Philanthropist Betsy DeVos

Elizabeth DeVos, or Betsy as she is known by, is and has been a great leader in her field of work. Offering her services in many areas such as business, politics, and education, Betsy has worked her way through obstacles to fight for her community and people in general. Being a proud philanthropist, Betsy has devoted her precious time and money to give others the opportunity to succeed. This, in turn, has made her an obvious people pleaser and beloved wherever she sets foot. With that said, let’s take a look at the background of Elizabeth “Betsey” DeVos to see what influences she had that turned her into a devoted Philanthropist.

Family Background:

Born in Holland, Michigan into a Christian household, the kind-hearted values that you find in Betsey today were ingrained in her at a very early age. Growing up as a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America, she was taught morals and values that have helped her become and advocate for many people of many situations. It is easy to why she is so generous, having been brought up under such devout lessons. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Later on in her life, her husband would become yet another positive influence for her. Betsey and her husband Richard DeVos Jr., a billionaire and former Republican nominee for governor of Michigan, together formed the perfect team. The two have garnered many accomplishments and successes, quickly becoming one of the wealthiest, yet, most humble families in the United States. Along with this success, also came their philanthropy work. Between the two of them, they have blessed many people with organizations such as, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, as well as many other charitable donations.

More Philanthropy and Work History:

As the current United States Secretary of Education, it is made clear how much hard work and effort was put in by Betsey to achieve that title. Having graduated from a Christian high school and Calvin College, where she earned a degree, Betsey learned what it takes to be a successful businesswoman and generous philanthropist. So much so, that her list of great work is quite extensive.

From the Prince Foundation and the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to working as a chairperson for the Acton Institute, Betsey Devos continues to provide many people with hope and opportunity. What helped her land her role as secratery of education was her long list of educational based philanthropy work. From voicing her stance on school choice, to establishing school voucherstarts, working in the Detroit charter school system and grading system, as well ass providing other scholarships and rewards, it is needless to say but, Betsey cares about the future leaders of the United States.

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Generosity comes easy:

For Betsy, it does not hurt her to give back like it might to others. She was brought up a giver, a trait that few people in this world have and, have a hard time developing. Having donated to millions of people, it safe to assume that Betsy has earned the right to brag and boast about it, yet she chooses to stay humble and work to make a change in the world. Through her philanthropy and kind heart, Betsey is an inspiration and a role model to many.

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