Boraie Atlantic City Project

During the last decade, Atlantic City has face plenty of economic turmoil. Few investors were considering starting new projects in the city by the ocean. However, the Boraie Development LLC. has decided to bring new life to the city by building a new 250 unit apartment project to the area. The new site for the project is at The Beach at South Inlet. The projected cost for the new building project is about $81 million dollars. This is great news for people working in the resort area that are hungry for quality housing in the city. For more details visit Crunchbase.

New Life

The new apartment complex is a good sign that Atlantic City is starting to recover from the downward spiral that hit the city, due to all the casino closings. Now, the project has breathed new life into the resort city. Even new gaming projects are considering Atlantic City as a great place to set up shop. Boraie Vice President Wasseem Boraie, is very enthused about investing in the city. In fact, the Boraie executive is also considering building modern housing in the area for resort workers and other residents. Visit State Theatre New Jersey to see more.

Boraie Development

Boraie Vice President Wasseem Boraie is eager to breathe new life into urban areas like Atlantic City that have faced tough times. Boraie Development focuses most of their investment interest in urban areas and strongly believe in introducing spectacular modern buildings to urban areas that were neglected by other investors. In fact, the company has a very long and distinguished track record in building projects. The Boraie Development owned by Sam Boraie is a highly respected company and the company is operated by one of the most sought after developers in the New Jersey region. Today, Boraie Development is heavily involved with Real Estate Development, Property Management, Sales & Marketing. Their vision is to create living spaces that attract tenants, residents, and other financial investors into New Jersey urban areas.