Rocketship Charter Schools Depend on Parental Involvement for Student Success

Many educators know that parents are essential to the academic success of their children. This is why schools often involve parents in their child’s education process. Honestly, quite a few low-income schools do not have parental involvement. The fact is that many low-income communities do not value an education. Rocketship Charter Schools understand this point all too well and works hard to change this perception.

Rocketship Education Charter Schools were created in 2006. The purpose of this institution is to provide a high-quality education for students in poverty stricken areas. This conglomeration of charter schools are usually constructed in poverty stricken areas with poor public schools. Many schools in low-income areas are underfunded and have inadequate resources for instructing their children. Rocketship Education schools understand this reality and they try to bring about solutions to change it.

Parents are essential to education because they can help to contain and to control their student’s behavior. Bad behavior is a characteristic of most inner-city schools. Unruly, undisciplined and angry students can disrupt a classroom and the learning process throughout the school. If a school building has at least 30 kids who are constant trouble makers, these individuals can literally disrupt the whole entire building. They can even influence well behaved kids into becoming disruptive individuals.

When parents are directly involved with their child’s education, this type of situation diminishes. This is one great benefit for well-funded school districts. In schools where student performance is high, parents are directly involved. In communities where education is valued, parents are directly involved. Many high performing schools have parents who will not tolerate their children acting in a negative manner. They will quickly put a stop to it.

A student’s parent not only helps to control their behavior, they also help to encourage their child to do well in school. When a child sees that their mom and dad cares about their education, this too motivates them to do a better job with learning. Parents also help to keep their child interested in school. Many children find school to be boring and are not motivated to come. However, parental involvement can change all of that. Rocketship Education works hard with parents to ensure that children can achieve academic success.