The NexBank Continued Success with its growth

NexBank has its headquarters located in Dallas. The bank holds the 16th position in the list of the largest banks in Texas City and position 266 nationwide. NexBank since its establishment in 1934 has grown to employ over 89 people who are distributed in its three locations. The bank was rated the best grade A in health.

The NexBank SSB Company is a branch of the NexBank Capital Inc. It offers various services on finance to customers all-around the country through Mortgages Banking, Investment Banking, and Commercial Banking.

NexBank provides services on banking and finances majorly to the first financial institutions, corporations institutional clients and private individuals around the nation. The company missions to provide unique values to all opportunities through commitment and its expertise leadership. NexBank offers unbeatable access to smart solutions through it’s proven and experienced professionals.

In December 2015, the bank acquired the Princeton College Savings in New Jersey. The Bank of New Jersey mainly deals in college-savings programs. According to the CEO of NexBank Capital Inc., Mr. John Holt, The College Saving Bank will strive to retain its branding and name and at the same time maintaining the current operations by the fact that it’s a branch of NexBank

The College Saving Bank, established in 1987 will be focusing more on College savings. The Bank will be acting as the program manager for the saving plan of Arizona Family College and the saving plan of the Indiana College Choice.

NexBank has recently reported tremendous success in its financial services. On 14th March 2016, the bank hit the record levels of assets, loans earnings and deposits. Its net income has been growing every year to $53.2 million, and its Avera Equity Returns raised to 35 percent for the year 2015.The excellent result is a reflection of the bank’s efficiency and effective platforms. In 2016 the bank’s focus has been on its institutional clients and its development in the U.S. NexBank is consistently capturing opportunities that strengthen and expands its product offering.