George Soros Empower Democrats

One of the most spectacular things that has ever occurred in the history of the world was the American Revolution. The difference between this revolution and all the others that preceded it was the idea that if they won, they would instill a government that would be truly run by the people. This, of course, was the birth of the Democratic Republic. Democracy has continued to be spread through the world by many people. One modern-day advocate for democracy is the philanthropist George Soros.

George Soros is a billionaire who uses his vast fortune to promote democracies around the world. This is accomplished by using his nonprofit organization which is known as the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations, under the leadership George Soros, has made it their personal mission to empower and embolden these fledgling democratic governments and help them gain a foot in the world. Because of this nonprofit, over 100 countries have been able to establish some form of democracy as their government system.

George Soros has donated hundreds of billions of dollars through his Open Society Foundations in order to help these governments get a head start. He has been known to fund education systems, electoral processes, and women’s rights movements.

While George Soros does keep his eyes abroad, he has begun donating money here at home in order to make sure that democracy in the United States never dies. George Soros would begin turning his attention to America in the year 2004. The year 2004 had been a tumultuous one for the United States. The United States had already suffered the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and we were then embroiled in a war with two different countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. George Soros was fearful of what would happen to this great country if it continued to be led by the Republicans.

George Soros would attempt to stop Republicans in 2004 by financially backing Democratic candidate John Kerry. In order to help John Kerry gain in the polls, Soros donated to him $27 million. This money proved insufficient to push Kerry hard enough and in that election year President George W. Bush remained the president.

Soros would have a much easier time in 2008. The American people had grown fed up with the GOP and its warmongering ways. As it appeared that the landscape of America was ready for a change, George Soros began to decide which candidate he thought would best bring liberal policies and enforce a democratic rule here in America. He originally wanted to back Hillary Clinton ut bdecided that Barack Obama will be the better choice.

After Barack Obama’s successful presidency George Soros would back Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. When he found out the DNC was nearly bankrupt and unable to continue, he donated $25 million to pay off the Democratic Party’s debts and help Clinton thrive. Though Hillary Clinton would receive the popular vote, it would be Donald Trump who would win the electoral college.