A Closer Look At Laidlaw & Company

Finances and investments are very tricky areas according to an article posted on the wallsteetjournal website that have seen some people and companies go bankrupt. While deciding where to invest your money or seek financial advice it is better to get the best financial consultants in the industry.

Laidlaw & company is an investment firm which is incorporated and licensed in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in offering customized services in the financial sector. The company has been around for a very long time and traces its roots to the late 19th century when it commenced its financial operations. It’s hard to argue with a company with so much rich history, having worked with some of the best minds in history. Its rich history and diverse financial transactions has made it into one of the best boutique investments firms in the world. Laidlaw has investments in various sectors of the economy ranging from the energy sector to the capital markets. In 2004 it expanded its frontiers into the American market; and opened more offices in Florida, Texas and California. It recently added two dedicated managers to its United Kingdom branch. The hiring of Richard Michalski and Bryan Kobel will see the firm expand its operational capabilities in UK and Europe. Its expansion in other sectors of the economy is a clear manifestation of the company’s expansion capability and profitability.

Laidlaw has acquired and merged with several companies starting in the late 1950s making it one of the biggest boutique investment firms in the world. It has an experienced management team led by its CEO Matthew D. Eitner that has seen the firm reach new heights. Experience comes with exceptional and rewarding opportunities to customers and partners. It believes in good business practice methods and encourages transparency with its partners and clients. Laidlaw& Company is a close knight investment firm where every employees opinion matters and is not dismissed at face level.