Shafik Sachedina: An All-Rounded Individual Changing The Lives Of People

Shafik Sachedina is great dental surgeon with many years of experience in the industry. Shafik attended the prestigious University of London, Dental School and Guy’s Hospital Medical where he attained his educational qualifications. Today, Shafik Sachedina serves as a co-chairman at the renowned Sussex Health Care Company, a firm that is geared towards assisting homes located in Sussex County with ample care and other services.

Interesting to note, Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950. After relocating to England, Shafik Sachedina attained a citizenship and since then, he has played a vital role in the healthcare industry. He also oversees Jamati Institutions departments that was established by the famous Aga Khan. His role at the prestigious institution is to oversee the activities and programs being carried out at the Institute of Ismaili and all over their branches. At the same time, he is also affiliated with the prestigious Aga Khan Development Network program that heads the Central Asia communicates.

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The renowned Institute of Ismaili Studies is locate at the heart of London in England. The company is a research-based company that is geared towards improving Islamic studies to ensure that Muslim people understand their history and culture. At the same time, the studies is geared towards spreading a greater and better understanding of the Muslim faith with other religions and faith. The Muslim people also get to be enlightened on topics that are rarely spoken about such as esoteric islam and Shi’ism.

Shafik Sachedina is a great personality and serves a great role at Sussex Health Care. With his exemplary leadership skills and experience, the firm has recorded a high rate of success despite the high competition in the industry. This has been as a result of his great hard work, dedication, honesty and zeal to see results in the long-run. Shafik Sachedina believes in providing high-quality services to their patients at Sussex Healthcare. Shafik Sachedina is also a businessman whose success is attributed to his exemplary efforts and urge not to give in to challenges. He believes in assisting other people and changing their lives for the better. Shafik Sachedina has a soft spot for helping the needy and less-privileged in the society. This is the case especially for the elderly where he ensures that they receive ample and high-quality dental medical care. Many people are grateful for the great deeds that Shafik Sachedina had done and continues to do!

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Recent Growth and Production of OSI Food Solutions

A company that was founded in 1909, by German immigrant, Otto Kolschowski. The company started as a small meat market, and has been a top food distributor since 1955 when they began supplying meat for McDonald’s franchise, and the business took off on an upward climb. OSI Food Solutions, operates in 17 countries, currently operating more than 65 facilities and maintains over 20,000 employees, with plans of adding a greater number of jobs. The company’s global headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Food Solutions supplies an array of food products for service, as well as retail companies all over the world. This enterprise supplies poultry, beef products, fish, bacon, pizza, hot dogs, breads, cookies, soups, fried foods, and also many vegetable products all over the world. OSI Group has the infrastructure and financial resource to source, develop, produce, and distribute custom orders and solutions to anywhere in the world, all while following a set of structured core values.

OSI recently purchased a TYSON FOODS plant, Flagship Europe, and BAHO Foods, which allowed for growth and development to continue and make a positive impact in production and employment. These expansions saved jobs as well as created jobs all while allowing OSI Food Solutions to broaden the manufacturing network. It allowed for a positive impact by allowing for higher producing production lines, which at one plant alone processed 24,000 tons of chicken per year, which was double the previous amount able to be produced.

This company is among the leaders of business, being listed as America’s 58th largest private company, by Forbes. OSI Food solutions has a wonderful reputation with over 100 years of experience in making and delivering the highest quality of services and products worldwide. This company has made many moves, taken risks, and expanded the business to new levels. Not only has OSI Food Solutions expanded into other countries, it has also won multiple awards including the British Safety Council’s 2016 Globe of Honor.

Customers are very pleased with the quality products that OSI Food Solutions offer, which in turn has created a win-win situation for everyone. The managing directors have reported great increase in demand for production and custom orders. Looking back through the company’s history, they have made a very positive impact in the world.

Adam Milstein – Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties

Adam Milstein is an active real estate investor, philanthropist, and community leader based in the United States. Mr. Milstein is an Israeli native who worked during the Yom Koppur War in the IDF mission in Israel. In 1978, Mr. Milstein graduated from the University of Technion with the highest honors. When he arrived in the United States in 1981, Mr. Milstein did not relent pursuing further education. For this reason, he went to pursue an MBA from the University of South Carolina. This certification gave him the way forward to commence his career in the real estate industry. Mr. Milstein is also one of the managing and founding partners at the Hager Pacific Properties. This is one of the largest privately-held commercial real estate company in the United States.

Mr. Milstein is also the CEO and Co-Founder of the Israeli-American Council based in New York. Mr. Milstein also sits at the boards of many companies and organizations in the United States including the Jewish Founders Network, the Hasbara Fellowship, the Stand With Us Fellowship, the AIPAC National Council, and the Los Angeles-based Birthright Israel. Mr. Milstein, together with his wife, is the CEO and Co-founder of the Pijama Sifriyat America. This is an organization that works to issue free Hebrew books that teach the value to over 15,000 Israeli-Jewish Americans in the United States. To know more about him click here.

Mr. Milstein came into the United States with the aim of pursuing an education. However, he found out that the country was a better home than Israel. For this reason, he developed his career as a real estate manager after pursuing his MBA from the University of South Carolina. Before he graduated from college, many companies came looking for graduates to get job opportunities. However, Mr. Milstein did not take the opportunity because he felt that they did not appreciate his life experiences. For this reason, he went forth to make his ways as an investor. After graduation, Mr. Milstein commenced his career as a real estate commercial broker. After hustling as an investor for three years, he founded the Hager Real Estate Company. This was the beginning of his success.

Paul Mampilly – Founder of Profits Unlimited

When Paul Mampilly was still young, he was always fascinated by the world of investment. Perhaps this is the reason why he worked hard to assimilate better business opportunities for those seeking to advance in their achievements. Paul Mampilly worked hard to possess the character of an investor while he was pursuing his MBA from the University of Fordham. During that time, he worked hard to achieve the highest grades to succeed in his career out of school. Paul Mampilly is now one of the few people who is using their education to access their intended business solutions.

One thing that has always held Paul Mampilly at the top is focusing on avoiding the wrong investment. As an investor, you must always ensure you make the right decision based on the data analysis in your concept. For this reason, you will assimilate better business opportunities to access your achieved business capabilities in a manner that will never fail to accrue your intended solutions. You must also ensure that your decisions are always repeatedly correct so that you nature your business in the correct form. Few of us will achieve this level of prominence if they end up in the correct order.

When Paul Mampilly graduated from college, he went on to hold numerous investment positions. This is perhaps the reason why he ended up activating his accredited license to practice as an investor in the country. Paul Mampilly joined the Banyan Hill Company of investors and worked as their social investment planner. His services were emulated and admired by other companies. When the time came to upgrade his class, Paul Mampilly went to work for the Guru Bank in the United States. his services proved of great value because he possessed the character of a great investor. This is perhaps the reason why he ended up achieving the best for his clients.

Paul Mampilly found his way to the Wall Street where he helped the super-richest people in the world to invest their money in various investment platforms. During that time, he realized that the world would never be a good place if we don’t work to empower the poor people. For this reason, Paul Mampilly resigned from his position to found a company that could give investment advice to the common people. Paul Mampilly is always passionate about helping the common people make money that can sustain their needs in future.

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Adam Milstein on His Habits As an Entrepreneur

Adam Milstein is the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He explained that there are always fluctuations in the real estate industry. Sometimes, supply will be way ahead of the demand, and other times, the demand will be way ahead of the supply. Things are always changing and you have to be ready to deal with the changing things.

When asked what was one habit of his that made him more productive as an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein replied that there are three things that make him more productive. The first is always following up with others to make sure that things are getting done. The next is to be consistent. If you said that you were going to get something done, be consistent and get it done. Also, do not change things for no reason. You need to be persistent too, which is the third thing. Being persistent will result in the things actually getting done.

When asked what was the worst job he had and what he learned from it, Adam Milstein replied that he never had a bad job. He always loves working, he added. In addition, when asked what he would do differently if he had to start all over again, Adam Milstein replied that he thinks he made all the right choices.

When asked what was one thing he did over and over again as an entrepreneur, Adam Milstein replied that you have to understand the issue yourself. You have to be part of the solution by not relying on other people to explain things to you but to actually put yourself in the position and situation to understand. You have to contemplate the issue fully.

Adam Milstein cofounded the Israeli American Council. He is their National Chairman as well, meaning he is the chair of all of their operations that are done nationally. He is on the board of many organizations.

Adam and his wife Gila also founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, an organization that provides books and reading material in Hebrew to Israeli and Jewish families living in the US. He is also a well known activist.

Boraie Development and State Theatre Partners to Bring Free Movies to the Community

Summer is always a time to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. 2016 was no exemption. Thanks to the partnership of Boraie Development, the State Theatre, and the Provident Bank Foundations, the residents of New Brunswick, NJ, do not have to plan on leaving town to enjoy their summer. Thanks to the announcement made through the New Jersey Stage online publications, the community was entertained with six of the best movies series. The good news with this is that the State Theatre aired these movies at no costs.

According to Patch, the list of the movies was out long before the scheduled dates. Frozen aired on July 12, E.T. followed by the Extra-Terrestrial on July 19, then Despicable Me 2 on July 26. August began with Babe on 2 followed by Monsters University on August 9, and lastly Aladdin on August 16. The historic 1921 State Theatre experienced an influx of people on these days. One person who was thrilled to be part of this is Hiam Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Development. According to him, this was one great way for the real estate giant company reaching out to its community.

In addition to the great movie lineups, the 7500 moviegoers will be treated to an unmatched movie experience that starts with the State Theatres HD digital projection systems, a 46’ Stewart film screen and an amazing audio system.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is an urban real estate company founded in 1985 by Omar Boraie. Omar is an Egyptian who came to America in pursuit of education and later found solace in real estate. Despite having no idea of the real estate industry, Mr. Sam Boraie has been able to grow his Boraie Development LLC into one of the largest real estate firms in America with its service ranging from property management, real estate development, and sales and marketing.

Currently, Boraie Development is unchallenged when it comes to developing high-end properties with the real estate giant having a number properties and buildings under its name. Thanks to the leadership of Mr. Omar, Boraie Development has been able to capture the urban market through its urban investment strategy. This strategy involves the acquisition and development of specific growing economic demands of the urban centers. Such properties include student housing, hotels, rental, and residential building just to name a few. Visit to see more.

Boraie Development also believes in giving back to its community. Through some development projects, this company has been able to improve the housing conditions of its neighboring community. You can search him on Yahoo to see more.

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George Soros’ Influence in the American Society

The start of his life

In 1930, George Soros was born to Hungarian parents in Hungary. Having spent most of his early life in the country, he opted to change the location for his undergraduate degree education. Soros went to England to take his degree in Economics. While at England, Soros did not depend on any agency or scholarship to pursue his studies, but he worked tirelessly as a waiter to support his undergraduate education. After completing his education, Soros moved to the United States to start his business. He was a good investor as he had learnt his skills both in Hungary and England before getting to the United States.

The beginning of his entrepreneurial career

After moving to the United States, Soros already had a capital of about $10 million. His prowess in business and the knowledge he had acquired in Economics became his guiding principles in developing his current worth. From his initial capital of $10 million, George Soros has worked to raise his worth to $30 billion as he is currently among the richest people in the world.

The philanthropic work of George Soros

Being a Jew, George Soros knows what it means to be the minority. He was alive during the period that the Nazis were mistreating and killing the Jews who were in Germany. It was during this period that he understood the nature of want and how the poor and the less fortunate feel when they are in need of help. Because of this motivation, George Soros has always ensured that he uses a portion of his wealth to help the people in need. The United States currently major problems with immigration, gender equality, racism and general discrimination. George Soros has spent over $10 billion on the less fortunate especially the immigrants, orphans, people at the rehabilitation centers and several others who are suffering the consequences of discrimination.

George Soros’ principles of philanthropy

Other than supporting specific groups of people and helping them get a good life, Soros has greatly contributed to the quality of education. First, he has supported the less fortunate especially from the African Americans side who may not be in a position to raise their fees. He has equally supported several schools and hospitals especially in the erection of facilities which are beneficial to the community. With all these contributions, George Soros does not just give out money because someone is in need. He neither gives money to organizations nor any groups that have personal interests to be served. Soros has stuck by his principles of giving for the courses in which he believes. He looks at the situations to be sponsored, and he does the right thing according to his will.

Under AuiemoNeto, JHSF becomes international player

Despite significant challenges as a country, Brazil has undergone a major transformation over the last few decades. Once a dilapidated backwater of Latin America, the country is quickly becoming a first-world entity. This is especially true in its major cities, where world-class developments are supplanting the fatherless and slums of old.

One of the key actors in this transformation of the country from third-world dysfunction to a beacon of high-end luxury living is a man named Jose AuriemoNeto. As the son of Fabio Auriemo, one of Brazil’s pioneering real estate developers, he has taken over the family business, JHSF Participacaoes. Having been founded in 1972, the company is one of Brazil’s oldest continually operating real estate development firms, with hundreds of successful projects in its portfolio and dozens of ongoing real estate developments in construction currently.

The company has its principal markets in Salvador, Manaus and Sao Paulo. But it also has major operations in Rio De Janeiro as well as other major cities throughout the country. The company has largely focused on the development of luxury brands. These include some of the country’s most posh shopping centers as well as a large number of luxury condominium developments. In a country known for its sprawling slums, nobody is doing more to overhaul Brazil’s image than JHSF Participacaoes. Having built some of the most sought-after residential properties in the country, JHSF Participacaoes has directly taken on some of the most well-known luxury markets in the world, such as New York City and London, competing for the richest and most discerning customers on the planet.

One example of this philosophy of creating world-class luxury developments is the ParqueCidadeJardim development. After Jose AuriemoNeto spotted a large vacant property, adjacent to a major highway running through Sao Paulo, he immediately recognized it as a premier site for the development of a large-scale luxury condominium, office and shopping development. The size and scope of the project had never been done before in Brazilian history. To know more click here.

Today, ParqueCidadeJardim has almost 100 percent occupancy and is Sao Paulo’s premier luxury shopping destination.

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Children Benefit From Anthony Petrello’s Donations

A unique man, who is foremost accredited for his reservoir of useful insight, Tony Petrello embodies the understanding, and the force, to achieve considered and fruitful endeavors within a principally spur-of-the-moment and untamed trade. In the capacity of his occupation as a Chief Executive Officer and the leader of his foremost firm Nabors Industries, Tony worked actively to complete the demands of a Juris Doctors.

Tony received this important diploma from the renowned and reputable Harvard Law School. Besides this feat, Tony fulfilled his aspirations of finishing a Masters degree with a major in the luminescent field of Mathematics, from the reputable Yale University. Tony’s groundwork corporation, Nabors Industries, is a subsidiary of his original business, Nabors. It is at Nabors Industries that Tony manages his responsibility with the title of Chairman. Tony, in addition to this, is the person in charge of a different undertaking, the Hilcorp Company. At the same time, Tony performs this task at the business known as Stewart & Stevenson.

In addition to succeeding as an Executive in the oil business, Tony Petrello is equally a dear and thoughtful sponsor, famed all over the Houston district. Tony Petrello offered millions of dollars to institutions for helping children in need, as well as to venerated foundations, primarily the Baylor College. These resources make sure that there is support for children that are struggling with neurological conditions.

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Tony Petrello’s extensive donations arise from a caring and compassionate stance, which came into fruition when his daughter was diagnosed as a premature baby. Tony Petrello’s child was diagnosed with a terrible neurological condition, one that explicitly targets premature newborns. Tony’s spouse had originally sought for their daughter to eventually become a proficient dancer, while Tony pictured their newborn becoming an astonishing math whiz. Unfortunately, when they were brought to the realization that their little one was stricken with this appalling medical disease, referred to as periventricular leukomalacia, which in time advanced to cerebral palsy, the Petrello family unit altered their mindset towards protecting their newborn’s quality of life.

Tony focused his sympathy towards newborns with neurological afflictions, and began offerings of assistance in the form of millions of dollars, to hospitals whose care was in particular directed to children’s health. This generosity was planned to facilitate the conquering of neurological disorders. Tony is lauded by many individuals as a valued asset to children.

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Self-Made Man-Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani started his journey to become a self-made billionaire with a food business in the 1980s. This catering business not only had United States Army contracts, but serviced the energy sector. At the University of Washington, Sajwani received his Bachelor of Arts/Science in Economics. He joined GASCO as a contracts manager, but soon left for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Hussain Sajwani saw a need for several hotels to service business moguls coming to Dubai. He built these hotels, and this business soon developed into DAMAC Properties in 2002.


DAMAC Properties is a private residential, leisure, and commercial developmental company based in Dubai. It also invests in real estate projects and has a division for Hussain Sajwani’s food business. The company started with properties just in Dubai, but soon expanded into North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. DAMAC now has holdings in over twenty countries around the world. DAMAC has built over 16,800 homes and 44,000 units.


Hussain Sajwani has worked with the Italian fashion-houses Versace and Fendi to design fabulous apartments. He has also worked with Bugatti and Paramount Hotels and Resorts to create some of the most luxurious properties available today. DAMAC has become synonymous with luxury. Sajwani has even worked with Tiger Woods and President Donald Trump to design golf courses. Trump and Sajwani met in 2005 and wanted to build twin Trump towers in Dubai. The financial market crash prevented this from happening. This did not stop the two from working together later a few years later. The two power houses have designed two golf courses together. Trump International Golf Club at Akoya will open soon in Dubai. The Trump World Golf Club Dubai will be completed in 2018. These spectacular golf courses are a testament to both men’s forward-thinking.


Hussain Sajwani is not only a business man, but also a philanthropist. In 2011, DAMAC opened a hospitality division called “DAMAC Maison”. This division provides bespoke services for guests in 7,957 hotel apartments. Sajwani also gave AED two million to a campaign to help clothe one million deprived children around the world.