Fighting Cancer with Clay Siegall

When talking about cancer and the effects technology has towards its cure, there is one person you would not fail to pay tribute to, and that is Clay Siegall. Clay is the CEO of Seattle Genetics, a company that is at the forefront of cancer treatment and also the official blogger to his WordPress page. Mr. Clay is very passionate about the use of technology and seeks to educate his readers on the impacts of technology when it comes to cancer treatment and other forms of treatment.

With the fast spread of cancer, at least there is hope through Seattle Genetics. Thanks to the leadership of Mr. Clay Siegall, there is hope that the integration of modern day technology and cancer therapy is effective. This can be confirmed by the tripling effect of the company’s stock prices.

Mr. Clay’s role in the fight against cancer has also been through research. After earning a Ph.D degree in Genetics from Washington University, Clay has been actively involved in research works. His first work was with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Here, Clay worked as the senior researcher. Thanks to his diligence and commitment to his work, he was able to quickly and effortlessly rise the ranks to become the Chief Researcher at the institute. He later advanced his career and joined the National Cancer Institute where he worked as a Staff and Biotechnology Fellow.

In 1998, after working and gaining a lot of experience in his field Clay decided to co-establish his own company, Seattle Genetics. Since its formation, Clay, through his company, has been able to accomplish a lot in the field of cancer. This has made him earn lots of global awards and recognition and establish his business as one to rely on when it comes to cancer therapy. Currently, Clay Siegall is retired and is actively involved in running the operations of his company.

In as much as cancer continues to drive fear down people’s spine, at least there is hope to those suffering from this chronic disease as evidenced through Clay and his company Seattle Genetics.