How Handy Helps

Handy has worked hard to help many people. They use their services to help connect people who are hoping to clean houses with people who need to have their house cleaned. This was the basic idea for Handy and something that has allowed it to grow to many other things since it first began. It has been able to work for people who previously had no options and for people who were hoping to make sure that they were doing things the right way with the way that they were doing their house cleaning business for other people.

Despite the fact that Handy ( has been on the market for a few years, some people are still resorting to advertising their cleaning services on community boards and in local newspapers in their own community. This is the traditional way for them to get business but it is something that has not really been proven to be successful and something that some people have struggled with when they are trying to find the clients that they need for their cleaning services. It has made a difference in the way that things work for their business and for the way that they can find all of their clients.

Now that people have the use of Handy, they can find many different things that they need. No matter what type of cleaning services someone needs, they will be able to find it on Handy. They can look around to see different cleaners and the things that they offer. They are able to compare cleaners side by side and this gives them the chance to find the cleaner who is perfect for their house needs. Handy not only makes it easy for the people who want to clean homes but also for the people who need to have their home cleaned.

Handy has now hit over one million bookings per week. This is a huge milestone for most companies and is even bigger for a company that is not very old. The people who run Handy have been pleasantly surprised with what the company has done in the time that they have been in business. It has allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things right for their company. It has also given them the chance to make things better for the different options that they have to offer all of their clients.