Online Reputation Management: Making Tracking Easier

Goodbye are the days where reputation is based on peer reviews and word of mouth. is a good source to uplift and uproot a business, whether it is starting off small and expanding or whether it is a national renowned business. Customer reviews are essential, because it is a means of seeing what people are saying about the services provided.

Erik Qualman. author of What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube, mention six keys for managing online reputation.

1. Monitor: Businesses can keep track of reviews using Google, Yelp and any kind of source used for rating them.
2. Alert: Being notified of the ratings a business is getting is crucial. This will workers to make necessary service changes a business receives negative feedback.
3. Respond. This is fairly simple. If a business owner received a notice of a bad review, that business owner or persons in charge should bend and make some changes to receive positive feedback.
4. Solicit. This method allows the customer to provide details on why their expectations weren’t met. Customers who give positive feedback are asked to leave a public review of the business and their services.
5. Showcase. Soliciting and showcasing go hand in hand; it is because of the feedback from customers and positive reviews that allow the businesses to shine. Businesses will have something to prove because of positive reviews.
6. Share. Social media is a whole lot of help when it comes to promoting businesses. “Like us on Facebook,” “Visit us on Twitter.” Those are the foundations for expanding services from businesses.

In a press release on August 23rd 2016, RWS announced that they released their online reputation management software called Webfronts Review. It allows customers to track reviews and respond to negative feedback.It has allowed businesses to thrive and grow due to easily accessible reviews and also helps to get businesses “out there” in the world. Webfronts Review follows the six models of managing reputation online. Prestige Reputation is another source on managing online reputation for businesses. It encourages that the reputation is just as good as the products that are selling.