Seattle Area CEO Clay Siegall Shares His Passion For Medicine, Leadership, And Sports

Clay Siegall is a Seattle area entrepreneur who co-founded a biotech business, Seattle Genetics. While he is very busy as the president, CEO, and chairman of this firm he enjoys following news in the worlds of science and sports. To this end he has a blog on which he posted a recent story about how QB Kirk Cousins playing for the Cleveland Browns makes no sense. He’s going to want to play for a team that has a shot at winning, which the Browns certainly don’t. From the Brown’s side, they have a young quarterback that is good enough to be their starter next year as he continues to develop.

Another ESPN article he posted is about the New England Patriots’ defensive needs, which are extensive. They need new players to mount an effective pass rush, for instance. They are expected to be active during the free agency signing period as well as in the draft because they need to fill numerous holes. They’re expected to sign a linebacker, such as Jerod Mayo, as well as much better cornerbacks.

Clay Siegall is an expert cancer researcher and developer. He has also developed a reputation as an excellent leader who inspires his team at Seattle Genetics when it comes to developing targeted drugs that will treat cancer. After earning his Ph.D. in genetics he performed a postdoctoral fellowship at the NIH’s National Cancer Institute. He says working there was like a mixture of a university and corporate setting. His goal while working there was to learn more about cancer and how to treat it and publish research papers.

While being the top leader at Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has commented that he was surprised to learn how much he enjoyed building a company from the ground up. He’s been passionate about curing cancer for three decades and has also now developed a similar passion for leading the team at his company. He says that he finds it gratifying to hire a lot of smart people and provide them with the experience and knowledge they need to successfully build their careers.