Adam Milstein on His Habits As an Entrepreneur

Adam Milstein is the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He explained that there are always fluctuations in the real estate industry. Sometimes, supply will be way ahead of the demand, and other times, the demand will be way ahead of the supply. Things are always changing and you have to be ready to deal with the changing things.

When asked what was one habit of his that made him more productive as an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein replied that there are three things that make him more productive. The first is always following up with others to make sure that things are getting done. The next is to be consistent. If you said that you were going to get something done, be consistent and get it done. Also, do not change things for no reason. You need to be persistent too, which is the third thing. Being persistent will result in the things actually getting done.

When asked what was the worst job he had and what he learned from it, Adam Milstein replied that he never had a bad job. He always loves working, he added. In addition, when asked what he would do differently if he had to start all over again, Adam Milstein replied that he thinks he made all the right choices.

When asked what was one thing he did over and over again as an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein replied that you have to understand the issue yourself. You have to be part of the solution by not relying on other people to explain things to you but to actually put yourself in the position and situation to understand. You have to contemplate the issue fully.

Adam Milstein cofounded the Israeli American Council. He is their National Chairman as well, meaning he is the chair of all of their operations that are done nationally. He is on the board of many organizations.

Adam and his wife Gila also founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an organization that provides books and reading material in Hebrew to Israeli and Jewish families living in the US. He is also a well known activist.