Meet Avi Weisfogel: An Accomplished Dentist Taking the Sleep Apnea Field by Storm

Avi Weisfogel has cemented his status as one of the leading medical practitioners in the field of Sleep Apnea and Dental care. His extensive research and in-depth knowledge have played an integral role in the identification of several remedies for various disorders experienced by patients.

Avi Weisfogel Sleep Apnea

Dr. Weisfogel has dedicated a considerable amount of time and resources obtaining long-lasting treatment to sleep disorders. New research has revealed a worrying correlation between sleep apnea and lifestyle diseases such as stroke, hypertension and diabetes. Such a study has necessitated the need for Weisfogel and his highly-skilled medical team to embark on a medical expedition to diagnose such conditions. According to recent health statistics, approximately 90% of individuals suffer from sleep apnea and are yet to receive a diagnosis. To address the predicament, Weisfogel and his team have developed a therapy model for use by both primary and secondary health physicians.

The model serves as an avenue that facilitates consultative discussions among physicians. Such an interaction is essential for the provision of high-quality treatment for patients as well as advancing medical research. The medical team has also enlisted the expertise of dentists to offer insight into possible remedies for sleep apnea. Their collaboration comes in handy since a majority of their future services might involve the treatment of sleep apnea.

Weisfogel GoFundMe

Avi has partnered with Operation Smile to launch the GoFundMe campaign to promote dental care and oral hygiene in children. The drive aims at raising funds for the provision of cost-free surgical remedy to youngsters. Additionally, the revenue is also set to cover the medical expenses of patients suffering from deformities such as cleft lip and palate. The Campaign acts a beacon of hope to young patients irrespective of the health challenges experienced in their lives. Avi has also hailed his passions and background as major determinants of his decision to collaborate with Operation Smile.

Weisfogel Ideamensch

The prominent doctor recently provided an in-depth insight into his career in an ideamensch interview. According to him, noting down important ideas is a crucial step in bringing them to life. Penned ideas can be analyzed and visualized into the right context before implementation is carried out.