Class Dojo innovativeness in the education sector

Class Dojo is a class communication app that connects students, teachers, and parents. It creates a common platform where the school community meets to communicate their views and socialize in different ways. This platform was launched some years back by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don in the United States with an aim to achieve a significant number of objectives. Today, the platform has been used by a large number of students and teachers in the United States and has been able to make a significant number of achievements.

After some time of operation, Class Dojo released an app for an Android operating system. It started offering the platform in some languages to make sure that it becomes helpful to a larger number of people especially the students who study other languages and the parents who would understand their native; language better in the platform. The teachers creates accounts on the website and then forms a class in the in the platform where they invite the parents.

In Class Dojo platform, a lot of necessary information is posted on the website for parents, students, and the teachers. They post information such as the changes in the school’s program, students’ performances, announcements such as school functions and many more.

It also added a messaging app on its site make sure that there is sufficient connection between the teachers and the parents directly or as a group. This has enabled to improve the student behaviors through careful guidance. It has created clear communication between the parents and the teachers, and the parents can keep updated about the school and their children’s performances to do the necessary duties as a parent.

Class Dojo also went ahead and a platform where the students share their stories and their experiences among themselves and their parents. It also went ahead and partnered with Stanford University for a project for education Research to release series of educational videos discussing the growth mindset.

Today, Class Dojo has managed to make a significant number of achievements for example releasing a video series in partnership with Harvard Graduate School of education which was about empathy. The platform is expected to grow significantly over the coming years due to the innovativeness of its staffs.