Chainsmokers Are Easily Relatable With Their Songs and Hits.

The Chainsmokers know how difficult it can be to stay on top when there is so many artists out there that can knock you down however they have remained at the top. Staying on top of the charts is a difficult task when there is so many talented artists vying for the top position. Staying there for 2 years is an even bigger task however the duo have been able to do it.

In the last couple of years, the duo have been faced with releasing new music almost monthly however this last single has taken the duo 8 months to release. Why has it taken them so long? While in NYC for a special event being sponsored by American Express and Hilton Hotels, the duo talks about why it took them this long.

Even though the duo hadn’t released anything lately, they still remained high enough on the charts to be considered one of the most popular bands around. In the beginning, the pair hat every month. When it came to “Sick Boy”, the latest of their newest singles to be released in 2018, they went to an area that they had never ventured into before. The duo ended up sliding into a deeper, darker side of music.

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The pair spoke about how their fans and followers have helped them to write their songs and to choose the songs they do perform. For the pair, they feel like performing a song that someone can relate to is more important that performing a song that no one will take home and remember the next day.

There is plenty more for the pair of men to see and do and as they go on about and doing their thing, they tend to keep their fans and followers close by. They will choose to continue writing about the things that they know and the things they experienced in order to allow those listening to be able to relate to the songs they have come up with. This is what has helped the Chainsmokers turn into a top selling, top performing artist in the world.


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