Dr. Sergio Cortez Talks About The Zika Virus

Viruses can be very dangerous to people in many ways. This has proven particularly true in Brazil as of late where a recent outbreak of the Zika virus can caused many kinds of problems for the people living there. In a report for National Public Radio, one reporter talks about the problems that the Zika virus has particularly caused for certain pregnant women who have vastly suffered as a result of their exposure to it. A number of Brazilian women have been horrified to discover that the virus has damaged their babies and caused them to have huge birth defects because of exposure to the virus in the womb.

One person speaks to reporters about the problems that the virus has caused to her fetus. He was born with a severe birth defect known as microcephaly. This birth defects means that a baby is born with a very small head. The small head can cause problems such as an inability to function fully. A baby with this problem may grow into an adult who is unable to hear, see or walk as well as unable to advance mentally. Babies with this condition will need all kinds of specific help from medical specialists. Many people think that there is a link between exposure to the Zika virus and having a baby that is born with this condition. They have been quite vocal in their criticism of the Brazilian medical establishment for not doing more to help them avoid possible exposure to it.

One doctor who is trying to investigate the many ways in which this condition may effect people and how best to treat it so as to avoid potential problems is Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes. Cortes is a one of Brazil’s leading medical specialists. He talks about the fact that the virus may be related in some way to Dengue Fever. As he points out, Zika causes similar symptoms to three other diseases that are also known to be transmitted by mosquitoes. While microcephaly has been not be definitely proven to be linked to exposure to the virus, he is of the opinion that further study is necessary in order to learn more about the issue in question and help discover on noticias how best to reduce the possibility of transmission to the virus to those who may be vulnerable to effects from the virus and may be harmed from it .

At present, there are studies underway on NPR to help determine if it is possible to for a given person to be exposed to more than one kind of this sort of virus at the same time. Treatment for these diseases is currently under investigation by multiple sources that are aimed at helping us understand more about the Zika virus and all those viruses that are are related to it. Doing so will help shed light on the issue and the best way for us to help develop ways to prevent it and lessen possible side effects from it at the same time.