Top Doctors in the State of Texas

Top physicians are hard to find today but there are characteristics a top doctor will exhibit to their patients and the public. Those traits are professionalism, empathy, patience, stays abreast of new findings, research, and theories, not squeamish, and hard-working. No matter what part of the world these doctors may be they are all expected to have these traits if they are a top doctors. In the state of Texas there are a countless number of top doctors. These top doctors are the ones other doctors seek out for their own medical treatment. In a research and nomination process conducted by Key Professional Media Inc., thirteen University of Texas Medical Branch physicians were chosen by a group of other physicians as outstanding practicing doctors in Texas.

The physicians chosen are among the 2.5 percent of doctors of all active Texas physicians named to the Rising Stars list. These doctors represent top Texas doctors who have been fully licensed for 10 years or less in more than 30 specialties. More than 40,000 physicians were asked to nominate one or more doctors based on one question “If you needed medical care, which doctor would you choose?”

One of the names which would come to mind to most physicians in Texas when asked the previous question would be recently voted Texas Super Doctor, Dr. Jennifer Walden. Dr. Walden was recognized in the December 2014 issue of Texas Monthly as a Super Doctor in the state of Texas. Dr. Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas, her hometown. She specializes in cosmetic, or aesthetic, plastic surgery of the body, face, and breast. Dr. Walden provides exceptional personalized care with precision and first class artistry suited for the cosmetic needs of all of her patients both men and women.

Before returning home to Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden had a thriving practice in Manhattan, NY from 2004 until 2011. Her decision to return home to Austin was based on her choice to start a family. Dr. Walden had twin boys and chose to return home so her children could grow up surrounded by family as she did. With the help of her mother, nannies, and other family members, Dr. Walden was able to effectually reestablish her business in less than three years. Her practice grew beyond her expectations. Today, Dr. Walden gives life changing advice to women pursuing careers in medicine and business.
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Diversity Gives Handy a Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage that Handy has built over other companies hinges on the diversity of the services that are offered. There are cleaning companies throughout the United States that offer professionals that come in to mop floors, wash clothes, make up beds and dust. This is what Handy offers as well. The difference, however, is that this is not where Handy stops when it comes to the services that are offered. This is the business that serves as something of a one-stop shop to all that are in need of other things like faucet or drain repairs. Furniture assembly and door hardware installation are also services that are being offered by

There is a level of diversity that has been put in place to make this company thrive. Booking services with this organization has become quick and easy. It has become a real treat to get other people to clean the home while people utilize their time to do other things. This is not the only thing that the co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua wanted to do. They also wanted to make sure that customers would have access to other things like repairmen that could do true handy work.

This is a company that may have started on a smaller scale with smaller ambitions, but this company has risen to a higher level of service because more money has come from venture capitalists. Getting to a profitable state may have been a struggle for Handy, but venture capitalists believed in the original idea. Many of these same investors also believed in the expansion of the franchise as well. That is what keeps the company profitable. A lot of people may have doubted that this organization could excel to this level, but this diversity keeps the company moving forward.