In Today’s World, Your Online Reputation Really Does Matter

Earlier today I had the opportunity to read a current online article from Online Reputation Reviews that examines the topic of online reputation management. Written by a food industry executive, this article offers some insights into social media and the business world that make a lot of sense.

One of the key points made in this article is how important it is for business owners to be aware of, and interact on social media sites where their services can be rated by site users.

A startling, yet realistic modern-day business reality that this article mentions is how much impact that social media reviews can have on a business. The author states that a negative comment on social media sites about a business can cause a great deal of damage.

An interesting suggestion that the author of this article makes is to respond to all online reviews of your business, whether they be positive or negative. From personal experience, I can say that whenever I see the owner of a business respond to social media site comments, I definitely take notice. By responding to comments, it shows to me that the owner of the business cares about what customers think of their efforts.

The article gives examples of good and bad methods that business owners can employ when responding to online comments about their businesses. For example, in one situation, a customer of a business commented online that the establishment’s owner seemed indifferent and uncaring. The business owner responded with a defensive air to his comments, which shows bad online business sense.

Another example shows a bakery’s customer posting that the shop was out of cookies when the business was visited. In this case, the bakery’s owner responded by thanking the customer for patronizing the business, and letting them know that they purchased a second oven to accommodate the increased business.

All in all, I found this article to be quite interesting and useful.