The Revolution

In a world of technology and innovation, it’s only right that every field of work benefits from this type of ingenuity. The banking world is no exception to the rule as regional banks have become bigtime rivals of their much larger counterparts. NexBank Capital displays this innovation to the fullest thanks to bank’s wonderful qualities. Just like the national banks, which offers a wide variety of services, NexBank is now able to offer many of the exact services. This includes mobile banking, online banking, certificate of deposits, savings account, mortgage lending, checking account, agency services, treasury management, credit services, public funds, real estate advisory and many others.

NexBank Capital is a Dallas-based institution and as of 2017, this institution was reported to having an estimated $8.4 billion in assets. President John Holt has done a phenomenal job of taking the bank to a whole new level. NexBank Capital is the cream-of-the-crop for regional banks, and it ranks high on most people’s list who reside in its statistical area. Besides individual banking, institutional clients can also receive services that are of high-quality. This includes services for real estate investors, for large corporations and for middle-market companies. The options are nearly endless here. Some of the very best customized banking can be found here as well as a host of other fine services. In addition to this, NexBank Capital has done many amazing things for society in general. In 2016, this financial institution partnered with Dallas Neighborhood Homes to provide more than 100 loans for residents in specific low-income neighborhoods of Dallas. NexBank also provided up to $50 million in loan support for these low-income homebuyers.

This institution has also merged with College Savings Bank to provide reduced-cost programs for students who are seeking to enter college. There are 529 programs in all, and these programs will allow the parents of these students to save more money. All in all, NexBank Capital is setting new trends in banking, and it has laid the perfect model for other banks to replicate.