commenced his career as a real estate commercial broker. After hustling as an investor for three years, he founded the Hager Real Estate Company. This was the beginning of his success.