What Makes Fabletics Different From Other Activewear Companies

The online fashion industry is dominated by Amazon who controls 20% of the market. One of the companies that has been most successful competing against Amazon is Fabletics. Fabletics is a company which is focused on women’s activewear. They use a subscription model where members pay a monthly fee in order to receive a monthly box of clothing plus other benefits.

Over the last few years Fabletics has expanded by opening physical stores in cities across America. One thing that most physical retailers hate is what’s called “showrooming”; customers browse the physical store but then buy the product online instead. Due to Fabletics starting out as a strictly online store they encourage what they call “reverse showrooming”. People can browse their clothes online and then buy it in a local store for the same price.

When first joining Fabletics the company encourages them to take an online questionnaire called the Lifestyle Quiz. Taking this quiz helps Fabletics know about them such as their size and what types of fashion appeals to them. By taking the Lifestyle Quiz the new member will receive a box of clothing each month that is their size and something that they will enjoy wearing.

As a technology company as well as a fashion company, Fabletics makes extensive use of metrics to keep track of sales and other data. One way they use this data is by deeply examining what sells in each local market they have a physical store in. By doing this they know what the local trends are and what fashion is popular in that particular market. The SVP of Operations, Dustin Netral, has said that Fabletics combines global fashion trends with what is popular on a local level.

Fabletics was launched in a partnership between TechStyle Group and Kate Hudson. The leadership of TechStyle Group chose her to lead the brand because she is well liked and also known for being athletic. They also cited that she is approachable for women. She is deeply involved in running the company, doing everything from picking new fashions the company will sell to doing data analysis and keeping track of sales.

Under Kate Hudson’s leadership Fabletics has been very successful. They now have about 1.2 million members. In 2016 the company experienced 644% growth as well. The company has also branched out and is now offering a new line of clothing through a partnership they formed with the pop singer Demi Lovato.

Fabletics: Fantastic!

Kate Hudson’s collection has really taken off, and her performance wear is, without a doubt, one of the hugest hits in the current fashion market. This line provides the gear you need to get that heart rate up, but does not sacrifice fashion to performance. Women from every walk of life seem to be adopting the sporty gal look, and with great success. This past April, a range of Fabletics swimsuits and a line of athleisure dresses were released to enthusiastic, positive acclaim. Like most women, Ms. Hudson is a huge fan of looking good while being comfortable, and the runaway success of her athleisure wear is proof positive that Hudson knows her audience.

A favorite feature of the Fabletics swimwear line is the bikini top that doubles as a sports bra. How has no one thought of this before? Athletic women everywhere are appreciating the increased comfort and support during their beach volleyball, jogging and oceanside yoga. And the built-in bras create a very attractive line, even if the extent of your activity is ordering another poolside pina colada. The swimsuits are crafted with the same performance standards as the Fabletics athletic line and provide confidence during all beach activities while also bringing a high level of comfort, fashion, and femininity.

How many times have you not wanted to change out of your leggings for a night on the town? Fabletics feels your pain, and has the perfect solution– athleisure dresses. Made to look great while being active, this line has the added benefit of comfort, comfort, comfort. No longer do you have to choose being looking great and feeling comfy! The Tropez dress even has a built in bra. Genius! These dresses are designed for comfort; you probably won’t want to undertake serious circuit training in them, but you will want to add them into your wardrobe rotation.

Fabletics is really all about helping women to feel comfortable while maintaining a sense of fashion on Twitter. Kate Hudson walks the talk and continuously adds to her line to meet the many needs of her customers. Who doesn’t appreciate a cute bathing suit with added chest support and a more athletic cut that allows you to get your active beach groove on? And the option of looking great while not suffering from uncomfortable dress cuts and stiff material will add to the fun of any girls night out!

How Does Fabletics Lead The Athleisure Fashion Trend?

The fashion trend known as athleisure is something that a lot of people might not be familiar with, but it is something that they are likely using every day when they dress casually. Casual clothes and gym clothes have become something that people would see on the runways of the world, and that is why women are able to wear these clothes every day. Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson to make sure that all women had clothes that were going to work for them, and it is primarily because Kate Hudson does not waste time with her clothes.

Someone who is trying to make the most of their clothing can check out the Marie Claire feature, and then they can learn what it is like to pick out clothes that are so basic and functional. The clothes from Fabletics all fit together, and they can be used in any scenario that a woman wants. Kate Hudson does this every day, and she does not want women to be wasting their own time when they could just carry around a few pieces from Fabletics. They can get the right pieces at the right times, and then they will not have to think for even a second about to get dressed.

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There are many women who will be able to get dressed in seconds before they leave the house when they are running late, and these same women will be able to carry extra pieces with them when they leave the house. There are many people who are going to try Fabletics because it is so easy to use, and then they can bring a casual pair of shoes that goes with their casual clothes. It is just like what the runways have today, and it makes women feel fashionable and beautiful.

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How Is JustFab Representing Plus Size Women?

JustFab is now representing plus size women with a clothing line that is now part of their regular catalog. Plus size women have been in need of something that was going to help them look great, and they just learned about it in The Curvy Fashionista. There are some things that women are trying to find that are going to look just like the clothes they saw on the runway or in magazines, and now they can get that at JustFab.

Something that women are looking for is a good way to dress that is going to be easy every day. JustFab has a really big catalog that women are going to love to look through, and it makes it a lot more fun for people to shop because they are going to see a lot of things that they are going to love to buy. There are no token designs here, and there is nothing that a woman will not love. Every lady who wants to look lovely is going to find something great, and she is going to be able to buy something new every time she shops. A woman who wants to love her curves can finally do that with the clothes she finds in this huge catalog.
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JustFab has also made sure that their company is going to bring in all the plus size women who hate shopping. They have a really nice catalog that is easy to read, and there are even more people who are going to be in a position to shop because it is all online. Shopping online is going to be easy for the woman who has no time, and there is no more time spent in the store looking for the one thing that might be decent.
Everything from JustFab looks great, and women will love the fact that the catalog has so much to choose from. Shopping is not easy at JustFab because the selection is so good. The representation is very high, and it is important that all plus size check out JustFab knowing they will be happy.

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