A Company With Class

Public safety is on the top of the list of priorities for many companies in the US. The best company that deals with public safety is Securus Technologies. With a client base located in the US, they are in constant demand for their knowledge and abilities. Their work is known all around the globe too.


The company has received a variety of written emails and letters thanking them for what they do. Securus Technologies published this correspondence for the public to see.


Another way that they wanted to show the public what their work is all about was to have them visit their location in TX. While the people visited, they were taken on a tour, received a presentation, and they could ask any questions that they might have had. Answers were given out freely by the company’s staff members, and the people appreciate the entire event.


The company sees the future as a mission to accomplish. They want to continue their lead in the public safety field, and they do so on a regular basis. Every week, they create new and innovative ways to make people safer in all types of situations. Their company believes in the justice system, and they are experts at inducing it. People will hear more and more about Securus Technologies in the future.


BBB Accredited Securus Technologies Is a Great Option For Communicating

There are many ways for people to connect with one another in today’s highly advanced world of technology. Unfortunately, a great percentage of people are not necessarily taking advantage of everything there is to offer in the world of technology. It is a fast paced society of advancements in technology.


Securus Technologies has brought innovation to homes and correctional facilities simultaneously. Although that may sound like a dangerous mix, it is actually done for the benefits of both parties. Meaning, one can now participate in visitation sessions of their loved one who may be in jail from the comfort of their very own home through the means of video conferencing. If you are not sure about whether there are options of connecting with you friend, family member, or co-worker through video conferencing while they are currently in jail, then please do not hesitate to search for the listings on the company’s website. If the correctional facility is on the list, then you will be able to chat with your friend, family member, or co-worker through Securus Technologies. If the correctional facility is not on the list, then you may still be able to participate in a video session with them as long as you are able to gain approval from the jail.


A company that has attained BBB accreditation is certainly one that can be relied upon, and Securus Technologies is one of them. They have receive positive feedback through ratings and reviews, thus, making them a viable option of communicating for anyone who wants to keep in touch with their significant other, family member, or friend. Visitation through the means of physical presence at a correctional facility can be inconvenient for some people. Video conferencing is much more convenient and fun at the same time. Sign up for an account today!


Securus Technologies, Inc. Gets Accredited by BBB

BBB determines that Securus Technologies, Inc. has met its accreditation standards. These include a pledge to make a good effort to resolve consumer complaints. Accredited businesses under BBB pay a certification fee for monitoring and review. The same fee also serves to support BBB services to the people.


BBB accreditation means that the business services or products have not been endorsed or evaluated by BBB. This means that BBB does not determine that the products are of quality value or performance service competency.


In 2014, Securus Technologies was contacted by BBB to request it to eliminate the underlying reasons for a consumer complaint pattern. Moreover, BBB received numerous complaints that alleged that Securus failed to provide acceptable product quality for prisons. Many people complained that Securus failed to deliver quality services to those that experienced problems in payments. They also neglected to give refunds in time.


For this reason, Securus decided to resolve the concerns voluntarily. However, Securus communicated policies identified a pattern of BBB complaints to determine its improvements regarding complaint patterns.


Securus Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas and serves 3,450 corrections and law enforcement agencies, public safety, and over 1 million inmates in the United States. Securus is committed to connecting and serve by providing incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, communication, biometric analysis. Information management, monitoring services and products, inmate self-service to make a better world.


Securus is a non-profit organization in America providing prison Technology in Dallas, Texas. It has regional offices in Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Georgia, Atlanta, and has more than 1000 employees. It serves more than 2000 correctional facilities in the US.


For a long time, Securus has worked with BBB to meet the required standards including:

  • Build Trust – Maintain and establish a track record in the Market.
  • Honor Premises – abide by the verbal and written agreement representations.



It Does Matter What Others Think After All

While people often say that it is not good to care what others think about them, the unfortunate fact is that it does matter what others think when it comes to business. This is especially true in the online world. For one thing, people express their thoughts about a person or a business when they post it online. As a result, search results may be filled with some opinions about the company. For this reason, it is important for the person to take the time to manage his Reputation.com so that he can present a trustworthy image to his customers.

One thing that is very important when it comes to online reputation management is battling negativity. When someone tries to bring negativity to his target, then it is up to this person to take care of the issue in a quick and positive way. One of the things that people look at with a company or an individual is how they handle negativity. If the person being attacked loses control, then he is going to lose the trust of his customers as well. Customer trust is very important to the company or the individual. They will not trust someone who does not seem in control of his own actions and responses.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things that one could do in order to keep from losing control. One thing that he could do is to take some time off when he is hit with some really bad news or a bad report. One thing he does not want to do is lash out and attack right away. It is better to take the time to let it sink in and then find a way to come up with a solution that is good for everyone. The best thing to do is to gain the respect of as many people as possible.

A Step Up From Inmate Phone Calls with Securus

Today I had the joy of hearing about new tablets and video visitation booths that are going to be put into prisons all over the United States. Some people might think this technology will make prisons too comfortable, but I believe it’ll show inmates what they’re missing in the outside world and how they can get back to it. Securus Technologies, the company making the “intelligent communications devices”, says they can provide inmates with college and high school courses, allow a better way for inmates to report guards who abuse their power, and allow long-distance video communication with friends and family. All of those things will create educated and happier inmates who can come out of prison as better people. A lot of prisons tend to be hundreds of miles away from larger cities or even put the inmates states away from their family. Imagine the motivation an inmate feels when he or she can see their child take their first steps or be apart of a relative’s birthday from far away.

This cannot be accomplished through inmate phone calls or emails so this patented technology makes a huge difference in the inmate communication services industry. You can download the app from Google Play here >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.securus.videoclient&hl=en. If you have any trouble connecting the app to your Securus account, just contact representatives in their stellar customer service department.

These devices will also allow inmates to find jobs after they’re released from prison, allow commissary ordering, show religious activities, and some entertainment as well. Prison is a tough place where often, lifting weights and playing sports are often the only forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, competitiveness can lead to fights and grudges; it’s great that inmates will have access to entertainment that won’t endanger them or their guards. 

Securus says over 150,000 of these devices should be in prisons all over the country by the end of 2016 and I hope inmates will use these to better their lives. People often end up in prison because they’re poor, uneducated, and unskilled; it seems like these devices will make it easier for inmates to overcome those boundaries and finally become productive members of society.