Securus Technologies: A New Way Correctional Facilities Can Keep an Eye on Inmates

I was not sure if things would ever improve in the criminal justice system regarding communication. I understand that correctional officers need to make sure that the inmates do not try to communicate something incriminating while talking to a visitor. But a good communication system with family members is great for an inmate; it helps them stay connected to the outside world.
But the truth is that there is still a problem that needs to be dealt with, and it has to be done delicately. Thankfully, there is a company trying to remedy the situation, and I was happy to hear that it is Securus Technologies. These guys are the leading providers of technologies to both the civil and criminal justice systems. They offer effective solutions that are meant to improve public safety, investigations, and monitoring. And these are just some of the areas that I know of.

So, it goes without saying, that I was very exited to see the kind of technology they were planning on providing to correctional facilities. Securus Technologies was delivering a tool that was based on some of the most advanced platforms, like Silverlight.

The tool is called THREAD 3.1, and it uses Big Data technology to analyze conversations between inmates and whomever they are talking to. According to PR Newswire, it helps detect possible threads or issues and warns the correctional officer monitoring the system. The system is definitely complicated as it uses quite a number of algorithms, but the usability rating is very high. Securus Technology wanted to make sure that correctional officers did not have trouble adopting to the new tool.

It seems that inmates and their families also get a pretty good deal, too. This allows inmates to talk to their families using tools like video calls. This means that families will no longer have to be burdened with the task of making a long trip to see their loved ones. Inmates also get access to emails, which means that family members can send greetings or special moments online. I feel like this is a good thing for both inmates and correctional facility officers.

Securus Technologies is promising to increase the Big Data capabilities as time goes on as well as internet access. At the moment, the internet access is relatively limited, but baby steps are better than no steps at all. I think that this news is going to get everyone involved excited.

Watch the YouTube campaign here:

Bold Choices Payoff For Lime Crime

The cosmetics industry has generally been run by the same small group of companies and with the same limited rules for decades, but the industry is now facing changes as a new breed of companies enters the market headed by the Lime Crime brand. Unlike the traditional producers of cosmetics the color palette and marketing options for Lime Crime have taken the brand on an upward trajectory that has been highlighted by the success of founder Doe Deere.

The Lime Crime brand was formed by Doe Deere soon after she left her studies in New York, which gave the Russian immigrant the chance to learn as much as possible about the fashion industry; Lime Crime has not always specialized in cosmetics, but began life as a clothing line sold via an Online marketplace. Doe Deere has always maintained her own individual style that breaks many of the traditional rules of fashion and expresses her own individual sense of style. During the early days of Lime Crime Deere began creating her own cosmetics when she found those already on the market did not reflect the style she was looking to create for her brand.

Success has come quickly for Lime Crime, but the rise of the brand can be put down to the innovative approach to marketing that sees the loyal followers of the company create their own advertising via Social Media platforms. The company provides a number of blogs and tutorials on the latest products, but also gives fans the chance to enjoy the thoughts and advice of founder and CEO Doe Deere about many different aspects of life. Those who follow Lime Crime Online through stores like Amazon, often post their own uses of the bold makeup colors created by the brand, which are then posted again by the marketing team at the company to show how everybody can benefit by using the cosmetics created by this producer of cruelty free products.  Follow them online on Facebook, or via their Instagram feed @limecrimemakeup.

Eucatex is Successful and Environmentally Conscious Company

Eucatex is a company that began its business by selling ceiling tiles and panels made from eucalyptus. It was originally founded on Novemeber 23, 1951 in Brazil. Since the founding of the company, they have expanded their products and now also offer paints and varnishes as well as doors. They began investing in land and reforestation. This helped to ensure their self-sustainability. They currently have over two thousand employees. They also own four factories and export to 37 different countries.

Eucatex is a very environmentally conscious company. They extend a lot of effort to make sure that their carbon footprint is as small as possible. They have a lot of systems in place to ensure that they are doing the most they can to be aware of their environmental impact. They educate the public about the importance of properly handling forests. They also recycle all of their excess wood products by using them for fuel. This is more environmentally friendly because not only are they not wasting any wood but the energy that they create is more environmentally friendly than many fuels.

Flavio Maluf is the current CEO of Eucatex. He first took on this position on April 29, 2005. His father currently owns the company. His bio suggests that Flavio received a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado. In addition to this he also studied business administration at New York University. Flavio also is the current president of the GrandFood Group.

Flavio has worked for the company for over thirty years. In addition to his mechanical engineering degree and experience working for the company, he is also a lawyer and a very successful entrepreneur. Flavio Maluf has achieved a great deal of success, and provides advice for financial professionals throughout the nation. All of his prior experience and education makes him the perfect president for Eucatex. It is easy to see why the company is thriving so much. His leadership skills and knowledge should be able to take the company a long way.

A New Link Between Ski Resorts Is Planned By Andy Wirth


In 2011, the owners of the iconic Squaw Valley Ski Resort purchased the nearby Alpine Meadows Resort and immediately talk of a gondola link surfaced about the small area between the two Lake Tahoe favorites. Powder Magazine is now reporting Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth has come to an agreement with the owner of the ridge that separates the two resorts over beginning construction should permission be granted by all concerned. The only stumbling blocks to be overcome are gaining permissions from Placer County and the U.S. Forestry Service that owns land the gondola will cross.

Andy Wirth has been an active member of the local community since arriving at Squaw Valley in 2010 as the CEO; Wirth oversaw the purchase of Alpine Meadows and is nows the main driving force behind a planned redevelopment of Squaw Valley village. The work of Andy Wirth to improve the Squaw Valley Resort and the local area as a whole has included him acting as chairman of the development board for a local airport.

The active lifestyle enjoyed by many of those who live in or visit the Lake Tahoe region is also enjoyed by Andy Wirth. The ski resort management expert has returned to his role after suffering a life threatening injury during a skydiving expedition and appear to have an increased gusto for life. Amongst the areas of improvement Andy Wirth has identified has been the base village at Squaw Valley, which he hopes to add a natural area for outdoor activities to by returning asphalt parking lots back to their original state.

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows will be joined by the gondola plan in permission is granted by Placer County as a three stage construction process. The aim of the gondola scheme is to lower the amount of time spent by visitors to the resort traveling between the two locations. Currently, those who wish to visit either resort must travel by car, but the gondola will make movement easier and completed in a shorter time between the two Squaw Valley Holdings owned locations.