George Soros’ Influence in the American Society

The start of his life

In 1930, George Soros was born to Hungarian parents in Hungary. Having spent most of his early life in the country, he opted to change the location for his undergraduate degree education. Soros went to England to take his degree in Economics. While at England, Soros did not depend on any agency or scholarship to pursue his studies, but he worked tirelessly as a waiter to support his undergraduate education. After completing his education, Soros moved to the United States to start his business. He was a good investor as he had learnt his skills both in Hungary and England before getting to the United States.

The beginning of his entrepreneurial career

After moving to the United States, Soros already had a capital of about $10 million. His prowess in business and the knowledge he had acquired in Economics became his guiding principles in developing his current worth. From his initial capital of $10 million, George Soros has worked to raise his worth to $30 billion as he is currently among the richest people in the world.

The philanthropic work of George Soros

Being a Jew, George Soros knows what it means to be the minority. He was alive during the period that the Nazis were mistreating and killing the Jews who were in Germany. It was during this period that he understood the nature of want and how the poor and the less fortunate feel when they are in need of help. Because of this motivation, George Soros has always ensured that he uses a portion of his wealth to help the people in need. The United States currently major problems with immigration, gender equality, racism and general discrimination. George Soros has spent over $10 billion on the less fortunate especially the immigrants, orphans, people at the rehabilitation centers and several others who are suffering the consequences of discrimination.

George Soros’ principles of philanthropy

Other than supporting specific groups of people and helping them get a good life, Soros has greatly contributed to the quality of education. First, he has supported the less fortunate especially from the African Americans side who may not be in a position to raise their fees. He has equally supported several schools and hospitals especially in the erection of facilities which are beneficial to the community. With all these contributions, George Soros does not just give out money because someone is in need. He neither gives money to organizations nor any groups that have personal interests to be served. Soros has stuck by his principles of giving for the courses in which he believes. He looks at the situations to be sponsored, and he does the right thing according to his will.

Under AuiemoNeto, JHSF becomes international player

Despite significant challenges as a country, Brazil has undergone a major transformation over the last few decades. Once a dilapidated backwater of Latin America, the country is quickly becoming a first-world entity. This is especially true in its major cities, where world-class developments are supplanting the fatherless and slums of old.

One of the key actors in this transformation of the country from third-world dysfunction to a beacon of high-end luxury living is a man named Jose AuriemoNeto. As the son of Fabio Auriemo, one of Brazil’s pioneering real estate developers, he has taken over the family business, JHSF Participacaoes. Having been founded in 1972, the company is one of Brazil’s oldest continually operating real estate development firms, with hundreds of successful projects in its portfolio and dozens of ongoing real estate developments in construction currently.

The company has its principal markets in Salvador, Manaus and Sao Paulo. But it also has major operations in Rio De Janeiro as well as other major cities throughout the country. The company has largely focused on the development of luxury brands. These include some of the country’s most posh shopping centers as well as a large number of luxury condominium developments. In a country known for its sprawling slums, nobody is doing more to overhaul Brazil’s image than JHSF Participacaoes. Having built some of the most sought-after residential properties in the country, JHSF Participacaoes has directly taken on some of the most well-known luxury markets in the world, such as New York City and London, competing for the richest and most discerning customers on the planet.

One example of this philosophy of creating world-class luxury developments is the ParqueCidadeJardim development. After Jose AuriemoNeto spotted a large vacant property, adjacent to a major highway running through Sao Paulo, he immediately recognized it as a premier site for the development of a large-scale luxury condominium, office and shopping development. The size and scope of the project had never been done before in Brazilian history. To know more click here.

Today, ParqueCidadeJardim has almost 100 percent occupancy and is Sao Paulo’s premier luxury shopping destination.

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Children Benefit From Anthony Petrello’s Donations

A unique man, who is foremost accredited for his reservoir of useful insight, Tony Petrello embodies the understanding, and the force, to achieve considered and fruitful endeavors within a principally spur-of-the-moment and untamed trade. In the capacity of his occupation as a Chief Executive Officer and the leader of his foremost firm Nabors Industries, Tony worked actively to complete the demands of a Juris Doctors.

Tony received this important diploma from the renowned and reputable Harvard Law School. Besides this feat, Tony fulfilled his aspirations of finishing a Masters degree with a major in the luminescent field of Mathematics, from the reputable Yale University. Tony’s groundwork corporation, Nabors Industries, is a subsidiary of his original business, Nabors. It is at Nabors Industries that Tony manages his responsibility with the title of Chairman. Tony, in addition to this, is the person in charge of a different undertaking, the Hilcorp Company. At the same time, Tony performs this task at the business known as Stewart & Stevenson.

In addition to succeeding as an Executive in the oil business, Tony Petrello is equally a dear and thoughtful sponsor, famed all over the Houston district. Tony Petrello offered millions of dollars to institutions for helping children in need, as well as to venerated foundations, primarily the Baylor College. These resources make sure that there is support for children that are struggling with neurological conditions.

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Tony Petrello’s extensive donations arise from a caring and compassionate stance, which came into fruition when his daughter was diagnosed as a premature baby. Tony Petrello’s child was diagnosed with a terrible neurological condition, one that explicitly targets premature newborns. Tony’s spouse had originally sought for their daughter to eventually become a proficient dancer, while Tony pictured their newborn becoming an astonishing math whiz. Unfortunately, when they were brought to the realization that their little one was stricken with this appalling medical disease, referred to as periventricular leukomalacia, which in time advanced to cerebral palsy, the Petrello family unit altered their mindset towards protecting their newborn’s quality of life.

Tony focused his sympathy towards newborns with neurological afflictions, and began offerings of assistance in the form of millions of dollars, to hospitals whose care was in particular directed to children’s health. This generosity was planned to facilitate the conquering of neurological disorders. Tony is lauded by many individuals as a valued asset to children.

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Self-Made Man-Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani started his journey to become a self-made billionaire with a food business in the 1980s. This catering business not only had United States Army contracts, but serviced the energy sector. At the University of Washington, Sajwani received his Bachelor of Arts/Science in Economics. He joined GASCO as a contracts manager, but soon left for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Hussain Sajwani saw a need for several hotels to service business moguls coming to Dubai. He built these hotels, and this business soon developed into DAMAC Properties in 2002.


DAMAC Properties is a private residential, leisure, and commercial developmental company based in Dubai. It also invests in real estate projects and has a division for Hussain Sajwani’s food business. The company started with properties just in Dubai, but soon expanded into North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. DAMAC now has holdings in over twenty countries around the world. DAMAC has built over 16,800 homes and 44,000 units.


Hussain Sajwani has worked with the Italian fashion-houses Versace and Fendi to design fabulous apartments. He has also worked with Bugatti and Paramount Hotels and Resorts to create some of the most luxurious properties available today. DAMAC has become synonymous with luxury. Sajwani has even worked with Tiger Woods and President Donald Trump to design golf courses. Trump and Sajwani met in 2005 and wanted to build twin Trump towers in Dubai. The financial market crash prevented this from happening. This did not stop the two from working together later a few years later. The two power houses have designed two golf courses together. Trump International Golf Club at Akoya will open soon in Dubai. The Trump World Golf Club Dubai will be completed in 2018. These spectacular golf courses are a testament to both men’s forward-thinking.


Hussain Sajwani is not only a business man, but also a philanthropist. In 2011, DAMAC opened a hospitality division called “DAMAC Maison”. This division provides bespoke services for guests in 7,957 hotel apartments. Sajwani also gave AED two million to a campaign to help clothe one million deprived children around the world.


Don Ressler Is Driven And Focused

Many people live their entire lives without realizing what their primary purposes is. The ability to concentrate on a particular goal provides direction and guidance. It can be difficult to determine what the right path is to when making life decisions. It is rare that a very young person displays this quality. However, Don Ressler understood his place in the world very early in life. Don Ressler became a teenage CEO and began a business career that has spanned decades with international connections.

Don Ressler launched his first start up business as a teenager. It was known as He sold the company to Intermix Media at the age of 19 and became a highly-ranked executive within the company. Intermix had a young COO named Adam Goldenberg. Goldenberg and Ressler quickly became friends. After a few years at the organization the two young businessmen realized that the large media conglomerate was not going to invest in there ideas. Both men had experienced great success with online marketing and wanted to create a new business concept in a different industry.

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Ressler and Goldenberg eventually left Intermix to form their own business enterprise. They held brainstorming sessions with other business executives in order to study trends and formulate an effective business model. JustFab became the first business venture that Don Ressler and Goldenberg would launch together. JustFab introduced a new concept to the online retail business. It is a fashion line that allows customers to browse a website for items at discounted prices. All merchandise is available to freelance shoppers. However, a membership is required to purchase merchandise at the discounted prices. The monthly membership is designed to develop brand loyalty and encourage consumers to remain familiar with the latest options in the fashion line. The website also customizes a fashion profile that makes purchase suggestions based on a buyers selection trends.

Fabletics is a spin-off JustFab. It specializes in athletic wear for women. Goldenberg and Don Ressler teamed with actress and model Kate Hudson to develop the concept. Kate Hudson is the face of the brand. The company grew to be worth 250 million dollars within its first three years of operation. It ships merchandise internationally to areas such as Canada and Europe. There are also several retail store locations being opened around the country. The retail stores are intended to give Fabletics and JustFab members the opportunity to participate in an in-store shopping experience.

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The entrepreneurship accelerator founder Mike Baur

Digital entrepreneurs have unique challenges that they have to overcome to steer their ideas into profitable nosiness. It is not a straight path to navigate these challenges. Mike Baur, having worked in banks for over 20 years saw the opportunity and started the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF).

The factory churns out graduates of an accelerator program for digital entrepreneurs. Founders go there with an idea, it is polished, pursued and studied in detail. By the time the program is over, the founder knows challenges he will face ad how to overcome them increasing the chances of success by folds.

According to Mike, the SSUF is a pot of germination and growth. Apart from coaching, mentoring and office space, the company also uses its connections and networks to seek partners for the young entrepreneurs. They understand that apart from knowledge, funding is also a critical component of startups.

Without essential knowledge and training on the startup garage requirements notably a vision, a unique idea, and truck of learning enthusiasm, successful entrepreneurship will not be achieved.

Mike Baur co-founded SSUF in 2014. He had worked before at Swiss Private Bank AG where he rose from a young analyst to a board member. He believes that with the right attitude and temperament startups can achieve their potential.

The three-month accelerator program is guided by research and experience of the leading mentors at the startup factory. The aim is to plug in the gaps in idea development, vision and goal orientation, valuation and capitalization, leadership and management. These are the critical areas of any startup. If they are lacking, the entrepreneur is likely to fail or take forever achieve significant results.

Industry leading speakers are invited during the accelerator program to share their secrets and experience in startups. The experience is necessary because, in every ten startups, nine of them fail. The few that succeed face challenges too.

Mike Baur is one of the contributors and speakers at the accelerator program. He also does public speaking on an invitation. His experience and industry knowledge notably his background as a banker serves him well especially on the issue of capitalization. He shares a lot about this subject matter in most of his mentorship programs.

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At Swiss StartUp Factory, some entrepreneurs are encouraged to merge ideas, look for partners, and get mentors and so on. It is a place where Mr. Baur believes holds the future of Swiss Startups industry.

Don Ressler And The Passion For What Is Unique

Don Ressler has such a passion for providing something unique to his customers that he takes it to a completely new level. JustFab is known for providing unique pieces of fashion. Don Ressler has even opened up the market for unique active wear. Don Ressler and his wife are crazy about fitness. They also love style. It only makes sense that they would find an opportunity with athletic clothing. This idea started when they looked at athletic clothing and noticed that there was a lack of variety in what is being offered. Therefore, Don Ressler, with the help of his wife, another business partner and Kate Hudson has started Fabletics, a retail fashion line that offers “athleisure” clothing.

Don understands that people like to be unique. This is in fact the only way to stand out and get attention. Don also understands that the safest and easiest way to be unique is to dress unique. Fabletics allows people to dress in ways that they don’t see others dress. Also, they get to feel good about the outfit that they have put together for a good workout. Not only will people wonder where the other person has bought the outfit, they might even try to find the outfit for themselves.

Don Ressler and the other members of the Fabletics leadership are looking at different ways of expanding the company. Among the ways that they are expanding the retailer is by opening up physical locations for people to shop at. This gives people a chance to actually try the products that they are interested in before buying them depending on where they are. One thing that Don Ressler is aiming for is variety. He wants variety in what is being sold so that people will be better able to express themselves. In the end, this is the whole point of fashion, self expression. People wouldn’t feel all that confident if they looked like everyone else. Don offers people the confidence that helps them get through their daily activities.

Being unique is a wonderful thing. When people feel unique, they feel beautiful. Fabletics on  offers people items that will flatter their bodies in ways that no other product can. They are also comfortable to wear.

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Dalrada CEO Brian Bonar Wins Prestigious Award

Entrepreneur and Dalrada CEO Brian Bonar just received a huge honor professional honor. Cambridge Publishing just made him Executive of the Year in Finance.

This is the latest of many professional award received by Bonar. This Who’s Who honor is given out to a male and female of a professional discipline each year. The board recognizes individuals based on their achievements and contributions to the field.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Brian Bonar, who hails from Scotland, has more than 30 years of financial experience. He has worked both domestically and internationally for IBM, Trucept and Dalrada Financial Corporation, just to name a few.

His current position as CEO holds him responsible for a wide array of employee benefits andproducts. Such benefits include healthcare, worker’s compensation, financial management and business management services. Bonar also serves on the board of directors of several companies.

Bonar was born in Scotland. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Strathclyde University in Glasgow. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor and Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

He received an MBA and PhD from Stafford University. His first job out of college was with IBM, with whom he still maintains a professional relationship. He gained valuable years of experience with Greenland Corp., Bezier Systems, AMS, Tradeshow Products and Alliance National Insurance Company.

In 2001, he was awarded the honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick Cardiff.

Bonar currently resided in the San Diego area. He is now a managing partner in the posh Bellamy’s Restaurant in Escondido.

Brian Bonar has developed a reputation as a real go-getter with a drive to succeed. At the Cambridge Publishing award dinner, Bonar told a room of guests that he was very thankful to receive such a prestigious award. “I have worked very hard all of my life to get to this point.”

Bonar is a generous philanthropist and gives generously to area programs that help the homeless and needy.

George Soros, More Than a Business Magnate

George Soros is one richest people in the world, holding the 28th spot on the Bloomberg Billionaires list. As a Hungarian with Jewish heritage on NY Times he was forced to flee the Nazis in the 1940’s. From there he moved to America and began a life of investment and clever business moves.

Now worth over $20 Billion, George Soros has created his massive wealth through smart brokerage deals and banking investments. His early career involved working for various stock brokerage firms in New York City, where he made a name for himself with successful investments in selective stocks.

By the late 1970’s George Soros had began his own hedge fund which created millions of dollars in profits on through buying and selling shares of other companies on the stock market. His hedge fund was called the Soros Fund, and is still operating under it’s new name; the Quantum Fund Endowment.

George Soros is more than a wildly successful business man however, he’s deeply involved in charity and philanthropy. While he was younger, George was known to studied Karl Popper, a philosopher who influenced his philanthropic views for years to come. Karl Popper was known to espouse tenants of progressive, open societies where goodwill and charity are valued ways to empower the struggling classes.

Through philanthropic efforts, George Soros has managed to provide relief for people across the world who have struggled with natural disasters, poverty and under-funded governments. The majority of this philanthropic work is accomplished through Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation operates with nearly a billion dollar budget every year, through Soros’ personal donations and campaigning. The foundation is focused on providing relief for impoverished people in over 37 countries. It is dedicated to ensuring accountability in governance and demanding justice through legal action where government is seen to fail it’s people through court, law enforcement and policy based injustices.

There are three other areas that George Soros has focused on through his philanthropic works. These are education and healthcare. The Open Society Foundation has built schools in Western and Southern Africa, paid for educational resources in third world countries, as well as contributed to educational systems otherwise lacking funding in the United States. Soros even donated millions of dollars to the Russian University network which was on the brink of financial collapse before he stepped in. Through health care initiatives Soros has helped many suffering from HIV, Aids, and Tuberculous.

Soros is also known for his contributions to the media. He has personally donated over $2 million to the National Public Radio service (NPR,) which provides free informational and reliable news to millions of people.

George Soros is still active in his philanthropic foundations, and has authored a dozen books. Many of his books focus on public policy, war, and the economy. He is an admired figure in both business and charity. He’s improved life many people through charitable donations in education and healthcare, while building a business legacy that will surely continue to grow for many decades to come.