Lawsuit brought against the former Hawks insurers

Basketball has a large following in the country and some of the best teams include Atlanta Hawks. In the past few years however, there have been a lot going on about the corporate side of the team management that it has threatened to outdo their performance in the field. The team had been acquired by the Forbes multi-billionaire, Bruce Levenson in 2011, but he decided to resell it in 2015 after his investment team advised him that it was the right time for a sale. The company is now at the center of a lawsuit over issues that seem to have happened at some point during the changeover.

A lawsuit has been filed against their former insurer. The plaintiff claims that the company had not explained explicitly in their policy document about the cover that they would give in case of employment malpractices. The malpractices they are suing against include wrongful termination of employment, discrimination at the work place and others. The complainant claims that the issues were not amply covered and wants the company to address the issue again.

The new team that is heading the management of the Hawks team said that they know a lawsuit is taking place, but they did not want to take part in any of the proceedings. They refused to give any comment about the nature of the proceedings. The former manager of the team, Bruce Levenson has been attached to the suit.

Bruce Levenson

Many people in the business and investment circles know Bruce because he is a very sharp investor. The sale of the hawks company brought him close to a billion dollars and this is his model of investment. He still maintains the first company that he co-founded with a friend, the UCG and it is now worth billions. He is a true inspiration in business circles.