Brian Bonar Tells French To Buy ETFs Now

Brian Bonar is the CEO at Trucept which is a professional employer organization where he uses his expertise and leadership experience to help client companies outsource various responsibilities to his company. Things like employee benefits, recruiting and hiring, and worker’s compensation are all expertly handled by the PEO.

He recently gave the French Tribune his advice about it being the ideal time for investors to go with ETFs (exchange traded funds) now that the presidential election is over in France.

Brian Bonar sees the upcoming European political events as even more reason to stay with the European exchange-traded funds rather than looking away just because the country’s presidential election has completed. The legislative elections in France are still nearing, and things like the national elections in Germany will give ample room for continued growth in the European economy for investors to profit nicely off of ETFs according to him.

There are many positives to be taken from the fairly easy defeat of Marine Le Pen by Emmanuel Macron. It is seen as a good sign for the European economy which should now remain quite stable given the results and the outlook for Macron. According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is seen as more economically stable which is a good thing for the markets. Despite the stable economy, Brian Bonar advises that the Euro has not reached the current strength of the US Dollar, and this means that the cost of buying is relatively cheaper by comparison.

This opportunity to buy low will likely not last for too long, and so investors who are looking for the bargains need to get in now before it is too late. The outcome of that investment will depend on how the markets react to the future elections across Europe, and if they rise then this will mean nice profits for anyone who was able to get in now.

Another thing to pay attention to is who Emmanuel Macron chooses as his prime minister. If he can get someone who is tolerable by both political parties, and can then achieve a welcome balance among the varied interests then this can mean good things ahead for the markets.

Le Pen held stronger views against immigration and was more centrist in perspective which was a problem for many French voters according to the French Tribune. On the other side, Macron is left-leaning and this may not be ideal for voters who simply could have chosen the lesser of two evils.

In any case, European ETFs have quite a bit less risk than when investing in stocks directly, and investors will have to wait and see what happens with the markets. In the meantime, they should get into ETFs where possible to be ready for the possible, perhaps even probable, gains.