George Soros Funds PAC to Turn Out Latino Vote


George Soros is well-known for his political activism. In prior election cycles, he pledged tremendous sums in support of progressive politicians. Recently, Soros let it be known he and other donors are directing funds to help increase the turnout of Latino voters during the presidential election of 2016. The New York Times reveals $15 million is being dedicate (so far) to the cause.

Currently, Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the Republican primary. Trump’s poll numbers with Hispanic voters are very low. Mitt Romney was able to receive 27% of the Hispanic vote in the 2012 election. Trump probably would not come close to those numbers.

George Soros sees increasing the Hispanic vote as a way of defeating Trump if the real estate mogul becomes the GOP nominee. George Soros and Trump are no strangers to each other. Soros, however, feels Trump would be very bad for the country. This is why he is committed to defeating Trump in the election. George Soros was very heavily involved in the John Kerry campaign of 2004, but George Bush was able to win re-election.

The focus of the “get out the vote” campaign will be in the states of Florida, Nevada, and Colorado. These are three states with very large Latino and immigrant populations.

The presidential race is not the only aspect of the 2016 election that could be seriously affected. The control of the senate could possible change to the Democrats. The Democratic Party has fewer seats to defend, and the Republican Party does have a number of seats in very competitive races.

Soros, along with a group of other donors, are forming the “Immigrant Voters Win PAC” with the intention of driving 400,000 people to the voting booth in November. Soros will be donating $5 million of his personal funds to the PAC.

George Soros has earned billions of dollars managing a successful hedge fund. Those who are aware of his biography know he was also very successful as a currency trader. Throughout his life, Soros has been committed to political and philanthropic causes through his Open Society Foundations. Soros activity was limited in past election cycles, but he seems to be gearing up for 2016 with renewed enthusiasm.

Interestingly, the PAC will be facing competition from an entity being funded by the Koch brothers, Charles and David. The two are putting $10 million towards driving out right-leaning Latino voters.