Jose Henrique Merges with Lowe for Excellent Advertising


The world continues to cheer Jose Henrique Borghi for his outstanding commitment to advertising. Jose was an instrumental writer for training. His career commenced in 1989 where he worked for Standard Ogilvy. He extended his services to FCB and Leo Burnett. His vast experience in media and advertisement earned him a position of VP where he was appointed a president. Jose left Burnett at the end of 2002 and merged with Erh Ray to form an agency called BorghiErh Creative Intelligence. In 2006, the partners merged BorghiErh with Lowe. Jose Borghi was president again.


Under his leadership at Lowe, Jose’s roles included creating great media campaigns for companies like Honda and Rever Conceptos. He controlled daily decision-making processes and guided staff towards excellence. In his career as the sitting president, Jose bagged awards like Archive Editor of the Year in 1999, Clios Awards, April Awards in Advertising and the London Festival Awards. Following his enthusiasm and award for creativity, Jose was appointed the agency’s professional creative director. On the other hand, Erh Ray was awarded for being the leading advertiser of that year.


At the end of 2006, Borghi merged with Lowe for a consolidated agreement that saw massive growth of the ad agency. The next years marked excellent performance in the advertising industry. After the merger, Borghi and Lowe celebrated their achievement from 2008 to 2010. The company won a new pack of clients and brands to work on. Some of the international brands that worked with Lowe and Borghi are Unilever and Johnson & Johnson. This proved the excellence of the agency as it is not easy for brands like Unilever to contract a company or agency.


During the period of its service to Unilever and Johnson &Johnson, Mullen and Lowe consolidated the ten largest companies in Brazil. This saw it earn position fifteen in the ranking of agencies and advertisers. In 2008, Lowe and Borghi’s agency was ranked third. They tripled their revenue in addition to bagging the national and international awards for the best advertising agencies in Brazil.

Real Estate in Brazil is an Ever Changing Business Model

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