How Beneful Dog Food Completely Changed The Lives Of My Awesome Dogs

Last year I felt like the worst dog owner in the world. My senior, female dog, Dakota, refused to eat anything that I placed in front of her, and my younger, male dog, Sammy, was overweight and on the brink of having a medical condition. Right before I almost gave up all hope and started to ponder allowing my sister, a wonderful dog owner who lives on a farm, to temporarily adopt my dogs to nurse them back to health, she recommended that I try changing their food to see if their conditions would get any better. Her solution sounded like it was too simple too be true. I kept questioning how changing the diet of my dogs could drastically reverse their health problems. However, the love for my sweet dogs trumped my doubts and I decided to take the small leap and invest in the dog food that she recommended – Beneful. I have seen this brand at my sisters house and in markets so I felt slightly comfortable with the product, but I still had to do my own wikipedia research so I would not get my hopes up too high. Upon doing my research, I learned that the Beneful product line includes gourmet products that contain fresh ingredients, such as beef, chicken and lamb opposed to the dog food brands that I fed my dogs which contained grains and corn. What was really amazing were the reviews that I read online about how good the Beneful products are; actually, I read on the daily herald that the manufacturing chief for Purina Beneful proved how delicious the brand was by tasting it in front of the writer of the article. Then I read on other review sites that some dog owners taste tested it also and the consensus was unanimous – Beneful brands are delicious to both humans and dogs. When I finally purchased a Beneful bag for Sammy and a special, senior Beneful brand for Dakota I was pleasantly surprised to notice that she ate all of her food on the first day and three months after feeding Sammy Beneful he lost weight and has sustained it ever since. Beneful has gained a new customer from me for life, and most important, my dogs have normal eating patterns and they seem to be really happy.