The Role Oncotarget is playing in the Study of Diseases

Oncotarget is an open-access peer-reviewed journal on medical matters, mainly on issues related to oncology. Within the field of oncology, the journal focusses explicitly on the causative agents of all types of cancers as well as the different modes of treatment put into use in the treatment of those having cancer. It covers areas such as aging, immunology, microbiology, chromosomes, among others.The journal also analyses the impact of different modes of conducting therapy on patients using metrics such as the overall satisfaction of the patient as well as the overall quality of life enjoyed by the patient as a result of the therapy.

Through such analysis, it helps to continually come up with a way of improving the effectiveness of treatment on patients and increasing the level in which patients appreciate the therapy given to them.Since its inception in the year 2010, the journal has published seven volumes, amounting to 324 issues and currently, they are working on publishing their eights volume. Professionals thoroughly scrutinize all their publications, and all guidelines of professional publications get strictly adhered.According to statistics from Research Gate, where Impact Journals publish the Oncotarget journals, the current journal impact is 3.45.

This rating helps to measure the significance of the particular Journal depending on the number of citations it has had over a period.Oncotarget used to be a weekly publication, but due to its rising importance, the publishing frequency has now risen to two times per week. This bi-weekly release is in line with their mission which is rapidity in the dissemination of medical-related research to practitioners in the field.Through able leadership of distinguished lead researchers in the field, they work to bring together the collaborative work of many researchers in the discipline, closer taking them to the goal they continually strive for: a world where there are no diseases. As an assurance to its readers and contributors, Oncotarget reinforced that the medical publications they have published will continue to appear in major publications such as PubMed Central, Scopus, EMBASE, among others.

Facts About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was born and raised in Salt Lake City in Utah by his parents who were in the business of property management. She did international studies at the University of Southern Methodist. While she was still in college, she started business of selling the famous Bamboo Tote bags while at the age of only 19 years. These bags have benefited areas that used to experience BP Oil spill. She later partnered with a celebrity towards the launching and establishing of a famous nonprofit organization called Help Us Project. These bags later became very famous when great celebrities started taking photos with them. She, later on, left for South East Asia where she began working at great orphanages. She has grown tremendously, and that is when she started developing the ideas of self-employment.

At only 22 years Whitney Wolfe Joined the famous Hatch Labs whereby he was involved in the development and establishment of the famous Cardify which was a great project led by Sean Lad. The company was in Hatch Labs incubator. They later abandoned the project, but Whitney never gave up and immediately started developing Tinder. They co-founded under the technical and professional guidance of Chris Gulczynski. That was back in the year 2012. Wolfe now became the company’s vice president for the marketing department. She also happens to have been the person who came up with the name and design of the project. She also worked her level best towards mobilizing campus and college students towards joining the app and therefore enhancing its user base. She had internal issues with the company and thus had to receive a settlement of about $1 million which was in addition to the company stock.

Whitney Wolfe was later approached by the Badoo CEO and founder so that they could develop a dating platform together. They decided to start working on Bumble which they did successfully while applying their both experiences. Whitney became the company’s CEO and started working on improvement methodologies, and currently, the company has over 20 million active users who have been on the frontline ensuring that they work for the success and achievements in the dating industry. She has since then received so many awards in the industry and also luckily appearing in the top 30 under 30 lists across the world. The has been featured by Elle in 2016, Forbes in 2017 as top 30 under 30 and also Business Insider.

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The Success Story of Rick Smith

One year after being elected Securus Technology CEO, Rick Smith was made President. Rick Smith, determination to produce exceptional results and his rich work experience led to the immense growth of Securus Technology. For example, Rick Smith led an initiative that involved investing more than $600 million in technology improvement and hiring of new staff to improve service delivery.Securus Technology was founded in 1986 with the aim of enhancing service delivery by providing up-to-date technology to correctional institutions across America. The company invests in modern technologies that can predict crime and prevent it from happening.It also aids law enforcement officers to collect information for use against criminals. Additionally, Securus Technology has provided over 1 million inmates services like video calls, voice calls and money to purchase basic needs. Apart from aiding police officers in hiring a criminal, it ensures that inmates have a better experience.

Rather than working with contracts, Rick Smith, the president of Securus limited prefers employing people to work for him. Consistency, accountability, efficiency, and provision of top-notch services are achieved better through an individual working relationship. Adapting this approach has radically improved on customer satisfaction and service delivery. The growing market base experienced by the company is evidence of their increasing client base. Securus Technology boasts of a world-class call center that was founded, developed and run by its staff. Additionally, the company built VoIP calling space for correctional institutions. The company is also acquiring Jpay. Teaming up with Jpay will ensure that digitized payments, communications, entertainment and education in the correctional institutions.

According to Healing Magic, Rick Smith comments in each of his customers emails to ensure customer satisfaction. The achievements have been achieved under the close watch of Rick Smith. In fact, Securus Technology has not been matched in any of their strategies.Rick Smith has a record of academic qualifications. He holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering from the University of New York and an associate degree from Rochester University. He also holds a Masters in Engineering which he holds from the State University of New York and also graduated with an MBA from Rochester University.Rick Smith has a wide base of experience having worked for different companies ever since 1992. He has served in companies such as Global Crossing North America, Inc, and Eschelon Telecom Inc. One outstanding aspect of his work ethic is that Rick Smith was promoted severally while working for these companies. He ended up as the Vice President of Global Crossing North America and as the CEO of Eshelon company. His achievements are evidence of his work ethic and the success that he has experienced since he began running Securus Technologies Company. Rick has been one of the most successful business professionals in the community.

A Dental Firm With Great Contribution To The Community

The MB2 Dental

Dr, Villanueva is the initiator of MB2 Dental whose organization has worked with groups of practitioners individually and commercial dentistry, registering many employees for over five hundred who are willing to assist and work efficiently as dentists across many states and more so achieved interdependence leadership. He introduced his firm with the knowledge of what it took to deliver very importantly without arguing of his honesty.

The idea of MB2 clicked his mind back in his early days in college, where he had the vision of creating two worlds under the earth that is doctors and patients first while he graduated from a dental school, he desired to have a firm that will adopt the slogan of two is better one. Dr, Villanueva falls in love with new technology, which takes shape daily in the world with an aim making improvements to his patients’ experience.

MB2 Dental became distinctive due to its clarification of ideas not for profit margins but for the growth and impact of its patients. The formation of this group brought cohesion between its employees and led to working together as a family. It painted out the difference between them and traditional dental practices that are more of not informed.

MB2’s practices have to lead the dentists to understand and focus on self-rule and sustainability, by providing an environment where they can discover and mature from each other, they delight in their continued move in developments and natural increment.

Dr. Villanueva’s great ideas generate up at night, when playing with my kids, and at lunch since it’s the convenient time for him to have relaxed and the kids are asleep. Due to that, I encircle myself with team members who are original, resourceful, and open. I encourage creativity whereby in the company creativity becomes a way to follow and inspiration to all.

To become innovative according to Dr. Villanueva, one need not be so strict in the office, you should create an atmosphere of fun, that will bring a tendency of being free with each other, and it will be easier to gain confidence.

For a business to grow one has to pass through rough situations, but during those seasons when you are down, makes you become independently by building the infrastructure and keeping the honesty at the core of the business.

As an entrepreneur, allocate yourself time to rethink and self-image, take time and have a break out of your working environment, do something that is very simple and has an appreciating return to you. Have fun by reading books written by Simon Sinek; it gives you examples of success in other businesses.



OSI Group Proving its Excellence with its Global Presence

Most people who go to the supermarket to buy food or to a restaurant to eat do not give a second thought to where the ingredients of the food came from. The production of the raw materials needed by supermarkets, restaurant business, and fast food industry is an important one for their business. Most of these service providers want to use the best in the food production industry to ensure high quality produces. One such company in the food processing industry is the OSI Group that has a large global presence.

OSI Industries have been around for more than five decades and has it’s headquarter located in Aurora, Illinois from where it looks over its production facilities across the world. OSI Group mainly produces and sells packaged protein items but are expanding to other items in the recent years through mergers and acquisitions of local companies in countries they want to service. Under the leadership of their CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, the company has expanded its presence to 17 countries and are looking to reach out to the broader customer base in short period.

OSI Group has acquired two companies in Europe recently. One is the Baho Food, a Dutch company that provides food to about 18 countries in Europe. The company aims to increase production capability and its sales through this acquisition. Another company that the company has purchased is the Flagship Europe that produces pies, frozen poultry items, and condiments. OSI Group aims to enter new market opportunities Flagship Europe as they plan to enter Spain and Germany with their services.

While the OSI Industries continues to expand its presence, their primary focus is to extend their product line and to increase their presence in the domestic market as well. For this reason, they have also invested in a food processing plant based out of Illinois. The facility owned by Tyson Foods was going to be shut down when OSI Group decided to purchase it. If the plant has closed down as planned, more than 500 people would have lost their jobs. Through the purchase, OSI Industries will be able to expand its product line in their home country.

Most of the food processing companies in the world managed to either expand or stay in business for long. But, OSI Industries have managed to do both. Along with operating in multiple countries, the company has also managed to build relationships with the local community through its local management teams who look after the various areas of the business.

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Save Time! Get All Medical Research Results on Oncotarget Online Journal

Oncotarget is an informative journal published mainly about oncology – the scientific study of tumors and their treatment. The journal was first published in 2010 and has made a great impact since then. Its chief editors are Andrei V. Gudkov of Rosswell Park Cancer Institute and Mikhail Blagosklonny. With a company size of 11-50 employees, the privately owned medical journal has its headquarters based in East Quaker Street, US. This multidisciplinary journal is published by Impact Media.

The Road to Success

Oncotarget has made an average impact of about 5.168 since 2010 all the way to 2016. Oncotarget started as a weekly journal but due to the rise of its impact and demand, it is now published twice a week – on Tuesday and Friday. The increase in its popularity is due to its multi-peer review and constructive research results it offers through its authors and more

Oncotarget is leading in journal ranking with the highest number of documents covering oncology. It has become successful and is now covering other medical areas besides oncology. These fields include neuroscience, cell death, microbiology, autophagy, neurotarget, immunology, pathology, aging, and circadian rhythm. The types of articles covered are research papers, news and editorials, reviews, books, and super reviews.

The Mission of Oncotarget

The aim of the journal is to rapidly and widely avail results of medical researches to readers. This help by saving time spent during research and offering new information on exceptional discoveries. It also offers an insightful review which ensures the research makes a great impact.

The journal offers free access which means the ownership of the copyright remains under the author but readers are free to download, modify, print, distribute, reuse or copy the articles. This ensures that the multidisciplinary research results are available to the public freely, maximizing their impact. Everyone desires a life without ailments. This journal helps scientists apply basic science in controlling diseases. It also allows all researchers to take part in the progression of science.


Boraie Development and State Theatre Partners to Bring Free Movies to the Community

Summer is always a time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. 2016 was no exemption. Thanks to the partnership of Boraie Development, the State Theatre, and the Provident Bank Foundations, the residents of New Brunswick, NJ, do not have to plan on leaving town to enjoy their summer. Thanks to the announcement made through the New Jersey Stage online publications, the community was entertained with six of the best movies series. The good news with this is that the State Theatre aired these movies at no costs.

According to Patch, the list of the movies was out long before the scheduled dates. Frozen aired on July 12, E.T. followed by the Extra-Terrestrial on July 19, then Despicable Me 2 on July 26. August began with Babe on 2 followed by Monsters University on August 9, and lastly Aladdin on August 16. The historic 1921 State Theatre experienced an influx of people on these days. One person who was thrilled to be part of this is Hiam Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Development. According to him, this was one great way for the real estate giant company reaching out to its community.

In addition to the great movie lineups, the 7500 moviegoers will be treated to an unmatched movie experience that starts with the State Theatres HD digital projection systems, a 46’ Stewart film screen and an amazing audio system.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is an urban real estate company founded in 1985 by Omar Boraie. Omar is an Egyptian who came to America in pursuit of education and later found solace in real estate. Despite having no idea of the real estate industry, Mr. Sam Boraie has been able to grow his Boraie Development LLC into one of the largest real estate firms in America with its service ranging from property management, real estate development, and sales and marketing.

Currently, Boraie Development is unchallenged when it comes to developing high-end properties with the real estate giant having a number properties and buildings under its name. Thanks to the leadership of Mr. Omar, Boraie Development has been able to capture the urban market through its urban investment strategy. This strategy involves the acquisition and development of specific growing economic demands of the urban centers. Such properties include student housing, hotels, rental, and residential building just to name a few. Visit to see more.

Boraie Development also believes in giving back to its community. Through some development projects, this company has been able to improve the housing conditions of its neighboring community. You can search him on Yahoo to see more.

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What is NuoDB and SQL Databases?

NuoDB is an elastic Structured Query Language (SQL) database for cloud applications. NuoDB is known as NewSQL which has the resemblance of traditional SQL databases. SQL databases are known as standard programming language which manages alike databases. SQL databases were created in the 1970’s. They are used by database administrators, anyone writing data scripts, or data analysts. SQL databases can edit table and indexes, add and delete rows of data, and retrieve information from different databases. There are more commonly used SQL databases such delete, insert, update, add, select, and create. We use many of these options in daily life. Prime example being in emails we are always adding or inserting attachments like PDF files in our emails.
NuoDB uses tiers. Tiers of transaction engines and tiers of storage managers. This is a tactic which helps them scale all the data into the cloud. The NuoDB domains have multiple transaction engines and storage managers which can all run on the same platforms. You can add capacity by adding more transaction engines and storage managers. NuoDB is a unique database that allows the possibility of expansion by allowing more servers to be added and in return you don’t have to keep replacing hardware’s. NuoDB has complete availability, security, single database, and can run absolutely anywhere.

Dr Jennifer Walden Receives Positive Feedback From Reviews

As one of the nation’s leading cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Jennifer Walden and her team strive to provide patients with the best care possible. Dr. Jennifer Walden has committed to serving her patients can be seen in the positive feedback she receives from their reviews. The majority of reviews, which numbers well over 600, found on her clinic’s website give the doctor and her team of experts five stars. In these reviews she has been described as meticulous and perceptive. Her patients also describe her as someone who always listens and shows that she cares about how a person feels inside and not just how they look outside.

The positive reviews received from her patients are not the only accolades Dr. Jennifer Walden has obtained in her life. As a graduate of the Medical Branch of the University of Texas she was given the honor of being her class Salutatorian. She was also elected by her peers to be president of the Texas chapter of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honer Medical Society. Another word often seen in the reviews left by Dr. Walden’s patients is professional. Her peers in the medical field have recognized this quality by the numerous awards they have given her on behalf of the work she does. These awards include the Mavis P. Kelsey award for her excellence in medicine and the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial award for achievement and more

The patients Dr. Jennifer Walden has treated have also described her as being courteous and friendly. Dr. Walden has on occasion described herself as a rarity in the field of plastic surgery. As a female plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery, she is one of only perhaps 850 female plastic surgeons in the country. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden understands the connection women have with their bodies, which affects their overall sense of self-esteem.


Whitney Wolfe Ties the Knot

Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to helping people find the right matches. Her dating app has become all the rave in the world of single millenials that don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for the right one.

Whitney Wolfe has a great amount of interest in building a company that caters to a crowd of single people, and the singles are even more excited now that she is married.

As long as she was a single woman with a dating app she was simply part of the audience that she was trying to find matches for. Now that she has crossed over to the other side as a married woman singles are going to feel more inspired. This would be similar to a coach for a basketball team that never actually won a championship. It is possible that people may take interest in what the coach is saying, but they may not wholeheartedly have faith in the direction that the coach is going in. A coach that has a championship ring, however, does not have to worry about proving their abilities. They have already shown that they know what it takes to win.

As someone that just got married recently Whitney Wolfe receives the benefit of a doubt when it comes to dating. She knows, in essence, what it takes to win. Wolfe is the type of person that has been successful in the business world, but she has also managed to change directions from a single woman to a married woman. This is interesting to a lot of women that are trying to make this same transition themselves.

Men are fans of the Bumble app, but women are really the ones that are impressed with the way that this app has evolved. They like the fact that they have the ball in their court and they get the chance to make the first move. They are even enticed with the way that Whitney Wolfe has created an app that she refers to as a feminist app. All of these are things that make people appreciate what the Bumble app stands for.

There are so many companies that are creating dating apps that really have nothing different to offer. As a married woman Whitney Wolfe is going to be able to take her dating app to even new heights because women have faith in her dating strategy.

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