Skout and the Power of Humor

When it comes to laughter and humor, it is all an important aspect to life in general. However, just how much does it affect the way someone sees you and what you do? The online dating application Skout is one of the top service providers when it comes to connecting people from around the world today and the service recently conducted a survey in order to determine the overall power of laughter and how it can impact the visual and user experience. Who knows, this kind of information may help others land a new date they would have never received without the information before hand.

The survey conducted by Skout shows several different important features regarding the service and how humor is involved. First, it shows that 75 percent of people believe they are funny. In terms of the kind of funny, people who would say they have a witty sense of humor are more likely to believe they are funny (over 80 percent). In terms of laughing together, 94 percent of people who took part in the survey said they like to make other people laugh. When it comes to making someone else laugh, those who go out of their way the most to make other people laugh use slapstick comedy.

There are other forms of comedy that can help others laugh, of course. People who like to engage in practical jokes or who say they enjoy bathroom humor are likely to have at least five or more very close friends. However, people who say their form of humor falls in line with sarcastic or self depreciating, they are less likely to have five or more close friends when compared to all of the different humor styles.

Now, clowns were created to make people laugh, but for the most part it is not something that everyone finds funny. 30 percent of all individuals who took part in the survey said they are afraid of clowns. People who use a sarcastic sense of humor said they are more likely to be afraid of clowns than any other form of humor.

There is a misconception that women are going to like a chick flick more than a comedy. In fact, a woman will pick a comedy film over a chick flick more often than not. 26 percent of all women said they prefer a comedy movie, while just 18 percent of women said they prefer a romantic move. On the flip side, 43 percent of men said they would rather see an action/adventure movie while comedy came in a distant second.

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A Step Up From Inmate Phone Calls with Securus

Today I had the joy of hearing about new tablets and video visitation booths that are going to be put into prisons all over the United States. Some people might think this technology will make prisons too comfortable, but I believe it’ll show inmates what they’re missing in the outside world and how they can get back to it. Securus Technologies, the company making the “intelligent communications devices”, says they can provide inmates with college and high school courses, allow a better way for inmates to report guards who abuse their power, and allow long-distance video communication with friends and family. All of those things will create educated and happier inmates who can come out of prison as better people. A lot of prisons tend to be hundreds of miles away from larger cities or even put the inmates states away from their family. Imagine the motivation an inmate feels when he or she can see their child take their first steps or be apart of a relative’s birthday from far away.

This cannot be accomplished through inmate phone calls or emails so this patented technology makes a huge difference in the inmate communication services industry. You can download the app from Google Play here >> If you have any trouble connecting the app to your Securus account, just contact representatives in their stellar customer service department.

These devices will also allow inmates to find jobs after they’re released from prison, allow commissary ordering, show religious activities, and some entertainment as well. Prison is a tough place where often, lifting weights and playing sports are often the only forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, competitiveness can lead to fights and grudges; it’s great that inmates will have access to entertainment that won’t endanger them or their guards. 

Securus says over 150,000 of these devices should be in prisons all over the country by the end of 2016 and I hope inmates will use these to better their lives. People often end up in prison because they’re poor, uneducated, and unskilled; it seems like these devices will make it easier for inmates to overcome those boundaries and finally become productive members of society.

Survey Sponsored By Skout Sheds Insight Into Random Acts Of Kindness

A recent survey conducted by social connection and dating app SKOUT found out some very encouraging news from its user base. The company surveyed more than 2,700 of its users on their feelings on random acts of kindness. They survey also asked whether they themselves had performed any random acts of kindness and how frequently they perform or receive random acts of kindness.

The results of the survey were astonishing and encouraging to say the least. The survey was done by SKOUT in honor of random acts of kindness week which spans from February 15th to February 20th. A surprising result of the survey was that about half of all college students who responded to the survey say they perform a random act of kindness every single day for other people. An overwhelming majority, 93% say that had done a random act of kindness for a total stranger at some point in their life.

The results are somewhat surprising but show that college students do indeed rock random acts of kindness. You would think that students with their busy and hectic lives would not have much time to perform random acts of kindness, but it seems the opposite is true according to the survey.

Ranking at the top of the most meaningful random acts of kindness according to the survey was paying it backwards at a cafe or drive thru. After that it was just letting know a friend that you are happy to have them as a friend and thanking them for it. Number three on the list was giving an unexpected hug to a friend. For full survey results you can check out this article on Uloop.

SKOUT is a an app that lets people connect with each other based primarily on geographic location and to a lesser extent age. The app has a separate section for teenagers and for adults. This is made so that teens are protected and less likely to connect with adults.

The app is available on iPhone operating system, Android and Windows operating system. It is currently used in over 180 countries around the world. SKOUT has steadily become more and more available and accessible and is now offered in over 16 different languages. One of the SKOUT user’s favorite uses of the app is using its geographic locator to find people to connect with when in a foreign city where they do not know anybody.

Skout Becomes Premiere App for Lovers and Friends

There are a wide range of social media apps that are taking up space on the mobile devices of millions of users. It is not uncommon to see the popular apps like Facebook and Twitter on the cell phones of a lot of young adults. Teenagers also big fans of these apps as well. Young adults are always in search of the next best thing though. Skout, as far as many young adults are concerned, is the next best thing. It has become the app that is a great hybrid between building friendships and building relationships. Skout has essentially become the premier app for friends and lovers.

This works well because this was already a site that many people were using to simply build up a profile and meet friends. In the mist of all this Skout also became a great site for people to interact with associates and find jobs Skout hits the very top of the list for the month of February; it becomes a booming app and desktop application that is used for dating.

It’s obvious that people are utilizing this app because it provides a chance to meet someone without actually paying for a premium subscription to other sites like eHarmony. This is also good because it allows people to simply sign up and register for one app. They can mingle with friends and build up new friendships. If they want to take something further into relationship status there is also a possibility to do this. That may be the thing that makes this the most appealing part of the growing fascination with the Skout app.

People that are single do not like to be pressured into dating. That is what many of the premium dating apps that are exclusive for dating will do. When people sign up they are instantly placed in a pool as singles that are interested in dating. There is no room for friendship or establishing any type of space between you and the other single person. This can be bad for people that are not interested in rushing into anything quickly.

Skout has become a lot more convenient because it allows people to simply develop friendships. If it goes further that it is fine, but it is not a requirement of the app. That is another reason that people are finding this to be one of the better social media apps for friendships and dating.

Skout may not be an app that is known to everyone just yet, but it is slowly becoming one of the most interesting apps for the young and middle-aged crowd. There are a lot of adults and teenagers that are using this app because it allows them to meet people around the globe. It has become the app that gives people access to other singles that may not be on the more common apps like Google+, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. That alone is enough for most people to want to consider signing up for online dating.

Skout and Other Popular Social Media Apps

The world of social media apps is changing, and parents need to be aware of the different changes that are taking place. There are a lot of children that are engaging in using social media apps because these applications allow them to communicate with friends. The various apps that are found in the app stores are popular because children can meet new friends without ever leaving their home.

There are some very popular apps that have become staples on the mobile devices for lots of children and teenagers. Whatsapp and Kik Messenger, for example, allow users to text and send photos.

Skout maybe on one of the best apps for people that want to meet new people online. This has become a very popular app over time because it actually allows people to communicate with random strangers. People that download this app can sign up and use the feature called “Shake to Chat.” This allows people to chat with a random person for about 60 seconds before the profile of the person appears. This is a good way to start a random conversation and find out if someone else has the same interests as you. In many ways this concept is like a mobile miniature version of speed dating. A lot of people will be able to find a mate this way, but this is not the only thing that this app is used for. Many people may also use Skout to develop friendships and network contacts for job opportunities.

Skout users have grown in large numbers and the last 2 to 3 years. It has been growing over time because the app has improved and become a lot easier to use. People that utilize the Skout app will be able to play games and earn points for premium features that are available through the app. They will also be able to connect with people locally when a person travels to a new city. It is through these local connections that people can engage in conversation and build new friendships when they are in a new city or state.

Skout is a very user-friendly social app so it is one of the top choices for teens that would like to invest in social media. There are also other sites like Facebook that have become extremely popular for wide spectrum. There are businesses and individuals that utilize this website and app. Many family members use Facebook to keep in touch while some people utilize the social media app to meet new friends.

Mobile devices have made it much easier for children to build friendships with new people online. Parents should stay informed of the various apps that appeal to their children.

Skout Helps Travelers Meet New People

Heading out on a trip to another area of the world can be a difficult thing to do, particularly for those who have decided to travel on their own to a new and exciting area of the world. Not knowing anybody in the area being visited can make or break a journey as the traveler will be left with some difficult choices to make about finding activities and interacting with others. The popular dating and social media app, Skout, has looked to help those traveling around their own country or the world by creating a travel based version of the app that is well known amongst teenagers and young adults.

Skout Travel is a premium service offered by the company to those who are already members of the location based dating app, which has been developed to allow the dedicated traveler to interact with local people and fellow travelers in a safe and secure environment. Like the other Skout apps this version of the dating service offers a global positioning system, GPS, based technology. The idea that many people do not tell the truth on social media and dating apps is well known around the world, but by using GPS location services Skout only links their members with those in the local area.

Skout has grown in popularity with many young people who are looking to enjoy their free time by meeting others. Skout makes it simple to interact with others without the need for face to face interaction as the service allows the individual member to make decisions about how much of their location and profile to reveal. In terms of travel, Skout developers believe it is more important than ever to make contact with local people and fellow travelers who can make recommendations and provide options for those in a region for a vacation. The usual security procedures are in place, such as the basic location of a member being initially revealed before they make their own choice of revealing more of their details after making contact with fellow Skout members.