Beneful: Todays Leading Dog Food Competitor

What can be more beneficial for your dog than a great big bowl of health and joy. Beneful is one of Purinastore’s biggest dog food brands. It sells incredibly fast because its main focus is to provide the highest quality ingredients and to deliver as many fresh ingredients as possible. Purina serves over 15 million dogs per year.

The Beneful dog good line carries treats, dry and wet food. Dry food is packaged to perfection and includes high-quality protein. They use real meat in their recipe. They back up the product with over 23 essential vitamins and minerals that dogs can benefit from. Beneful also add accents of fresh fruits and vegetables such as; apples, carrots and green beans. The texture is made crunchy and small enough for any dog to grab a great big bite and indulge.

Because of Beneful’s love of dogs the company really tries to ensure that all safety protocols are followed. They have the best teams in quality control and they are known for meeting or exceeding FDA, USDA and AAFCO requirements. Purina consistently tests for over 150 substances that are harmful to dogs and pets such as, lead and arsenic.

With their continued efforts to provide a top quality product. Beneful offers the convenience of wet food known as “prepared meals” in resealable plastic containers for easy travel or to put the rest of the food away when your dog hasn’t eaten the serving in its entirety. The benefits of their wet food is convenience and a product that holds its freshness.

At the end of the day this brand remains a great competitor because they continue to keep the process simple, by providing a complete and balanced meal for your dog.