Doe Deere Writes Her Own Fashion and Beauty Rules

Each September, you can count on fashion and beauty magazines to print an issue letting readers know which trends to follow for the upcoming year. Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime, tends to go against these trends. That’s likely why she’s been getting so much attention in the beauty world. Lime Crime is known for its vivid eye shadow and lipstick colors, and Deere isn’t scared to show off bright hues in other aspects of her look as well. All Lime Crime products are completely vegan and made with natural ingredients.

One of the fashion trends that Deere tends to reject is that you have to wear muted colors or all black if your hair is a bright, unnatural color. Doe says that you can still wear your favorite clothing, no matter what color your hair is. She is known for wearing her tresses in bold shades or blue, pink or green, and has the brightly colored clothing to “match.”

A number of makeup experts suggest that there should only be one “bold” accent to makeup at a time. For instance, if you’re wearing red lips, your eye makeup should be understated, and if you’re wearing a smoky eye, you should compliment this with a nude lip. Doe Deere says that wearing as many colors as you want is perfectly acceptable when it comes to makeup. It shows off your personal style and sends the message that you’re uninhibited and not afraid to experiment with your personal style.

Most fashion magazines also suggest that wearing socks with open-toed shoes is a fashion no-no. Doe Deere, however, rejects this idea. She often wears patterned socks with chunky open-toed heels to make her outfit more interesting. She’s also a fan of mixing patterns and colors together to create an outfit that is truly one of a kind.

Finally, Doe Deere, who is also a makeup artist and musician, also says that people shouldn’t be overly concerned with wearing clothing that is “occasion-appropriate.” She shares that as long as you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re sure to steal the show, no matter what event you’re attending.